July 31, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 50

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????chapter ✏50✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Mr hoffman lay on his bed
He was really tired from work and searching for his ring just then he remembered

” Omg I didn’t ask for my tea he checked his time it was too late”,.
” Too bad It’s too late by what time will it be brewed ”

Just then he heard a knock on his door he opened the door and Celine walked in with the tea in a tray
She looked at Mr hoffmans scary face and closed her eye tight expecting a big slap and 3 words


” thank you dear you are a life saver .
Celine opened one eye and looked at him then she opened the other and smiled as she gently bowed

” welcome sir
” you just solved one of my problems right now, celine the new maid right
” yes sir
” how did you know today was “in” I have missed so many days and no one not even philomena saved Me
” well i count the days with you sir
Mr hoffman was surprised
” every month
” yes sir

he smiled to celine for the first time Then He stood up and took off his jacket

” I need to bath the tea better get warm when I come back or else I might fall at asleep

He walked into the shower and celine ran into Gretels room

” hey lina

CElINE grabbed the electric face fan and and Gretels power bank and rushed out she ran to mr hoffmans room and instantly plugged the power bank to the electric fan she directed it to the cofee and cooled the tea while kneeling there

Mr hoffman walked out of the shower he already wore his sleeping wear he looked at celine silently for a while and watched how she cooled the tea without mumuring or complaining rather she smiled while doing it and even used her mouth too even though her kneel pained

Just then celine said

It’s cool enough now thank God Mr hoffman didn’t miss today’s tea she smiled and dropped the fan

” yes dear I won’t miss today’s tea all thanks to you

She turned and saw Mr hoffman she was surprised so she slowly lifted the tea tray and dropped it on the table
Mr hoffman applied his cream Celine noticed how sleepy Mr hoffman looked she wanted to make sure he drank the tea so she bowed slighty and ran out of tbe room

” what a girl

Celine stood by the door and peeped into the room trying to make sure Mr hoffman drank the tea
Unknown to her me hoffman saw her shadow from under his door he smiled as he took the tea and drank it just then he finished it and opened the door celine fell to the ground
” I took it dear
He gave her the cup
CEline smiled as she stood up and took the cup from him she ran away Mr hoffman locked his door

This girl is God sent to me today what can I do to appreciate her he thought as he fell fast asleep Mrs hoffman was still busy browsing through the internets in the parlour

CElINE returned the cup to the kitchen omg i forgot to give him his ring no problem tomorow is a new day

she walked into dannys room
Danny was busy packing some notes into a box which he locked quickliy when he saw Celine but celine didn’t bother about that she headed for the insomnia tea and took one sachet

Danny dropped the box and sat back on his bed

” hey I dont want it its bitter
” today everybody in This house must drink their tea am watching you

Danny laughed at celine, she ran out and made the tea then she returned to Danny’s room and stood in front of him with the tea in her hands
” take
” no its bitter
” please
” no
” please
” are you going to cry
CEline nodded

Danny took the tea from her and celine smiled as she lay on the bed beside him

Danny drank the tea and remained a little for celine

” here
” no I sleep well
“hey if you love me you should suffer with me

Celine smiled as she took the tea from Danny she sat up and drank it then she shouted

” Jesus Christ my heavenly father this tea is too bitter how could you drink this all this while

” because you bought
CElINE smiled
” lets drink it together from now on
” noooo I sleep well
Danny laughed

” aarrgh am suddenly feeling sleepy
” good night
She stood up and Danny drew her to the bed
” I never said you should leave already

CElINE lay beside him and they both looked up

” that wallpaper is pretty right
” yes the stars look so real
” yes they do especially the left one

Celine laughed out loud as she felt Dannys hands running up her thighs from the bed sheet she knocked Danny and he removed his hand
” caught you
Danny turned and lay on his back again
” what did i do ?
“how could you do that without my knowledge
” that’s how spoilt I am
” you are naughtier than I thought

He smiled as he turned and lay on his side with his head on his Palm as he looked directly at celine

” am not naughty I was just looking for something important

Celine laughed and raised her self She kissed him and lay back

” what were you looking for
” no its a secret
Celine laughed
” all right find it
Danny smiled
” are you sure you won’t shout
” am naughtier than you thought

Just then she felt his hands coming up her thighs again the feeling to Celine was so awesome and she knew she didn’t want him to stop

Celine laughed as he raised her gowm gently to her hip.

” you have not found it yet.
Danny chuckled as he slipped his fingers up to her pant he gently lifted the pant Celine chuckled as he fitted it well.then he raised his fingers to her waist Chain

” have you found it
” i just wanted to check the quality of the gold
Celine laughed.
” you are bad liar you just wanted to touch my pant .
Both of them laughed
Danny couldn’t stop laughing

” no I wanted to uhhhm… kiss your stomach stop being so spoilt
He raised the gown and kissed her belly button

” see that’s what i wanted to do
He smiled without covering her gown back.

” u won’t stop looking at my pant, I will call my mom.

Danny instantly covered her gown back .
Celine laughed.
” good night am going back before the look for me
” I want to sleep with you tonight
Celine instantly covered her chest with both hands unconsciously

Aarrgh this is so embarrassing why do I keep covering my chest now it has mastered me “,she slowly removed her hands

” your mind is dirty I said I want us to sleep in this bed together till morning , what were u thinking.
” well you spoilt me

Danny lay cross form to her and placed his head on her tummy while he looked up, celine ran her hand through his hair

” I won’t be annoyed if you deny Me sex
“what ?
Danny turned to look at her face her eyes where wider now and her mouth was half open Danny pecked her lip and she closed her mouth

” the reason why I didn’t make advances after the pool was because the only reason you agreed in the pool was not because you wanted it but because you didn’t want me to be dissapointed right
” well
” celine sex is not an obligation I love you and I want it I won’t lie
Celine laughed
“shhh but, it has to be from your own time table honey
CElINE smiled

” if we do it I want it to be special because you chose that day not because you wanted to make me happy or stop me from being dissapointed
” ok
” so tell me what you want
I am kinda scared to make serious advances at you because i know you will surely give in to make me happy and thats not what i want i want us to do it to make you happy

” actually i have not really had a boyfriend before so all this is all kind of new to me but i am not really ready danny but its just that I heard if you don’t sleep with him he will get it somewhere else and I don’t want that.

Danny laughed Celine placed her hand on his mouth

” who ever said such rubbish that would only happen if sex is all the partner sees but that’s not all I see I see Celine I see our future together, I see our kids , I see my love for you, I see your innocence, and i see you

Celine hugged him

” you don’t need good sex to keep me all you need is just to keep being you…

” I love you
” I love you too
Danny placed his head back on her tommy and Faced upward

” am ready this night
” no you are kidding
Celine laughed
” stand up so i can go
” no you must sleep here
” I want to tell you something important
Danny stood up from her with all seriousness

CElINE ran out of the bed

” I love you so much
She opened the door and ran out of the room

Danny smiled as he lay back on his bed celine rushed into the maids room all of them were already fast asleep so she lay in her bed and kept smiling

Danny is really naughty , I can’t believe his fingers.

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