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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 56

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 57
Celine an hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 55

????chapter ✏56✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Just then celine heard a knock on the door.Danny shouted

” mum welcome I will come out later
” but I want to see you now.
” mum please later
” ok where is gret
” KeilAs house
” ok I better shower

She walked out

” you see”,danny said
Celine smiled

Pw’s complex

Salvador david is a 26 year old multi milonaire.
He was the only founder of p.w.
He’s companies produces creams and other skin cares.

He also has a modeling agency where models are bought from most of his models are signed to him so he pays them.

He has a very big commercial complex where many firms and agencies carry out photo shoots .

At a vet young age he is filthy rich .and very single..with very amazing killer looks.he’modeling firm are currently carrying out a beauty hunt.in different villages and towns cos he needs a girl who model he’s new cream
” right skin” the cream was still in production.

Most of his top models are.

????Miranda millBert ???? she is the city’s top model and world wide best body queen. A runway model
Her salary every month hits 40 million .her picture and video is used in the city as good morning and good night … it showcases in the toppest bill boards of the city the bill board of city’s top model.it was a bill board you can see from any city it was so high. Her position as city’s top model was her dream come true.

Another of his model was
????Paula Jason.????

She was a cream model he’s main cream model. Salvador signed her and pays her well.She has won many other outside contests too.Paula Jason is the current face of p.w.She is Salvadors best cream model and she has modeled thousands of creams in the world before Salvador bought her to model only his products.her beauty is beyond description.

Another’s of his model is Danny’s ex???? Jennifer Williams.????

She was crazily beautiful and she was every where…
She models cream products.
She covers wedding and dinner gown magazines too.

When it comes to outside contests she was the goal.

She already won
Miss world
Miss universe
Miss perfect.
Miss elegant.

She was the brand ambassador to one of the biggest cream producing firms ” nv’s.”. She covered two of the city’s toppest bill boards as the face of high school and face of n.v. She was really made .

Another model in Salvadors list of top models is???? crisella Valera.????

She was the most beautiful of them all because she had two kids and she still remained beautiful.

She is Salvadors current hand model as she follows him to partys and awards.

She carries the crown of the best cast walk world wide…

She was really wealthy.

Another of his models was
???? jewel makiato ????

She is more like a bikini model.she was top when it comes to pants and bra or skimpy outfits.

She was also a run way model.
She has a body to die for and am amazing hair.

Listing his models will fill a hand book but above are his top models.

Salvador walked into the hall where Miranda was shooting he watched her complete the shoot then she ran down to him.

She wore a dinner gown.

” how is the concept.
” I told Vera its boring but she likes it like that.
” ok so Miranda you can do” teens attract “for me right.
” sure who will be the male model.
” am thinking Danny , though I don’t know cos Danny has not modeled for me before
” Danny is nice the kids love him but is you are choosing Danny then the female model should be Jennifer.
” why.
” it Will reduce cost for the camping , you know they are dating right.
” yes so I won’t have too rent two suites I will just rent one.
” yes you will just have to rent one.
” wow nice idea Mira then I guess it has to be Danny and Jennifer then.
“yes totally.

Salvador kissed her cheek and walked out with his phone.

Miranda smiled.

” yes Danny and his ex in one room.. jennifer still loves him so she will surely try seducing him.

” Danny is a play boy and Celine is not giving him sex yet so he will surely fall for Jennifer.

“He will cheat on Celine and i Will tell Celine the truth …She will finally believe what I told her in the pool about Danny.

“Danny and celine will break up and since Danny can’t go back to his ex I will use that opportunity to trap him to myself.

Awwww what a plan.

She ran back and continues her shoot……


Celine sat with the maids when Mary rushed in.

” Celine do you see how Gretel looked when she came back, she looked so so sick.

” is she back?.
” yes she is.

Celine rushed into Gretel room there she sat on her bed crying .

” gret what’s wrong.
” Celine.

She hugged Celine and Celine held her tight.

” what happened.
” I feel so much pain…. simeon is not who I thought he was.

She gave Celine the video and Celine watched both of them.

” Gretel this is an old video , and may be he did drug in the past BUT not now ..what if he has changed .

” I don’t think its an old video.
” Gretel what did he say when you asked him
” I didn’t have time to listen to his lies
” it’s ok gret come here.

She hugged Gretel tightly .

Minutes later she returned back to the maids room. Mildred was already sitting on the bed .

Celine knew it was time she found out about Danny’s past so she sat beside Mildred .

