July 25, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 72

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He and her V

Episode 72

(About to recollect his past)

Tucker’s POV

Five hours ago.

I alighted from the cab taking me to the reception. I stepped down and saw crowds of people waiting to dance with the groom.

I walked to the podium and I met Grace who was smiling sheepishly at me. Her face are beautiful but I detest her so much for how she’s forcing things to go her way.

To me ,she’s just being selfish. She promised to held me get Camila back but now her actions will definitely be hurting Camila.

Series of programmes unfolded and then it was time for the bride and the groom to dance.

We both came out , I wasn’t smiling. My face was strong enough for anyone to know that I’m not happy and that everything about me is against this reception.

The coordinator gave Grace the microphone to my surprise and I wonder if she wants to give a speech or be the singer for the dance we are about to dance.

“Ladies and gentlemen. My husband and I here are so glad to be here. But there is a mystery that my husband do not know about me and I want to let him know right here before us”

I was still indifferent at her speech.

She narrated a series of events that happened in the past , she lied that we were once lovers , she lied that my sister sent her a message that I lost my memory.

This girl is just so ridiculous. She really thinks she can delude me with all these super stories.

Someone that I had never met before. Just got to know her few years ago and she’s talking of when we were young.


“But I do not know if my husband remembers till today?” She looked at me.

“I do not know about that ” I said for her to hear but the crowds didn’t hear what I said cause I was not with the microphone.

“My husband said he is trying to remember , isn’t that beautiful?’ She asked and the crowd cheers.


After we were done dancing and snapping a lot of pictures together.

We both went to a building ; to my surprise , it didn’t really look like a building but a big therapeutic hospital.

And yeah! It is.

A man in lab coat came to me and gestured for me to move towards a direction. Since I do not even have a control over myself , I just obliged like a sheep about to be slaughtered.

I was made to sit in a room fenced with glass , the doctor left and an old doctor with white beards came and sat before me

” Don’t be nervous , Mr.Tucker ” He smiled. “No one will harm you”


I was anxious to know what the doctor really want from me.

“I want to help you recover your memory , there are many things in your past that you do not remember ”

“Doctor ,I’m fine and I do not have lost of memory”

The doctor grinned and turned his head to the entrance of the room, the door opened and someone entered. It’s Mira.

“Mira, please tell him?” The doctor said to my sister.

“Tucker ,It’s True. You had a lost of memory in the past. The doctor is not going to inject you or give you any drug. Just a series of question for you to recollect your past”

For real? Do I really have lost of memory. Does that mean Grace and I had once dated? Does that mean I have once loved Grace? How deep is the past I have with Grace?

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