July 26, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 75

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Venessar High School

Episode 79

(Stephen’s dream coming to pass)

Kimberly’s POV

“Autumn is breathing irregularly , she may be dead soon” The doctor said and walked away.

Tears kept streaming down my face.

“Autumn, please don’t die. I can’t afford to loose you now ” I start to lament so hard.

Few days later!

I had returned home and always come to check Autumn at the hospital , she is not responding to treatment in any way and I feel so bad anytime see her in that state.

I do not want to go to where Sean is alone , it might be dangerous. I do not think I’m well equipped to go there.

I had just returned from the hospital , sitting at home sad and perplexed when I heard a knock on the door.

I stood to attend to the person and it was Stephen.

“What did you want?” I asked him not giving him an entry.

“Would you allow me enter , first?”

“Oh no! You lost your respect with me since you’ve made Autumn paralyzed….very wicked of you. You are evil” I hurled insults on him.

“You do not have a prove that I did that”

“I do not have a prove. You think I’m a fool? Silly you. ” I said still standing and looking at him from head to toe with so much hatred.

“Be calm. I can’t influence your believe but we need to discuss ”

“About what? The thing is I did no want to see you not to talk of discussing with you”

He lowered his head for a while.

“I might call the cops if you refuse to leave ” I said and he exhale and turned. He walked away.

I sighed and closed the door. I leaned on the wall of the door and let my body slide down till I sat in a foetal position. I buried my heads between my knees and began to sob.

I loosed Sean and now Autumn. No one again.

What sort of a horrible life is this. The hope of seeing Sean is tiny and the hope of Autumn getting healed is so slim.

I sobbed so hard.

Stephen’s POV

“D@mn it! So horrible. She outrightly rejected me. She would not even allow me to enter her house ” I lamented to Santiago.

“How do you expect her to behave in the first place. The wound is still fresh and she’s so certain that you are behind what happened to Autumn. The cops might be fooled but she can’t ”

I sighed and relaxed to the chair.

“What next should I do now?”

“Give her time , let the wound get healed. As soon as she’s healed , she will start to allow you into her life gradually. Remember that Sean is gone, Autumn is gone too. You practically have little to nothing to worry about ”

“True!” I said

“It has being my long dream for Kimberly and I to end up being together and now it will be happening soon. I’m so happy Santiago” I expressed my happiness.

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