” Mildred celine wants to know why Danny stopped singing “, mary said
” realy
” yes tell me about Clara
” emma knows the whole detail
we just know part of the story
” ok

” Clara was a star musician from a very young age she was good, she sang from her soul she met Danny they did a song together they fell in love they dated
” wow
” to Danny Clara was he’s everything she was he’s destiny, he’s future, he’s drug, he’s purpose, he’s inspiration , hes reason, hes dream, hes thoughts he loved her so much and they did everything together
” hmm
” Clara was a calm girl she never spoke much their coupling went viral it was everywhere Danny never did a single live show without clara no matter how big the crowd was if Clara was with him he could sing before any crowd without taking drugs or anything he always said clara was hes drug I loved it so much when Clara stood in front of him and he sang
” wow
” during Halloween he took a bullet for her it was a prank by Danny’s friends but Danny thought they were real criminals he took the fake bullet and this proved his love for Clara more and more they couldn’t live without each other their love was stronger than anything I ever saw
” so touching
” when they released their 4th hit song it was amazing one week to the live show of that song “my cute girlfriend ” was dannys birthday that afternoon danny drove clara to the beach so they could have some alone time while driving danny was busy pressing his phone checking his tweets and his fans as he was caught up in fame and clara warned him to watch were he drove
” omg
” but Danny was not going to listen Clara was doing a live video in the car so she kept telling Danny

Honey watch where you are going

Danny we are going to have an accident if you dont keep your phone

My love you can tweet later

Her fans who watched the live video thought it was just a prank until she shouted and the video cut

they ran into a car both of them were rushed to the hospital Clara died mostly out of shock Danny survived and retired to two years of not speaking to anyone

When Danny finally came out of that two years he was normal again or so we thought

every body was glad Mr king was hes new manager the live show of “my cute girlfriend” was hosted again and this time Danny did the song with his then girlfriend anastasia was her name it was a great live show everyone cheered he was living normal he took pictures with her they did everything together everyone was glad he moved on until one night I pushed open Danny’s door without knocking just to find him mutilating himself, he cut himself and bled out while looking at claras picture he kept cutting himself every single night

Celine got scared

” he was taken to therapy he confessed that he had done it for 8 months
The therapist later concluded that Danny believes he killed Clara so while he was busy enjoying the fame he forgot his pain and he didn’t want to forget his pain but his celebrity life was not reflecting his pain so whenever he went home he cut himself so he can feel his pain again because he believed he didnt have the right to be happy

” Jesus

” after one year he didnt mutilate himself again but whenever he went to the studio he couldn’t sing anymore, he confessed that all he saw was Claras face, singing was claras dream he felt guilty so he quit singing even when he later wanted to start he couldn’t sing anymore because singing was he’s closest memory of clara it reminded him of Clara oh my he had a Godly voice
” he still has
” but has he moved on now
” of course that was all in the past Danny is normal now
” or so we think
” but he never showed his pain
” that’s called being a celebrity even after crying and shattering glasses inside he would Still go out, take pictures model and smile with his new girlfriend no one knews his pain even the girlfriend then didnt know danny was acting a movie with her he never liked her
” I wonder if he’s real with me or he’s faking that emotion too

” Danny loves you celine that’s all I know
” I hope so too
” you can meet Emma to hear more
” I must
Celine stood up and rushed into Emma’s room she was so eager to hear Emma sides of the story

” hey Celine.
” tell me about Clara.
” what.
” tell me
” Danny loved Clara more than he’s own life Celine they even took marriage vows in a secret garden
Emma smiled
” really
” I was her maid of honour Tony was the priest the rest of our friends where the congregation when she walked out in that white gown it all felt so real they took only one vow

Promise to love me for the rest of our lives

” wow
” they signed on their body it was a tattoo
yes Clara was he’s everything everything , his smile, his future, hes survival everything was wrapped around Clara they built one studio together they sang together they rehearsed together, danny was always a loner he didnt care about human beings till he met clara, clara was he’s first of everything his first kiss, sex, date, love, infact she was he’s breath

” every song they did was a hit they sang wonderfully well but after the accident everything changed
” what happened
” Danny died too
Everything he loved he dropped it he doesn’t sing anymore he doesn’t dance anymore everything they did together Danny dropped all of them because he believed Clara would be angry to watch him being happy after he killed her
” but he has moved on right
” the day Danny moves on is the day he will sing again

” he will
” Mr king was the cause of all this he forced Danny to move on he made Danny appear presentable in front of the world but he mutilated himself when no one watched Mr king taught Danny how to fake every emotion you can never know he’s true feeling Mr king made him a sociopath

He told Danny that every celebrity lived a fake life and Danny started living a normal life in the outdoors he didn’t move on for real, he didn’t let go for real, that’s why anything that reminds him of Clara kills him again

” he started dating again all the girls he dated felt true love and attention but It was never real from him it was all fake, an act, for show, how could he love when sadness is still building in his heart
” I was the only one who knew Danny because I was closer to Danny than all of our friends, of all the girls he dated jennifer was one of the only girl danny truely loved almost like clara because their relationship was a secret it was not for show so danny slowly started being real for her I traveled out when he first met jennifer, but I have never seen Danny look at any woman the way he looks at you Celine he loves you unconditionally thats y you were the only one who changed him from his ugly proud personality this means that only you can drag him out fully from his past

” I realy believe Danny moved on but he cant move on, guilt cant let him move on the believe that he killed clara is eating him up he says he moved on but he can’t stop wearing the watch she bought, he can’t stop wearing the neck chain she bought, even he’s favourite hair band came from clara , clara is all around him
” I believe Danny has moved on celine but the pain the guilt can’t go away
” I can never be jealous of the dead I swear Emma Danny must sing again I will make sure to remove every memory of clara from him even if it’s the last thing I do

” we will do it together we will help Danny experience true happiness again

Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 57
Celine an hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 55

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