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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 53

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 54
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 52

????chapter ✏53✏
Celine and the Hoffman’s
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


” it all happened so fast
” I don’t understand
” I am not even sure the killers saw her face it was just so fast I rushed her to the hospital but it was too late

” all right no problem thank you

Danny locked the door and sat back on the floor as he looked at celine
Thank God you got drunk he said
Danny sat sat awake till morning he couldnt sleep all he remembered was

Knock knock
Clara is dead ????

Knock knock
Clara is dead????

Knock knock
Clara is dead????

Claras mothers voice came to his ears
Danny you killed my child
Danny you killed my daughter you killed my only child

He kept remembering Claras voice and her laughter
I love you Danny
Danny stop driving
Danny watch the road

Danny took the alcoholic drink celine remained he drank it till it finished then he left both the cup and the bottle he stood up and walked to the glass wall from where he watched the pool

If only I listened to you Clara you would not have died he “,said to himself


Early the next morning the police already did their job of investigation.
The press filled the area and soon left.
Celine opened her eye and scratched her hair smiling she stretched her self just then she got herself she was on Danny’s bed
omg what did i do she looked at her clothing it was Danny’s pajamas She remembered the shower and when she started drinking
she suddenly gave out a loud scream ” aaaghrrrhhhh!!!! which made Danny rush into the room from the bathroom

” hey
Celine covered herself with the bed sheet
Danny smiled and returned to the shower

Omg what happened
I was naked in the shower
Who dressed me up
Could we have done it
Could we have don’t it already “,
She said within herself

She checked the bed sheet it was new
Danny walked out
CElINE slowly spoke
” but where did the other bed sheet go
” oh It got stained and I changed it
CEliNE screamed again Danny covered her mouth
” hey what’s wrong
” last night what happened after the shower
” well you were drunk and naked and am not a saint
CEline creamed again
” omg omg my mother’s chain has been defiled what will i tell my daughter

Danny laughed at her

CElINE instantly took of the chain and held it in her hands

” mother please forgive me I was drunk I didnt remove the chain now it has been defiled oh mother she cried out
Danny laughed
she rushed down from the bed and kept walking up and down

Aarggh this is embarrassing I slept my first time away i didnt even enjoy it I should ask him how it was

” well, how was it last night
” what ?
” well it.. the whole uhhm.. you know
” no I don’t
” well i meant, mmmm”, she started coughing
Danny laughed
” a little borring since you were still….. “you know “but a little exciting too.

She sat on the bed and Danny
thought she had cooled down just then she screamed again

” she has gone Cray Cray

CEline lay on the bed rolling and kicking her leg up and down just then she rose up and faced Danny again

” but then did i bleed, I heard not all virgins bleed. ?

” that’s y am washing the bed sheet

Celine closed her mouth for a while
” oh thank God she’s quiet “, danny thought

” Well what’s done is done

She stood up and started unbuttoning the shirt of the pajamas

Danny covered his eye

” hey what are you doing don’t take off your cloths
” I will wear my gown and return to the maids room
” go to the dressing room then
” what’s the point you already saw everything
She continued removing them

Danny turned to face the wall

” isn’t this childish weren’t you the one that dressed me up

” no it wasn’t me
Celine smiled cunningly

She stopped opening
” really
” it was Emma already

” oh that’s nice but since we had sex there still nothing to hide anymore

She walked in front of him and started pulling off the trouser

Danny held the trousers Celine smiled.

” you are totally naked
” I know.

She cont pulling it down

” ok stop we didn’t do anything I was just playing with you arrrgh

CElINE laughed and jumped on the bed

” I knew
” how
” at first I believed you then i realized Danny can never do that
” when did you realize that
” when I asked you if I bled.
” ok you got me

She grabbed her gown and rushed into the dressing room minutes later She came out and tried opening the door

” am going
Danny drew her back
I don’t want you to go there and cry on someone else’s shoulders you should cry on my shoulders he Said to himself
” where to
” maids room obviously
” but that place is…. closed for now, yes its being… uhhm repaired
” cool I will meet Emily outside
” well Emily traveled to her mum’s…. village yes
Celine kissed him
” you can’t lie
” dont go
” why, why you are making me scared did something happen
” Abigail
” Abigail did what
” abigail is dead she died celine

