June 9, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 1

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Never knew she's beautiful. Episode 2

???? Never knew She’s pretty ????

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 1

(Crazy meets crazy)

Jack’s POV

“Sir ,everything is set sir. ” Maureen my secretary said.

I stood from my office and followed her to where the applicants are.

They are applicants of a particular post that I need in my company.

I sat before all of them while they all stood with their respective files.

“Welcome , ladies and gentlemen. Sad to say that amongst the twenty of you here ,I’ll need just one” I said and my secretary who was standing before me coughed.

I angrily turned at her feeling so irritated at why she would cough amidst this set of people.

“Why did you cough?” I barked at her.

“I’m sorry sir ” She said and quickly adjusted to her professional position.

“You fired!” I said and faced the applicants

“Sir” she called pleadingly

I turned at her angrily

“I said you are fired ” I repeated.

Rachael’s POV

What sort of a wicked man is this? How can you fire someone just because she coughed? Not as if she did it intentionally , everyone knows it’s a reflex action.

I pity the girl , though. Whoever will be picked amidst us to fill her place will really face a lot of trouble from this terrible man.

“As I was saying! The audition is quiet simple ” He said and told us to line up to which we obliged.

He began to call us out on rows and was interviewing everyone and dismissing them immediately.

That alone is creating tension in the rest of us. Finally got to my turn and he just laughed on seeing me.

I wonder what’s funny.

“How in the world did this ugly thing get here…No…like seriously guys…just look at her dressing and her face?” she said and everyone present took a careful looked at me and began to mock me.

True; I was dressed in an oversize T shirt of my dad because all my clothes are worn out. We are so poor in my family and I just have to find a way of coming to this interview to see if it may work out.

My trousers are that of my dad also. I know it looks so weird on me coupled with my mom’s big weavon that I put on my head and my ugly face that many people had always mocked me on.

I lowered my head but I was so angry on the inside , I feel like yelling on them to stop mocking me and knocking that wicked man on his head.

“Hey! You are laughing too much , get out” He said to one of the applicants whose laugh was outstanding

“Sir…I’m sorry sir…I’m…”

“I said get out ” He yelled at the boy and the boy fearfully and painfully left.

Everyone suddenly stopped giggling and everything went silent again.

“In short ,you all are irritating me , just leave….I do not need any of you again” He said and stood and took few steps away.

I exhaled. I already know I did not stand a chance of being chosen. Everybody start to turn and leave then I heard him speak.

“Hey! It will be fun having an ugly nonentity like you around…you employed ” He said and walked away.

I looked at my ugly clothes and happily jumped up… For real? I’m Employed! Wao.

Oh yeah! It will be fun like he said cause I don’t take nonsense too. ????

Never knew she's beautiful. Episode 2

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