July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 52

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 53
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????chapter ✏52✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Find out when you get there
Celine : oh ok no problem I will be going
Philomena rushed out

Celine changed her cloth and picked the paper where the address was written and rushed out too

she stood by the car wating for josh,
Josh came down

” hey are you ready josh
” one minute Celine forgot something he rushed back inside

Danny wondered why Emma was not yet back so he walked into the compound he saw Emma’s car driving in he ran towards her Emma came down and folded her hands around Danny’s waist

” hey fish
” how was your meeting
” fine why did you take so long “sorry was caught up
” I am suspecting something else “silly you

Just then danny saw Celine entering the car

” where is celine going to
” I wonder

Danny shouted waving at Josh
“stop the car !!!!
Josh who was about driving out stopped and came down

” hey where are you taking her too
Celine posed in the car like the owner with her legs crossed and stylishly gave the paper to Danny

” its late
” the dress must be important to Mrs hoffman
” but celine is important to me
” what
” get down you can’t go it’s late
” no what will you tell ur mom
” leave that to me
” She sent me so am going
” fine lets go together
” no you can’t
” then let’s both not go

Celine walked out of the car
” fine you win

a maid walked into the 5th building Danny signaled her she came to him
” sir
” go into the mansion and call me an in house maid
” ok sir

Just then Abigail came out
” go and get my mom’s cloth
” of course sir
CElINE gave Abigail the paper Abigail snatched it from her
‘ I will be back sir lets go Josh
” all right thank you he tapped her shoulders Abigail smiled
They drove away

Danny dragged celines by one hand and Emma on the other hand and the walked into the compound just them Emma tapped Danny
” what is it
” let go off celine
Danny instantly let go of Celine
” Celine grab your tummy the cctv is around here
CEline instantly grabbed her Tummy
Danny placed his hand on Emma’s shoulders and they walked in first then celine grabbed her tummy and walked behind them

Emma ran into her room

and when celine got in inside she hieved a sigh of relief
I can’t believe Danny didn’t even wait for me annoying
just as she turned she saw Danny who was standing in the middle of the passage leaning on the wall with his head up waiting
Celine smiled

I love you danny and one day I will become someone who deserves your love

Just then danny saw her he smiled at her and waved Celine walked down to him she wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him then she hugged him

” thank you”, she said
” for what?
‘ for everything .


Abigail met miranda

” I was expecting celine
” well i was sent in her stead
” who sent you
” Danny ma
” aarrgh
Miranda was so dissapointed
” oh ok
She gave Abigail the bag and Abigail returned into the car

She kept trying to call the bad guys but the number was not reaching Miranda was confused

As abigail and josh rode down a car connerd them Josh was a short tempered guy so he ran out to question the other driver and as Abigail noticed both of them exchanging words she came out to talk to Josh and she got shot from behind the killer was not even seen Josh instantly rushed her into the car and the other car that connered them drove awAy


MEanwhile celine walked about Danny’s Room where she was trapped

” Danny please let me out I will come back and sleep here
” no way today we die here

Celine laughed as she decided to relax she walked about his room while Danny watched t.v.

She saw an old box and tried opening it
” don’t open that
” what’s inside
” its not important just leave it “oh
” am sorry for sounding….
” oh its all right

She withdrew then saw a pink kit she smiled it was pretty

” that’s a hair set
” oh “,She touched her hair
” its nice
Danny came down from the bed to where she sqatted he touched her hair
” your hair is all greasy
” oh is it she touched her hair again

Omg he is going to think am dirty I have just been busy I have not had time to wash my hair
” well (she laughed cunningly )I was
” come on lets wash your hair
” what
” come on

He took the the kit into the shower he placed it there then he walked into his dressing room and brought a towel he gave it to celine

” undress
” what
” your cloths will get wet
” oh then close your eye
” what have i not seen before

He closed his eye and Celine tied the towel

Danny took her into the bathroom
celine shouted
” omg its so pretty
” you’ve not washed it before
” that’s Mary’s job
” ok that’s why

She looked at the white curtain which covered the bathroom and she saw the chair on the other side of the white curtain she had not opened the white curtain yet she saw a door and pushed it open it led to Dannys dressing room room Celine smiled
Danny just watched her
She picked a hand full of the rose petals on the table and threw it up laughing some of them landed on Danny’s face she turned and looked at him he looked funny danny folded his arms and watched Celine

