July 29, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 71

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He and her V

Episode 71

(Thought it was a warehouse)

Camilla’s POV

Seeing Tucker at the church giving the ring to Grace stunned me but I wasn’t shocked. My dream came to pass anyways.

It was like someone is betraying us and forcing thing to go her way. I do not want to believe that Grace is behind all this cause I will so much despise her afterwards.

Nothing must happen to Tucker ,though.

I was driven to the reception but I was left shocked when I noticed that the man who alighted from the car with me had a face of Tucker but not same physique with Tucker.

Where do they take the Tucker I saw at the church few minutes ago to?

Do they really think I will not know or something? Quiet awkward of them

The man began to dance with me when it was dancing time and I danced so well too. I needed to be smart so they won’t suspect I had found out it was the man already.

It was suddenly the time for us to kiss and I arched my brow. Kiss! How in the world will I ever have a mouth to mouth kiss with another man.

If I ever wanna kiss anyone , let it be Tucker.

I vomited intentionally right there on stage just when the man was about to plant his fake silly lips on mine.

Many attendants thought I was sick and I was rushed to a room. I was given medical care for a while.

They asked if I will be able I continue with the reception. My answer was a big NO

Later that day after I had rested. A man came in and informed me that it’s late already and the reception is over.

I stood and followed the man out. We entered the car and we were driven to a magnificent house.

The man pretending to be Tucker held me and kissed me by my check. Gosh! So irritating.

Stupid saliva. He held me even as we walk into the house.

“This is the day I’ve being waiting for. I can’t wait to penetrate in so hard” He said and I smiled.

I walked towards him and hugged him.”I can’t wait baby. Drill me so hard” I said and his smiled brightened.

Fool! I went and pull off the wedding gown.

I behaved like someone that wanted to puke and ran out of the room. I know the man will be disturbed as to if I’m pregnant already or I have a puke illness.

I went inside one of the rooms where many ladies clothes are. I wore it and ran downstairs.

I need to escape this house as soon as possible. I twisted the knob of the door and it gave way.

Oh! Thank goodness!

I ran out and kept running by the street. I do not know anyone around here neither do I have any money to lodge in a nearby hotel.

What if they actually place a tracker on my body?

I found a secluded place and checked myself and found out that they didn’t.

Good! They must be finding me by now.

I approached an old woman sitting by a couch. I tried to make friend with her by starting a conversation and she flows along.

“I wanna call someone but I’m not with my phone , could you lend me yours , please?” I asked the woman.

I didn’t bother calling Grace cause I’m suspecting her. I didn’t call Tucker instead cause I sense that he may be in danger too.

I put a call through immediately to the cops and explained what is going on to them. I returned the woman’s phone to her and ran away from her immediately cause I know that those people will be on search for me.

I physically reported to the police station and they made me lodge in their ware house for the night.

At night. Around 2AM exactly. The light of the warehouse turned on and I was stunned at what was happening

I came out from the room I was made to lodge and I went outside only for me to see Tucker and Grace standing with some men who were armed.

They didn’t look like cops ,though and I didn’t even see any cops around in uniform.

“Thought this place was a warehouse?”

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