July 26, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 20 and 21

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(Narrow escape)
Chapter 20
Kendra’s POV
As he kissed me passionately I could feel his hand on my thigh. I got hold of his hand before it went further and he chuckled. The kiss grew intense and I didn’t realize I was half naked. My dress had already been lifted. We heard a knock on the door and he rose up.
‘Damn it!’ He yelled looking really frustrated.
It was such a narrow escape. I wasn’t ready but couldn’t control myself. I made my dress and went to check the door. I let Flavian in and Allen was operating his phone.
She gave me a ‘ what is he doing here?’ look before composing herself and sat beside him.
‘I will excuse the two of you,’ he said and left.
After Flavian confirming he is gone she locked the door and faced me angrily.
‘What were you doing with him?’ She asked angrily.
‘Nothing happened,’ I defended.
‘Oh, really. Your back zip is half open and your dress is half way rolled,’
I hadn’t realised that before.
‘I swear nothing happened. It was just a simple kiss,’
‘Simple that unzipped and rolled your dress,’
‘Please, don’t lecture me now,’
‘Do you love him?’
My heart stopped beating.
‘No, I just got carried away nothing more,’
‘Whatever, I have news for you,’
‘What is it?’
‘Your dad went to the hospital to confirm if you are truly dead. I have a feeling he is behind the people who were following you,’
‘Do you think he knows am alive?’
I feel so scared right now. If he finds the truth even his life is at risk,’
‘I don’t know,’
‘What will we do?’
‘Am working on a Visa, mom is leaving for New York right away,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘Don’t worry she is also my mom,’
We chatted about other personal stuffs before she left. It was already late so I went to prepare a simple meal for him. I called him while standing outside, I didn’t want anything to happen between us. I don’t think I can survive a heart break, I will just die. Am going to kill all the feelings I have for him. He is bethroted to Ivy and I have enough problems with Ivy I won’t add another one.
Allen’s POV
I feel so frustrated right now. I don’t know why Flavian had to come at that time. I have always loved her but had to fight with it. She brought hope and made me happy. I have a feeling she knows Julie. My instincts are never wrong. I will just find out. I heard her call me and since she refused to enter I will go and eat. I will just get her.
I went downstairs and was welcomed with the sweet aroma. I was hungry and I attacked the food immediately.

Chapter 21
Ivy’s POV
I woke up with a headache, my eyes were itching due to crying. I went to the shower and let the cold water flow on my body. I wanted to calm my head. After the shower I wore a simple dress and went out. I need to do something before things get out of hand. I went Allen’s house first. He was seated on the bench outside his house taking a drink. He seemed really happy.
‘What do you want?’ He asked angrily after I got close to him.
‘Can’t you give your future wife a hug,’ I said smiling.
‘Answer my damn question,’ he yelled at me.
‘I came to visit my future husband,’
‘Get out of this house,’
‘A good gentle man offers his woman a sit and order a drink,’
‘Don’t test my patience,’
‘We are meant to get married and nothing will change that,’ I yelled and stormed out.
He will pay for disgracing me. I saw the maids watching us. I drove to the hospital I got information my dad went there.
‘What was he doing here?’ I asked my informant
‘That is what I don’t know but there is a problem,’
‘What problem?’
‘The wife to the doctor who you killed has a CCTV photage and if she gives to the authority then we are in problems,’
‘What! How did you know?’
‘Someone threatened me so when I went where he told me I got the information,’
‘Where is his wife? I want you to kill her,’
‘She left the country long ago and no one knows which country she is in,’
‘Find out and kill her immediately. If you get caught don’t you dare mention my name,’ I threatened and left. I went to the club to drink. Nothing is going as planned.
Kendra’s POV
I was leaving my room when I heard shouts. I recognized the voice as Ivy’s. I went back to the room until she left. I headed to the main house when I saw Allen seated all alone with tears in his eyes. I felt some pain in my heart seeing him like that. I know I promised to avoid him but I don’t want to see him hurting.
‘Let’s go to your room, everyone is watching you,’ I whispered to him when I got closer.
I led the way to his room and closed the door behind us. He stood facing the window.
‘Why can’t she leave me alone? Why does she have to torment my life?’
‘Don’t punish yourself with things you can’t change,’
‘I don’t know what to do anymore. Can’t I be happy like anyone else?’
I didn’t know what to do to help him. I hugged him from behind, I thought maybe it will help comfort him.
Allen’s POV
The best thing Ivy can do is to disturb people’s peace. I can’t marry her not in this nor the next life. I felt Kendra hugging me. I want to hug her back but am so hurt right now. Seeing Ivy brings me bad memories.
‘Everything will be fine,’ Kendra whispered into my ears.
I just hope its true because I can’t take it anymore.

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