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Celine an hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 55

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 56
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 54

????chapter ✏55✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


She wiped her tears so keila won’t notice it.

She reduced the volume of the video and watched it .

She was surprised to see simeon taking drugs.. she didn’t believe it was drugs until he took it into his nose….
Gretel covered her mouth with her hands her friends were busy chatting .

Anna walked out of the bathroom in the video wearing only a white pant she wrapped her hands around him …he kissed her lips then she too took the drugs ..

Gretel couldn’t believe her eyes Anna also did drugs…why didn’t she know all this about simeon.

She watched simeon Lay Anna on the bed she was already braless. He applied the white substance on her shoulders down her chest and sniffed it into his nose gently …

Anna wrapped her hands around him both of them where crazily high.

The video ended …Gretel opened the other one with tears in her eye she was already shivering…

It was when the finally Made love … they were both high and did crazy things together…Gretel switched of her phone and pressed it together into her arms… her tears came flooding down ..

She stood up and ran away keila ran after her.

She kept running till keila dragged her back.

” what’s wrong bes.
” nothing , its all right.
Keila watched her shiver and cry .
” how could he do this to me, I trusted him.
” Gretel you can tell me what happened ….I am your best friend remember.
” keila it hurts.
She hugged keila.
Keila held her tight and tool her phone from her hands.

Gretel took the phone from her.
” pls don’t watch it , its embarrassing.
She left gretelz phone for her.

” Gretel its ok what ever it is.

Gretel let go and angrily walked out towards simeon

” why are you crying gret whats wrong ?
She slapped him in front of everybody

KeilA and and gelai dragged Gretel to the bark yard

Simeon walked to her near the pool it was so dim and beautiful he was already crying.

Gretel slapped him again.
” Gretel what did i do.
” how could you
” I don’t understand
Gretel cried so much he tried to touch her but she slapped him again
She showed him the video in her phone
Simeon got tired he almost fell into the pool .
” gretel wait.
Gretel rushed out.
Simeon chased after her

” gretel let me explain.
Gretel pushed him away and rushed out.
Simeon dragged her back

” gretel who sent this to you ?
” simeon you do drugs , you made a sex tape …. you do all those disgusting sexual activities ?… you are too wild for me to handle am just 18.

” gretel that was…

” shut up its over ,we are done. I always knew it was a big mistake.

She ran away and hugged keila who took her home.
All of them entered gretelz car .soon they arrived keilAs house.

” see you tommorow k “, ryan said
” ok
” come on gelai
” I can’t leave gretel like this
” ok

He left angela and keila undressed gretel she wore keilas pajamas and folded her legs on the bed shedding tears

” I taught i knew him I can’t believe they still saw each other
” gretel what was in the video?.
Gretel wiped her tears.

” its ok gret its all in the past you have to move on…

Gretel hugged KeilA soon she fell asleep keila picked her phone.

” let’s find out why gretel cried.
Angela sat beside her and keila played the first video.

” wow I can’t believe simeon does drugs.
” even Anna
” so bad.

They looked at gretel and played the second video.

” omg.
” so hot.

The both watched the video till it ended.

” wow I got wet “, gelai said .
” me too”, keila said .
They both smiled .

” wow the sex was hot.”, keila Said.
” but I think this is an old video “, Angela said.
” maybe it is.

” No wonder gretel cried so much.”, gelai said.
” Angela why did you wrap your hands on your chest.
Angela laughed.
” I keep remembering that …in the video…I wonder how it feels ….wow
” sucking you like that .
“Yes that
” its feels great ..
” wait u had sex.
” no never but I had been into a hot romance with my ex so..
” nice … wow…I can’t ever do that my mom will kill me.
” when you like someone crazily u will forget your mum.

Angela laughed.


Celine rushed into Danny’s room without knocking he was smoking
She stopped at the door and looked at him quietly.

Even the way he held the stick proved he wasnt a novice.

She looked down he almost emptied the pack..the Smoke covered his face .

He wanted to pick his phone when he saw Celine .

She comfortably walked down to him wearing a white night gown .

Danny dropped the cigarette immediately he saw her.

She sat beside him..

” are you sad
Danny smiled
” am sorry ,I was just cold ..

He picked his wine and dropped it on the table then he lay on his bed facing up.

He was so high he didnt even open his eye well again.

Celine sat on the bed and kissed his fire head

He smiled .

” good night we will talk in the morning
” no am sleeping here.

She tried rushing into the bed Danny shifted.

” Celine …. uhmmm …. lets not sleep together tonight.
” why because you are high..
” not that.
” Danny am yours… so am not going anywhere.

She slipped herself into his arms and closed her eye.

Danny smiled .

” you will wake up deflowered”, danny said play fully.
” as long as its you I will be happy….

Danny smiled.

” Danny hold me .
” Danny wrapped his arms around her and she kissed him while climbing fully on him.Danny
deepended the kiss as ran his fingers into her thigh from her night gown.

Celine chuckled against his lips as he feathered his hands all over her body .

” queen of seduction “, danny said.
Celine laughed.

Celine laughed and lay comfortably on him with her head on his shouldersshe closed her eye.

Danny slipped his finger into her gown and then into her black pant.

He playfully pinched her butt.
Celine laughed
” sin number two.
Danny chuckled.and tapped her
ass with his hands.

Celine laughed

” Danny you are playing with my butt.
” it’s just full , the way I like it.

Celine smiled.

Danny raised his phone in the other hands and browsed through the net.

” my hip is getting cold
Danny removed his hands and covered her gown well.

Celine smiled as she kissed him and placed her face back on his chest.

He raised his hands to her back then down to her nicely shaped lifted butt where he balanced his hands.

” my bom bom is in trouble.
Danny smiled and tapped it again.
” cute.

Celine chuckled .though she enjoyed his hands there .

Soon she fell fast asleep Danny still left her where she lay quietly on him.

After a while he turned her over to the bed and covered her well.

” he kissed her lips softly

Celine smiled.

She dragged him down into her arms and hugged him tight .

Danny lay quietly on her while kissing her neck and chest playfully.

Celine smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair .

Soon sleep over took them both .
They covered themselves and fell asleep holding each other.


The next morning she opened her eye in Danny’s arms just where she loved being.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her she turned and kissed his lips

” morning kiss.
Danny smiled and deepened the kiss.
” I love you.
Celine chuckled and pecked his lips then she kissed his neck and lay back on him.

” Danny can the night just come back I still want to be here.
Danny held her tight.
” then stay with me.

He cuddled her into his arms and ran his fingers on her hair.

Celine smiled with satisfaction.

Just then she heard a knock on the door.

Danny pressed the inter- com button.

” tell me
” sir your parents are back.
” what.
” your mum is coming up.
” ok thanks.

Celine tried rushing out but Danny dragged her into his arms and held her tight.

” Danny your mum Is back
” she’s welcome.
” Danny they will catch us.

Danny chuckled softly and kissed her lips.

” let them.

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