July 31, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 22 and 23

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Chapter 22
Rynal’s POV
I called the doctor and we met in a hotel.
‘Please give me the name of the two bodies that went missing when my family was cremated,’ I pleaded.
‘It’s not in my power to give you such information,’
‘Please, you also have a family. Help me out,’
‘Kayla Smith and Sandra Smith. Actually their family never followed to search for the bodies, that’s why I find it strange,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘Welcome. I will send you the address to get the family. They are in the province but please don’t mention my name anywhere,’
‘I won’t,’
I left the hotel though a little worried, I had some hope; that I will get the answers I need or even find my wife. I checked my phone from time to time until I got the address. I have to leave town without anyone suspecting. I went to the mall and got a new set of ordinary clothes. I know no one can suspect that a whole billionaire can wear ordinary clothes.
Ivy’s POV
There is something fishy going on. Dad has been acting weird since he came back. I don’t know from where. I followed his car but he headed to the mall. I waited for him and he came out with shopping bags. I watched him closely, I need to know his every move; I can’t risk going to jail. He drove home and went to his room, I sighed with relief and went to my room.
Rynal’s POV
What is Ivy upto this time. I saw her car behind mine. She has such a small brain, she thinks she can follow me and know what am planning. If I find out she has something to do with what happened to my family, I will silence her the same way I silenced her mom. She doesn’t know what I can do. I checked her room through the camera and she was fast a sleep. I left the house and went to my secret house. I changed took a different car and left for the province. It was a long and tiresome journey. I booked in a hotel using a different name.
Ivy’s POV
I woke up and went to the kitchen, I was really starving. After eating something I went to check on dad. His room was neatly arranged and some of his clothes were missing. I was right, dad was up to something. I took my laptop and tracked his car. But it was abandoned some metres from our house. I called Jeremy, he is one of my loyal worker.

Chapter 23
Ivy’s POV
????Have you seen my dad?
????No, I haven’t.
????I need you to find him immediately.
????Okay mum, consider it done.
I threw the phone on the bed.
‘Can’t you die two die in peace and stop frustrating my life. You had everything one could want in this world. Just rest in peace and let us enjoy,’ I shouted at the empty room. You can’t imagine the pain am feeling right now. I only put a smile for the media, since that is the best mask I can wear to protect the vulnerable person inside. I wish I could be like her but if wishes were horses beggars like me would ride on.
Allen’s POV
I laid on my bed and faced the ceiling. I had the door opened and I knew who it was. I pretended to be asleep to see what she will do. I partly closes my eyes. Am not sick, I lied to her. I must find out if she loves me before I confess I love her. I can’t bare the pain of getting hurt.
Kendra’s POV
I went to get a bowl of water and some painkillers. I just hope he gets well soon. I got inside the room and he was asleep. I covered him with the duvet and sat beside him. My mom used to sing for me whenever am sad.
‘Julie,’ he called.
I was shocked, my singing was to be a secret but I betrayed myself. I thought he was sleeping.
Allen’s POV
My instincts were right, she is Julie.
‘Julie,’ I called her name.
The shock on her face proved she is the one.
She couldn’t even talk.
‘Why did you lie to me?’
I was trying all my best to be calm.
‘Am sorry, it’s a misunderstanding,’ she said trembling.
She was scared, like one who had seen a ghost.
‘Don’t tell anyone, please,’ she begged like a small kid.
‘What are you talking about? Just answer my question why did you lie to me?’
‘Because I don’t fit in your class,’ she said in tears.
‘You lied because of class? Is that a good reason?’
‘Am sorry, I didn’t know how you would react,’
I was angry she lied to me but her tears melted my heart. I should repay, she comforted me I will do the same.
Kendra’s POV
I hid my head in his chest. I know I lied to him and it hurts but I can’t tell him the truth. At least not now. I let out the tears I have been holding.
‘Don’t cry,’ he said in a whisper.
‘Thank you for understanding,’ I managed to say.
‘Everything is fine,’ he said.
I felt at ease.
‘Promise you won’t tell anyone am Julie,’
‘Okay, I promise,’
I pulled from the hug and smiled.

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