July 30, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 2

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???? Never knew she’s beautiful ????

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 2

(Steal from you)

Rachael’s POV

“Rachael! Rachael!” I heard my sister call my name from my deep sleep.

I struggle to open my eye , my eyes were still heavy and swollen , still feeling sleepy.

“Did you know what the time is already? Thought you said the code and conducts of the new job you got is for you to resume by 7AM?” Donna said and I hurriedly open my eye and adjusted to a sitting position.

“What says the time?”


“My days!” I hurriedly stood and ran to the bathroom and bathed as fast as I could.

I dressed quickly and ran out.

“Hey Rachael! Rachael…your cloth” Donna; my sister shouted trying to correct me of something wrong but I wouldn’t listen .

I checked my old wrist watch as soon as I entered the cab and found out that the time was 7AM already.

Even on my first day of work ,I’m not being punctual. This guy will devour me raw…mhen!

I finally got to work and ran to where I would sign the time of my arrival in the time book

Just as I was about to scribble in the date and time I arrived , I heard a subtle footsteps from the stairs that leads to the reception room.

I first didn’t want to the to turn to have a look of who could be cominh cause I had guessed already that it might be the boss cause everywhere suddenly went silent like graveyard and the receptionist behaved more professional.

I turned ; It was him.

My face dropped and I hurriedly lowered my head.

Rachael! What can you do to save yourself…think quick? I asked myself.

I suddenly held my side and began to groan in pain.

“Why did you come late” He asked not even bothered about my fake stomach ache.

“Erm…I woke up late ” I replied still holding my side pretentiously.

“Stand upright and stop pretending ” He yelled and I stood upright immediately. He casted me easily.


“You think I’m some gullible boss you could fool? Oh no! You woke up late!” He repeated and chuckled.

“Even on your first day of work! And what about your cloth?” He asked holding his two waist.

I took a look at my cloth and found out that the pocket of the shirt is torn and the button of the shirt was not even arranged well.

I looked very shabby! I know, he didn’t have to tell me that.

I hurriedly covered that torn pocket with my hand and lowered my head.

“I did not have any money to buy clothes sir”

“Go and steal it” He said

“Sure sir, I will have the chance to steal as many as possible from you, Sir,as long as you do not fire me ”


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