August 2, 2021

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Celine And Hoffman . Season 2. Chapter 58

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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 59
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????chapter ✏58✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

*********** 2 hours later.

CElINE knocked on Emma’s door.Emma opened and she sat on the bed.

” hey
” I have an idea
” what
” lets remove every memory of Clara from that studio starting from her pictures
” so smart you are his present right it should be pictures of you celine not pictures of Clara
” you are right
” tomorow is valentines day we will go to the studio tomorow and you will take pictures
” ok
” we will go early ok
” ok.

Gretel walked into simeons house in honour of his text message.She too wanted to know about his past too.

he sat on the bed and pictures were littered round the bed

” hey simeon
” ok
” you said I should have told you about my past right i want to tell you everything

He gave her a picture

” she introduced me to drugs
” daniela Hart the gymnast your ex right

” yes after mom died she helped me get out of depression we got high, we had fun , we did drugs ,I also smoked then in case you should know .

” oh

” after we broke up I was still into my addiction ,i was the one who introduced Anna into doing drugs when dated. we had fun , we got high we did crazy things together.

“Yea obviously I saw the video
” gret.
” no cont am fine.

” Anna well she didn’t have time for me, spending time togetger was always our issue so we broke up After Anna left my dad found out about my addiction he took me to therapy at first I wasn’t serious with it until I found out that I had liver issues and that the drugs might kill me so I took the therapy serious for months because I didn’t want to die without meeting you

” me but you just met me
” i had forgotten when i told you i knew you before , I had liked you for 2 years before I got transfered here .

he gave Gretel a box she opened it it was full with pictures of her almost all the pictures she ever took in all the activities she ever did

” you were my main inspiration to beat my addiction I waited and suffered till therapy was completed ,I was observed for 6 months then I was set free .
your pictures kept me going I just wanted to meet this amazing girl

” you never told me

” once I was clean I told my dad I wanted to come here and I wanted to go to prestigious high school … i wanted to get clean first cos I didn’t want to take chances of introducing you to drugs.
Gretel smiled

” the first day I spoke to you wow you were so nasty and rude I felt like everything was going to crash until now and forever, I fall in love with you everyday gret so am sorry for not telling you all this but please give me one more chance that’s all ask

” well simeon the thing is
‘ Gretel please don’t give me a sudden response that might break my heart just think about it and remember that I love you so much .

He stood up and walked out
Gretel entered her car and left
She carefully pondered on what simeon said she thought in and out about it carefully so carefully till she fell asleep

Emma and Celine rushed out of the house so early that no one saw them or asked them where they headed too.

They booked an appointment already with the photo studio.
Minutes later they arrived at the studio.

Before 8 am they were done and pictures of celine where taken .

Emma called the woman who designed the wallpaper of Danny’s studio on phone.
She sent the pictures to her and told her to remove every picture of Clara and fill it with pictures of celine.

The woman agreed she and Celine left for home and Celine was so tired.

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