July 24, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 74

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Venessar High School

Episode 74

(I’m sorry miss)

Stephen’s POV

“I hope it works ” I said.

“It will , we have to clear that Autumn of a girl from the way if you really want to have Kimberly…I found out that Kimberly is fragile but with Autumn ,she will be so rigid ” Santiago said.

I sat by the chair nervously hoping to hear the update I had being wishing to hear from Kimberly.

My phone rang after twenty minutes and I picked it up anxiously when I saw that it was Kimberly.

“Stephen, what have you done to Autumn?” I heard her cry and say through the phone.

“I do not get you , what is wrong?” I asked pretentiously

“Wrong! Are you asking me what is wrong when Autumn is now at the hospital at the point of death because she sniffed in the toxic powdery substance from that package ” She said and I just smiled.

“It worked ” I said silently to Santiago and he shot me a loving smile.

‘Anyways ,I’ve reported your act of wickedness to the cops. See you at the station” Kim said and hung up.

My happiness changed into sadness all of a sudden.

“She reported to the cops already” I said to Santiago

“So you weren’t expecting that , I settled the cops already; more so, we can deny that the powder is not toxic because they can’t find any traces of it again neither can the doctor say of a certain that the powder is the cause of Autumn’s predicament ” Santiago said and I relaxed.

“You are smart man” I said and he smile.

Just then, the cops entered.

I was taken to the station , I was investigated and I told them that the powder is not toxic but a powder to express my love and appreciation for the two friends , I further explained that Autumn might have some personal illness and it just happened coincidentally

They recorded all I said and I was still made to remain in the station for the next couple of hours after which I received a message that I’m free to leave.

I left the station and walked majestically home.

Now , Autumn is out of the way. Just Kimberly now ,I’m sure that in time. She will submit to me and begin to love me

I’m a glad that I’m winning but felt bad for people that I had hurt just to get Kimberly.

Kimberly’s POV

I stood by the bed that Autumn lay and tears would not stop pouring from my eyes. I love Autumn so much and with her , we could find Sean and win all this battle facing us.

I can’t fight it alone , I need someone I could trust beside me one if which is Autumn.

I looked at Autumn , she just lay on the bed like a log of wood , her eyes were closed , she wasn’t moving any part of her body , I felt so sorry and pathetic for her.

“Autumn! Can you hear me! Please be fine. Stay strong. ” I said to her but I have no idea if she heard what I said or not

The doctor walked in and went to where she lay. he texted her with his stethoscope and furrowed his brow

My fear suddenly grew and my heart was beating faster than normal.

“What is it doctor?”

The doctor refused to reply and texted her again

“I’n sorry Miss Kimberly…

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