Just then tears ran down celines cheek
” we might have fought but she was still my first friend when I came here

” its all right
Danny hugged her

” am sorry Abigail for everything you hate about me am sorry pls forgive me I really like you i couldn’t tell you till you died you were my favourite even though you hated me I still liked you why did you have to go”, Celine cried

She hugged Danny again

All the maids sat quietly looking at Abigail bed

” I can’t believe Abigail is dead
” Celine what if you had gone to get the dress
” thank God you didn’t go
” the whole thing is just so blur
” well her family will get good money
” rest in peace Abigail

Just then philomena walked in

” all things being in other I will get the next maid to replace Abigail

” get Mildred
” Mildred pls
‘ that decision is mine

She walked out
” why Mildred?”,celine asked
” so she can tell us the story
” you wanted to hear about Danny’s past right?
” yea that’s true

Keila sat on her bed and called Ryan on phone.

Light opens on KeilA as she called Ryan on phone

” hey k
” ok there’s this party tonight I want you to come I will give you my anwser there
” I really don’t attend rich class parties
” you have to try you are the only one am inviting you can’t miss it
” ok I will be there
” ok cool I will pick you

Danny sat quietly on the floor of his room when Emma walked in

” I knew you would be moody
” am not moody Emma

” being a celebrity and all Mr kings advice really got to you Danny you can’t be real anymore everything about you is pretence you fake every emotion perfectly well

” I don’t know what you are talking about

Emma locked the door

” you are in pain Danny if you are in pain cry out, yet you keep smiling like nothing happened. I have lived in the same room with you for how many years of my life so if you want lie try someone else

” am not in pain Emma am fine i don’t know what you are saying

” I know abigails death reminded you of Clara Danny I know you didn’t sleep last night you were awake till morning but you still laughed with celine this morning like nothing happened how long will you let this happen to you

” emma stop it

” Clara is dead Danny she’s gone and you did not kill her so move on its been years guilt is drying you up danny you are the victim here

” Emma lets not talk about the past

” no today I must talk danny i wont keep quiet after all you said you moved on then y is my words affecting you Danny

” Emma
” Daniel
” get out

” you smile, you act movies, you date girls , you are an international super model and with all this you lie to yourself that you are over Clara yet a little event brings it all back to you thats not moving on danny moving on means letting go totally, being free doing what you love, going back to the studio and singing!!! she shouted

Danny stood up and faced the glass wall leading to the pool

” you will never move on until you tell yourself the truth and until you learn to share your pain and stop faking every emotion like a sociopath

” am not a sociopath
” you are and mr king made you this way while making you a star
Emma shed tears
when you are angry you smile more than someone who is happy

when you are in pain you laugh like you won the lotery

” when your heart is occupied with guilt and sorrow you still confess love to someone, someone you can’t share your pain with, who knows maybe you are also faking your emotions for celine you did it before with Anastasia right that was her name and you faked everything perfectly well even she believed you loved her but it was just for show, the “couple of the year” but when you came home each day what did you do Danny you cut yourself every single day you kept cutting your self with a knife why because you were in so much pain but no one saw the pain you never showed your pain you don’t shed a tear, you cut yourself because guilt was killing you inside then

” the next morning you smiled and continued being a star that’s how you got here right the city’s sweet heart Danny Hoffman who secretly dies inside

” i have moved on that was before and I love celine i love her and its not fake everything with Celine is real I love her and I will do anything for her

” if you love celine then sing for her , can you sing for her no you cant one part of your heart is already filled with darkness so much darkness “you can’t move on from clara ” Emma shouted

” stop it Emma I moved on

” then go back to the studio
You’ve tried isnt these years enough respect for Clara

” Emma I cant sing anymore don’t you understand leave me alone

” Clara is dead
” stop calling her name Emma
‘ Clara is dead Danny and you didn’t kill her
” stop it!!!
He angrily pushed down everything on his table

” face it danny so you can move on and stop blaming yourself
“I killed her
He broke his mirror with his hands and bled out

The glass shattered

” if you don’t get ready to fight with your past Danny it would never ever leave you ever,

maids room

” is that noise from Danny’s room?”, celine asked .

” I guess I wonder what’s breaking
” omg

Celine rushed out

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