August 3, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 57

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Celine And Hoffman . Season 2. Chapter 58
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 56

????chapter ✏57✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Danny just returned from his sign up as coca b.a. he was so tired ..

He sat on his bed and tried resting when his phone rang . It was Mr king .

” danny what’s good
” I signed the contract
” ok I saw you on tv
” ok cool that’s nice
” you are doing “teens attract” Danny
” who’s the female model
“I dunno but I believe it’s not anyone you know
” till then for now I have a hair set commercial soon i need to get ready for it
” ok .

Mr king dropped the call and Danny rushed into the shower as he walked out he kicked that old box mistakenly so he sat on the floor and opened it.
It was filled with pictures and memories of Clara.

He smiled and wiped his tears.
” the innocent girl I killed “, he said to himself .

Next day.
Gretel had not come out of her room all morning.
Celine decided to check on her she walked into the room sbd their gret sat .

” hey teen.
” lina
” why don’t you meet simeon and let him explain I promise you gret you will feel better if he explains.

” I don’t want to.
” then will just keep crying and hurting yourself.

Gretel wiped her tears and fell on her pillow.

Just then Mildred knocked on the door. Gretel switched on her intercom.

” tell me.
” madam a simeon is looking for you
” tell him to go to hell
” no tell him we are coming to hear his own part of the story “, celine said
” no
” come on lets go

CELINe dragged Gretel by the hand and they walked out

SIMEON was standing by his car celine care fully checked him out mmmm cute and expensive he had style just like danny

” hey cute boy !!!!!!
SIMEON turned
” good day…girl … lady

He walked closer to them and Gretel stood behind Celine

” thanks for coming out gret
” She dragged me I don’t even want to see you
” I agree that video was real but it was in the past I know I did drugs in the past but please don’t judge me with my past I have not taken them again since 2 years now
” how am I sure about that
Simeon handed her a paper
” that’s the doctors report
Gretel read it
” well thank you for your explanation but you should ave told me before, finding out from someone else was awfull so I can’t forgive you

Celine instantly hit gretels butt

” what was that for

” I hit you because I heard you were very rude in the past, in fact you poured hot coffee on your maids and you made them sing praises at your door you even painted Angela when she came to your class you wrote commoner all over her.
she hit Gretel again

” ouch that was in the past y are you hitting me because of something that i did before am i doing it now? , am a cha……..

She looked at simeon then she looked at Celine who was smiling

” why are you punishing simeon because of his past gret

CEline walked inside and Gretel tried following her but she locked her out

Simeon knelt down

” I promised not to hurt you but I did just beat me up call your guards do whatever but don’t leave me pls don’t leave

Gretel dragged him up
” I forgive you as a person simeon but it will take time before I accept as a boyfriend again the pain of heartbreak is too much I want to confirm wether am ready for that kind of pain in the future
” ok whatever you want.

She hugged him and Celine ran out and made it a group hug

Mr hoffman smiled from his window where he watched

Celine and gretel ran back inside

” how do you feel now
” better
” you see forgiving is good
GREtel hugged her
” thank you

Celine walked into the passage and ran into Emma who dragged her into her room.

” what’s up.
” so Celine I was thinking why don’t u ask Danny about Clara
” what.
” that’s the first step you need to push Danny to go to the studio.
” what if he gets mad and breaks his mirror again.
” if we keep being scared of his reaction we will never be able too help him Celine.
” ok I will ask Danny.
” I already called the guy who watches over the studio and he said Danny has not visited for one day Celine.. but I beleive you can push danny to move on cos he loves you.

” ok Emma I understand , operation make Danny sing has officially begun.

Both of them laughed …

Celine walked out She rushed into Danny’s room he was already dressed up to leave.

He wore a very sweet jacket with a black Jean…he wore his slipper and freed his hair which he tucked behind his ear exposing his earing.

He wore a gold necklace and held his phone in his hand where he wore a gold ring..

He turned and saw Celine who watched him quietly.

” Celine .
She walks toward him and gently smiled.
” are you going out.
Danny looked into his phone.
” yes am kinda late..

Hes phone rang he tried picking the call but Celine shaked her head in disagreement so he dropped the phone on the bed and removed his jacket .

” Do you want to talk about something.
” yes.
Danny nodded and sat on the bed celine sat beside him she was really scared..

” Danny I want to talk about clara.
” what about her .
” can you tell me why you stopped singing
” I don’t feel like signing anymore.
” Danny.
” Celine lets not talk about the past.
” do you still love Clara.
” I love you.
” then why Do you get angry at every mention of her name.
” who got angry I never got angry. Who said i am angry

He stood up and took his jacket he walked to the door when he got himself.

He returned back to Celine on the bed .

” Danny you almost walked out on me.
“Am sorry, SO sorry ….. Celine am sorry .
” Danny I can’t leave you like this , you need to move on from Clara.
” I moved on.
” then prove it , go to your studio amd sing.

” I can’t, I already said I can’t.won’t you stop won’t every one just stop

He picked a stick of cigarette then he broke it in his hands and threw it out.

He placed both hands on his face

Celine hugged him like that.

” Danny I really want you to sing for me if you don’t I will believe that you don’t love me and you are just faking.

