July 26, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 76

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Venessar High School

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 76

(Nice meeting you, Thomas)

Three months later

Kimberly’s POV

I decided to go alone to where Sean is. I can’t stand and watch Sean get hooked up with another girl.

I’m scared but I still have to go. Autumn is not responding to treatment and it hurts so bad.

I took the next available flight off to the state that Autumn and I found out that he was. I lodged in an hotel and thought of how I would infiltrate the empire that he was.

I got to find out that one of the house he was is one of the most powerful drug dealer in town and I know that infiltrating such place would take extra carefulness.

I lodged to the website of their cartel to see if anything could help my mission.
I focus more of my attention to the positions they needed at their empire.

I could perhaps use this , though. I read the requirement for the job and found out that I’m not fit for it.

They needed a male not a female. I dropped my phone to the bed and kept thinking of ways that could help my mission right here

Then an idea popped into my mind.

Like seriously , I can actually pretend like a male. I will use a bress straps and dress exactly like a male. I could do that more perfectly if I make more researches on the internet.

I made researched on different website on how best to disguise like a male for a long period If time.

Few days later , l had bought all the kits and dressings I would need. I dressed exactly like a male and smiled to myself as I watched the mirror.

Hum! I haven’t thought of a male name ,though.

Let me bear. … Thomas Edison…
I chuckled on the mere mention of the name cause I will be using a scientist name.


I walked out of the hotel in a beautiful and cold morning and took a cab to the empire. I was welcomed happily as if they had known me somewhere before.

I guess they treat everyone right cause they know what they are really into.

I told the lady that attended to me what I had come for. She requested for my details and took me inside a chamber.

I saw three men who would be in their early forties discussing in a baritone voice

She submitted a file to one of them and he read it ; he signalled to the rest and they all focused more of their attention on me.

“Hi Thomas , we are surprised that you really had to courage to wanna work here. Even though we place the advert on our website, many people would not apply cause they thought we are dangerous people but that’s a big lie. We cool. ”

“It’s my pleasure meeting you, sirs” I said and they all said “welcome ”

“So Thomas , have your sit and tell us more about you…I hope you know what position you are filling for ”

“Yes” I replied and told them a few lies that I had gathered about folks that are fit for the position they need.

“That’s quiet impressive. You are employed ” The tallest man among them said and I expressed my happiness with a furrowed brow and a brightened eye.

I just hope Sean is here. I hope that he has not being transferred somewhere else.

I was escorted to a small house at the large backyard of the house.

“All the rules you will follow are in his file , however , the most important is for you never to leave this empire unless you are given the permission to. I wish you best of luck ” the man that took me to the house said and left.

There are many small houses here…how in the word will I know the ones that Sean is?

I was about to enter the house I will be staying when I sighted someone whose physique and appearance looks exactly like that of Sean.

I pressed my sight and wouldn’t take it off the person. Fortunately for me , the person was coming towards my direction with one of the men that had interview me.

That made me stood and watch intently.

They walked closer to me and I saw Sean clearly but he can’t recognize me because I was dressing exactly I male

“Sean…meet Thomas , Thomas, meet Sean” The man introduced us to ourselves and I almost cried on seeing Sean

We shook each other.

“It’s nice meeting you Thomas, see you some other time ” He said and walked away with the man.

Sean….” I called his name softly under my breath. I ran inside and wept

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