June 8, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 51

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????chapter ✏51✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????



Mary had just been playing a particular blue which totally got Celines attention she loved the song the singer had a godly voice and was so real

” please who sang that song it makes me feel love “, celine asked ” danny.
” Danny is an artiste you didn’t know
” no
” are you serious danny was one of the best artistes when it comes to love and romantic songs

” he should be realy romantic
” then why did he stop singing
” I heard the story is scary don’t worry later we will ask Mildred to tell us
” every celebrity has a scary back story
” Mildred is an old maid she must know it all
” I even heard Danny mutilated himself once
” what
” he was cutting himself the scars should be on his wrist check to confirm
” how will she do that ?”,abigail asked
“I don’t know ask them “, Celine replied.

the family drank wine in the parlour Mrs hoffman already wore her designer gown and stood facing her kids Danny, Emma and Gretel sat on a chair .

” lets drink to celebrate my anniversary after this me and my husband will be traveling for our second honeymoon in switzerland

Everyone clapped

“can I come with you guys?”, gret asked
” no you can’t
” what’s taking your dad so long

Mr hoffman was already dressed up but his ring was his biggest problem he searched under his bed he still didn’t see it

Omg ciara will kill me he said to himself

Just then someone knocked

” tell her am coming
” that’s not why am here
Mr hoffman opened the door just to see his ring staring at him in the face
” who are you dear are you my guardian Angel
” I found it sir like I promised
” thank you dear
He wore the ring

” I am very grateful
” thank you sir
” so you are the missing finder
” that’s just my stage name
Mr hoffman smiled

She ran out of the room. And mr hoffman walked out to the parlour

” honey what took you so long
” dressing up for the best day of my life

Danny and Emma smiled

“Emma you will be here when we come back right?
” yes I will leave after Danny’s birthday.
” ok dear

” all right lets drink to 27 years of peace and happiness cheers

Everybody drank from their cup
” our jet just landed see you soon guys

” bye mum bye dad
” bye mum bye dad

They walked out into the compound Mr hoffman waved strictly at celine and they went out

” did you just wave at a maid
” my favourite maid honey
” thats wierd

Minutes later

Danny walked into the living room with his bag he wore his white joggers Celine was dusting the chair

” are you leaving ?
” I will be right back .
” did he call you
” I haven’t been taking his calls and I have been canceling my schedule he will be planing on killing me
” ok have fun
He kissed celine and Celine was seriously trying to check his wrist
” danny let me see your hand
” why?
” good luck kiss
He raised his hand to her she didn’t see any scar she smiled and kissed the hand

” the other one
He gave her the next one just then Celine saw the scar her heart beat changed
She still kissed him
” can I go now madam?
” yes good luck “.

It’s really true Danny once mutilated himself Danny I want to know you fully but I need to know your past if I will do that

abigail who peeped through the passage door ran inside
So celine is seeing Danny Mrs hoffman must hear this “, she murmured to herself


Emma looked at Danny’s old pictures in her room.
Danny I love you.I stil love you and I want you back.

I can’t stop loving you, I lost a lot to be with you

Danny how do I stop loving you cos right now u can’t be mine..

Gretel went shopping with her friends for simeons birthday and minutes later they were done….

She did a real carefull shopping for simeons birthday. Just tgen she remembered that she hadn’t informed Celine about simeon so she called her line.

Minutes later Celine showed up.

” hey miss.
” lina I forgot to tell that I am dating simeon.
” I know.
” what how.
” when you love someone you get to know everything about them.
Gretel smiled and hugged Celine tight.
” but u must pass your exams .
” sure thing.
Celine smiled.

Minutes later Celine walked out she headed for the maids room.she had so many thoughts in her head.

Just then Abigail dragged her to one corner.

” what is it.
” you are dating Danny.
” Abigail I can…
” it’s against the house rules.
” I know but.
” I will report you Celine , I am going to call Mrs Hoffman.
” Abigail wait.

Abigail walked away .

Miranda called mrs hoffman on phone

‘ yes dear
” I know you loved the second gown so i bought it for you the main design
‘ really
” yes
” but I traveled for my anniversary
” cool just send a maid to get It will be down town
” ok dear am so glad
” am alone so send someone I can trust with my safety maybe Celine or Emily
” celine is more trust worthy
” ok dear

Mrs hoffman dropped the call

Miranda placed a call

” she’s coming out you will kill her immediately after I hand her the cloth and she is returning so I won’t be suspected

” ok cool that’s easy
” don’t dissapoint me .

Celine was thinking of Abigail threat when philomena walked into the room

” welcome back
” thank you here take Mrs hoffman sent you to this address
” ok
” get her gown and come back
” from who
” find out when you get there.

Celine nodded and walked out .

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