July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 54

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????chapter ✏54✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


CELINe rushed out she got to the door it was open she ran inside just to find the room littered his mirror broken his hands bled

” Danny!!!
” Celine get out

Danny placed his hands on his fore head with the blood on his hand for a while then he angrily pulled down his piano table and broke his guitar

” jesus!!! “, celine shouted
” come on Celine lets go before you get hurt “, emma said

Danny looked at celine, for the first time she saw so much pain In his eye like a child who just wanted to be happy to be cared for that was how Danny looked to celine he then walked into the shower

Emma and Celine walked into the passage

” what happened emma
” with Danny, well I think the glass broke out or he’s in a bad mood I don’t know but he will be all right
” ok

CEliNE didn’t talk she just walked further Emma left her then she walked to the back yard and stood by the pool

Minutes later Danny walked out of the shower.

the room was already half arranged two maids were there

“who called you guys ?
” madam Emma Did
” oh ok

He sat down on his bed then the two maids left just then two men walked in with a new mirror he picked up the note on the mirror

” Am sorry ”
From Emma

He dropped the paper on the floor

“I wonder where Celine is he said to himself “, just then he heard a knock on his door

Celine pushed the door open she carried a bowl of hot water and a white towel

” we need to disinfect the wound

she knelt down below him and cleaned the hands with the towel

” celine
” I don’t care what made you hurt yourself but please don’t hurt yourself in the future, it kills me

She dried the hand and took his kit she applied the treatment on his hands when she was done she took out the bandage and banded the hands then she sat up on the bed beside him and hugged him Danny didn’t talk he just enjoyed the moment

Celine whispered to him

” I dont know what happened in your past but I am your future danny anything that wants to hurt you must fight with me first , be it human or memory

She stood up and carried the bowl of water back into the kitchen as she returned to the room she saw Mildred on abigails bed

*********** hours later

gretel was fully dressed up for the party Emma made her up, she walked into the living room where keila watched her favourite tv show

” hey k
” you look pretty

Just then emma and Danny came out

“don’t stay up late”, Danny said
” dont worry we will stay in my house when the party ends my house is closer”,k said
” ok that’s nice “, danny said

They walked out and met
Ryan at his street junction with Angela and took then soon they arrived at simeons party everywhere was already crowded simeon was nicely dressed and his besty stanely stood beside him at all times Gretel arrived she walked out people stared she looked pretty she walked towards simeon and hugged him so did KeilA they all wished him a happy birthday and sat down

” gelai you look amazing”, gretel said
” thanks gret

They party was fun they danced soon it was cutting cake time simeon cut his cake with Gretel and stanely beside gum they celebrated for hours later

People danced KeilA was with Ryan

” since I showed up what’s my anwser k
KeilA kissed him
” yes
“yes ?
” yes

Light opens on gelai and Gretel

” won’t you go and dance with your boyfriend gret ?
” and leave you with who

Just then Angela pointed at Anna

” isn’t that Anna , simeons ex.
” seems so , i hate her and am glad she lost at the finals.

Anna walked to simeon and wished him a happy bbirthday she gave him a gift which his maid took from her she hugged him

“thank you”, simeon said

Gretel walked towards simeon and and Anna stopped in front of her.

” I will never really let you win gret , u might have won the nationals but you will cry soon.

” I wanna watch you make me.
” I will , sit tight.

She walked out and Gretel hugged simeon.

Angela sat quietly alone , she was the only one who showed up without a date she felt like burying herself just then someone best friend walked down to her.

” hy
” gelai right?
” yes
‘ ave been waiting for Gretel to leave
Angela smilled
” May I have this dance
” oh I don’t know
” please
” ok

She and stanely started dancing while Gretel danced with simeon

” I love you gret
” I love you too happy birthday .
danced and danced Soon it was toasting time Gretel sat with her friends while simeons besty stanely took the Mike to make a toast

All of them held their glasses
All sat with Gretel in a roll.

Soon the toast was over they drank happily.

Anna sat with her phone in her hand.

Gretel there are many things you don’t know about simeon …a lot of things a lot of scary thing. I will help you find them out and am sure you will leave simeon after that.

She played a video in her phone and watched it smiling.

She stood up and walked out she wanted to take her other phone from her car so she can easily transfer the video without anyone knowing it was her she walked past gretel and her friends and she heard their whispers

” anna is always frowning like the devil”, tash said

” well she’s hurting simeon dumped her “, Tanya said
Anna came back to them

” if you have something to say say it to my face don’t talk behind my back only cowards do that

” talk to the fingers
” I can’t stop grinning

Anna angrily walked past them

” that was Rude tasha “, gretel said
” just saying “,Tanya said

Gretel smiled happily just then she received a video in her phone
She wondered what it was.
She received another one too.

She opened it and as she watched it tears rolled down her cheek ..

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