She then walked To the wall paper which was like the ocean so real it sorrounded the whole bathroom then she slowly opened the transparent white curtain it exposed the big wide Jacuzzi which could contain 3 people it was divided into sections one was filed with clean water the other part was dry
celine looked out the window and saw the pool she picked up the hand shower and poured water on her face which went down to her chest she smiled happily

She’s so simple and real Danny said to himself

“wow I love it here
” come on I was watching a movie before

They both walked into the big Jacuzzi CEline tried running into the one filled with water but Danny drew her back

” do you want to bath
” no but
” this way
She walked into the dry one and Danny picked a chair it was built with glass ceramic it looked like it was wet according to the design the chair was white and very very little

Danny placed it and Celine sat he picked the hand shower

Danny applied the first wash and told her to bend so she wont get wet she bent and he washed it out
he applied another soapy one washed and asked her to bend back ward again
CEline bent and he washed it off

She felt water touching her leg She enjoyed it
aww my back pains already from bending backwards she said to herself

Danny was applying another foaming one when his phone rang
Josh was calling but he decided to be done with Celine first

He scratched the hair well just then he asked her to bend as she bent he noticed her back was paining her

” is your back paining
” well a little
“I can’t afford you being in pain you will just bath at once

Danny tried removing her towel
she held her chest
” just remove the towel so you wont bend anymore and that’s my favourite towel it can’t get stained

CEline smiled and removed her hands

Danny took out the towel from her
Exposing only the black pant which she wore

She instantly covered her breast with her two hands

” no need i cant see your front
“really i think you are naughtier than that
Danny laughed
He was done scratching
” the water is kinda cool, endure.
He poured the water directly on her hair without asking her to bend the water fell on her body and celine enjoyed it

Danny applied another soaoy wash and washed it off celine did her best to move her hair back so the unclean water won’t touch her but once the unclean water was washed off she relaxed and enjoyed the clean part which fell on her skin

Danny was done but he intentionally kept pouring water on her hair and Celine lifted her face up back ward to look at his face he kissed her lip and she smiled
Danny dried her hair with the towel
” wow its clean now

He hanged the towel and walked out

” better bath
” oh ok
He walked out into the room.

Celine instantly locked the curtain and removed her already wet pantie as she ran into the second Jacuzzi filed with water soapy water she laughed she was so glad she picked up the wine on the table and smiled as she took the class cup and drank from it

it’s just like in the movies am so lucky

Celine drank another full cup just then the drink got to her she kept the glass she suddenly felt tipsy

Danny checked his phone and saw joshes missed call he wanted to call him back but he realized he couldn’t hear any sound from celine again that was wierd he kept the phone and walked into the bathroom he called her from the curtain but she didn’t anwser

Arrrgh that girl that covers her body like gold if i walk in there she would be embarrassed for life

he said to himself as he opened the curtain celine was sleeping with her head on the top of the tub her body was already covered with water she turned to her side and slept well Danny saw the cup and the wine

Wow she was celebrating he said

He touched her face
” hey celine
She smiled and slept back

Danny kissed her lip and smiled
He wanted to lift her up but then he left her and walked into the room he dialed Emma’s room

” Danny
” come over
” ok

Emma rushed in

” can you just get celine out of the bathroom please
” why don’t you do it yourself
” if she finds out I did it my self she will be embarrassed in the morning she’s a shy type she might not come outside for one year

” I know them just like my kid sister ave not seen her naked ever since she was born

Danny laughed

Emma ran into the bathroom and carried celine up

” Celine how could you drink
” no I didn’t drink I was just swimming

Emma smiled

She Dried celine and took Danny’s pajamas and dressed her up shirt and trouser then she dragged her out to Danny in the room

Danny laughed when he saw celine
Emma placed celine on the bed near him

” that’s your girfriend am going to my room
” thank you
” what are friends for

Emma walked out and Celine just lay flat on the bed

Danny smiled as he covered her well, he lay slightly on her and just looked at her cute face…

He kissed her lips then her cheek.

I can’t believe she got drunk.

just then he remembred Josh he dialed his number it was not going through so he dropped the phone and lay back

He wrapped his arms round Celine
You made my life make Sense Celine he said

Celine raised her leg to him .

Just then someone knocked on the door Danny opened up it was Josh

” what took you long I tried calling you back but..

” sir Abigail is dead
” whaaaat?

Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 53
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 51

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