July 30, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 24 and 25

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Chapter 24
Rynal’s POV
I woke up really early and took a cab to the address I had. I don’t even know how to ask. I got to house and after knocking for sometime a young girl almost twelve years opened the gate.
‘Are you looking for someone?’
‘I just got a job recently and my female colleague said she lives around here. I got lost, I need to get something from her. Please can you call your mom I confirm if she is the one, please,’ I pleaded.
I can’t believe I just told such a big lie.
‘My mom’s body was burnt together with my sister’s,’ she said remorsefully.
I think am getting something.
‘Am so sorry, dear,’
‘The woman paid us a lot of money and I went to school,’
‘Which woman?’
‘Natalie,’ someone called when she wanted to answer.
‘My dad is calling, I have to. I hope you get the woman soon,’ she said and locked the gate.
Inside the house
‘Who were you talking to?’ The man asked angrily.
‘A man who had lost his way,’ Natalie replied.
‘Don’t ever talk to strangers again. Do you understand,’ he said in a more commanding tone.
‘Yes dad,’
‘Get out of my sight,’ he shouted.
He went back to the gate and the man was sitter their worried.
Rynal’s POV continues
I sat at the gate stressed. Everything is just confusing. If Daniella is alive then where is she? My thoughts were interrupted when the gate opened.
‘What do you want from me? I already did my part, leave my house,’ the man yelled at me.
My mind can’t even comprehend his words.
‘Come down sir, can we talk. I came in peace,’
He stared at me for a while before letting me in.
I was a little relieved when I got in. He led me to a bench behind the house.
‘Why are you here? I left town, what else do you want?’
‘Can you tell me where the other woman went?’
‘I don’t know, but please don’t drag my princess into this,’
‘I won’t do anything to hurt her. Tell me what you know,’
‘I was paid not to file a case of my wife and was exchanged with another woman who is alive. That is all I know. Now leave my house,’
‘Thank you so much,’
I walked out of the house slowly, I didn’t have energy to even walk. I went to the hotel room and locked myself inside.
‘Where the hell are you Daniella?’
I punched the wall and it really hurt but not my heart hurts more.

Chapter 25
Rynal’s POV
Oh! My life. My wife had to run away; but why? I called my lawyer. I want him to reopen the case of my wife’s murder, am sure they will find the culprit and I will find my wife. With the culprit in prison she won’t run away from me. From today am stopping to be a monster. I will even treat Ivy well, it will help me in finding my wife.
Kendra’s POV
His mom is coming back today and though am a little happy am also sad. We will be separated and it has been fun spending time with him. We are now behind the house basking the morning sun to get vitamin D. He has told me a lot about himself but my life isn’t really the best tale to tell.
I got a call from Flavian. I excused myself and went to pick it up.
‘Where are you?’ She sounded really worried.
‘Home, why?’
‘The case to find the one behind your death has been reopened,’
‘By who?’
‘Your dad,’
‘How did you know?’
‘In our beautiful country as long as you have money, then you have all the information you want at your fingertips,’
‘What now?’
‘Don’t worry baby gal, get your popcorn and let’s watch the drama,’
‘You aren’t worried?’
‘Why should I? The police will find out the truth and that idiot will rot in jail. I will make sure I help the police with all the evidence they need; though secretly. For now enjoy your time with Allen and take care of yourself,’ she said and hanged up.
I went back to our sitting place.
‘Are you okay?’ He asked.
‘Yeah, I was talking to Flavian she was confirming something from me,’
I hope I sounded convincing since his face was expressionless.
‘Let’s go to my room. There is something I need to show you,’
I followed behind silently. He locked the door behind us. This is not the first time I have been in this room but I just feel different. He sat on his bed and opened the drawer.
I stood next to the door and leaned on the wall. He was searching for something but seemed not to find it. He stood up and came closer. He rested his elbows on looked directly into my eye. I could feel his breath and sweet scent which was driving me crazy. I wanted to avoid him but I don’t think I will be able to do that.
‘What were you supposed to show me?’
‘Close your eyes.’

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