July 25, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 70

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He and her V

Episode 70

(Hope her remembers me )

Grace’s POV

Seven years later after I had lost Tucker and believes that he has forgotten everything about me.

I got a job in a firm and I found out that it was Tucker’s firm and that I had being working with his sister who is currently managing it for him.

Mira did not recognize me after working with her for many years because she never get to see me then even though I was the girlfriend of his brother.

Tucker comes to our house but I do not go to his house; one singular reason why his sister never knew me.

I request for an opportunity to speak with Mira and she obliged. We discussed extensively and I made her understand that I was Tucker’s girlfriend ; the one she sent a text message about Tucker’s loss of memory few years ago.

I still have the text message with me so I just showed her and she believed. She start to take interest in me and we begann to like each other.

She promised to help me get Tucker back, she explained to me that Tucker hasn’t being in a serious relationship also and that if he gets to find out about me , he will be glad to receive me back.

I got another employment somewhere else and left Mira’s company but we still communicate with each other.

I was praying and hoping that Tucker would not be in any relationship till his sister is able to convince him to come to my state.

Mira requested for us to see at a restaurant and it happened. She explained to me that Tucker seems to have found love but it seems it would not be working out.

Because the girl he would have loved was the one that killed his mother and her name is Camila. She told me that Tucker is heartbroken presently and she would not be able to be privilege to still tell him about me but she will definitely ensure the both of us end up together.

I trusted her.

After few weeks , I was stunned when mom came home with a girl and later found out that the girl I had chosen to be my friend whose name is Camila is the same Camila that Tucker loves.

I feel so sad and wonder whom to choose between my friend and Tucker. It was such a horrible decision.

As much as I want Camila to be happy , I do not want to live a sad life forever also.

I love Tucker but he did not even know me nor recognize me.

Many years later ; Camila had become rich too and I do not see him in relationship with Tucker again.

Every time I put a call through to Mira and asked if she has told Tucker about me , she replies me by saying : “Tucker still love Camila but I should trust her to make it happen between Tucker and I”

I kept on believing in her even after many years.

She sent me a text message few months that I can come over to her house ; Tucker is around.

I followed her and saw Tucker , I tried to seduce him but I noticed he didn’t like me , after all , he did not even know me prior.

I had to tell him that I will make the relationship between Camila and he works if only he can make love with me once and not pull out.

But my plan is really beyond that ; I really want to live with Tucker all my life and find a way of telling Tucker that I use to be his love.

Things went as planned and Camila and he came together. I was stunned and sad when Camila informed me that Tucker had proposed to him.

Tucker ; my love.
Is this how I will loose Tucker forever. I needed to do something.

Tucker even proposed to me when we were young. I formulated a plan that will make Tucker give me the ring on the wedding day and it went as planned.

Now! (Presently)

I’m in the reception waiting for Tucker, I had planned on telling him before everyone on stage with proves that I use to be his love. I know it will be hard on him but I can only hope he accepts and top of it all, remember me.

Tucker; I still love you.

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  1. this is stupidity…i think the author think we reading the storys are fool, grace is wicked and the story self is complicated cos why cant grace tell camilla all this before ruining her life just because she want to be with tucker useless..abeg me i tire for this story ooo

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