She let go off him and walked out of his room

She wiped her tears .

” Clara let go of Danny , let him move on , I know its his fault u died but be has mourned you enough”, she said to herself.

Celine walked into the maids room where she watched danny who rushed into the compound from the window.

She wondered where he went to.

Minutes later Emma ran into celines room

” what happened Emma
” i recieved word danny is at the studio

She and Emma ran out they entered emmas car and took off soon the arrived the studio she and Emma snuck in from a passage way were they secretly spied on danny and Clara before then they peeped in they saw the whole studio clearly

” wow its beautiful”, celine said
” he’s not in yet
” but who is that
” that’s Clara

Claras picture was posted all round the studio it was the total wallpaper pictures of Clara and Danny

” she is beautiful
” she was and her favourite colour was white
” wow but where is the d. J or instructor

” he left but everything here is automatic .

Just then danny walked in he looked around the studio memories came flooding back he walked to the instruments glass table he picked up the remote and switched on the lights then he turned on the touch screen computer system he turned on all other equipments

” Jesus did the glass mirror just turn on
‘” it’s not a mirror its a touch screen system

Danny switched on the Mic and recorder
” Mic is ready.

Danny organised everything soon a slow but steady sad tune played on the background

Voice guide : recording started step to the Mic

Voice guide : recording started step to the mic

Just then danny remembered when Clara mimicked the voice guide

He still went to the standing Mic

Voice guide; in one, two, three start
The tune started playing again and Danny held the Mic and sang

Danny :

???? I searched, in my dreams I searched, like I lost the breath that kept me alive.

Emma smiled

” he’s voice is still great
” he’s lyrics are attracting
” go on danny

Danny :
???? I was a fool ,i was searching, searching for what’s here with me,

???? I was a fool, I was dreaming, dreaming for… …. just then Danny looked at claras Mic which stood beside him he shed tears

Danny :

???? I found you, I fou….
He kept remembering claras laughter

I love you Danny
Danny stop driving
Danny stop the car

Danny didn’t say a word again he just bowed his head to the Mic

Danny you killed my daughter
Danny you killed my only child

Voice guide : recording delayed
Voice guide : recording delayed

” not again Danny “, emma said
“danny!!!!”,celine said

Danny couldn’t control the voices anymore he angrily pushed down the microphone and stepped out

The voice guide kept talking, the song kept playing Danny tried switching it off it didn’t stop he angrily pushed the whole equiipments down then he broke the computer screen with his hands and bled out

Why was I so reckless!!! He shouted as he pushed down his image which was molded in front of the studio


Why didn’t i listen to you!!!!
He broke the glass window
Why why!!

He broke the mirror on the wall with a chair
Danny walked to Claras picture which was protected with glass he broke the glass then he knelt down there

” Why did you have to die clara why didn’t I listen to you I killed you and stopped you from fulfilling your dreams

” Aaargh Clara let me move on let me be happy for once I know I killed you but am sorry I wish you can just hear me

He watched his hands bleed out he looked at himself in the mirror so he angrily switched of the lights the whole place was dark

” Celine lets go come on
” what about Danny
” lets go

They both snuck out

” I can’t sing anymore because each time I remember to sing I remember your death i remember that I killed you and I have not asked you to forgive me Clara .

Emma and celine entered the car and celine cried out

” at least he came Celine after 4 years he came because of you

” now I understand the painful power of guilt

” you will understand something scary about Danny when you see him today at home
They drove off

Light opens on Gretel as she walked into her car

Soon they arrived home and Celine rushed into the maids room

” Danny can’t move on from clara.
” Celine its ok.
” no its not , I need to call Clara so she can tell Danny that she has forgiven him.
” but Clara Is dead “, Emily said.
” then I just have to invoke her spirit.
” oh I forgot where you come from Celine “, Mildred said.
” I just have to do the fast , I will do it for Danny ..I will fast for Danny and after the fast I will take him to see Clara that’s my birthday gift to him “freedom.

” Celine it will work if you believe it , its your tradition after all.

” when tisha died I spent time with her every month , it worked because I was chaste and pure and i still fasted . the goddess answered me. She will do it again.
” yes she will Celine .

Celine hugged Mildred just then the land line rang it was Danny’s room.

Celine picked up
” Danny.
” pls just get me something cold.
” but Danny you have cold.
” Celine pls .
” fine.

She walked into his room with cold juice and kept it on the table
Danny hugged her smiling

Celine sat down and watched Danny like a horror movie as he smiled .

” Now I understand what Emma meant you are so good at hidding your pain so much that you fake every emotion so well, isnt this the guy who was crying
before “, she said in her mind

” Celine do you know that I have never loved anyone the way I love you ,You take my pain pain killer.

Celine smiled with tears in her eye and hugged him.

” I will take it all away Danny , everything … just give me time”, she said in her mind. As she hugged him

She touched his bleeding hands.

” you are hurt my love
” am I?, it must be a scratch”, he said and kissed her lips.

Celine closed her eye and tears steamed down.

“I wish you can share your pain with me”, she said to herself

Celine And Hoffman . Season 2. Chapter 58
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 56

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