August 1, 2021

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He stays with me. Episode 1

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He stays with me. Episode 2

????He stays with me ????

Written by O.S Feathers


Episode 1

Melissa’s POV

I stepped down from my car and flashes of lightning from photographs welcomed me. Assemblies of student we’re lined up to have a glimpse of me.
Many boys who wished and dreamt of having me as a girlfriend anticipated to seeing me.

I heard cheers of beautiful murmurs and welcoming words flying all over my ears. Who wouldn’t be exited to see the daughter of the president , topmost super model in the country and award winning of most beautiful face three different times.

Dad has persuaded me to go to Empire Westwood high school since I’ll be less busy for the next two years.

I hope I Worth it.

Kevin; the son of chief parliament of the country ran towards me amidst the crowds and carried me like I was a baby.

We kissed before everyone and he placed me down gently.

He smiled at me and K retorted gently. Don’t be surprised , Kevin is my boyfriend. We hardly see but we keep our relationship strong with consistent conversation.

I sincerely love Kevin and he loves me too. We will be the best lover bird in this school.

Everyone start to disperse after the security ordered them too. And oh yeah! I don’t really like crowds…they will see me prolly every day now that I will be coming to this school.

Kevin had being attending the school for quiet a while so he obviously knows the school better than I am, he guide me here, I believe.

We haven’t said any word yet as he takes me by my wrist while we both walked towards a garden where some obviously rich boys and girls are. I needed no one to tell me that they are his friends.

A student who is a male with a rough hair and a swollen face walked pass to also tale a look of me. I guess he was somewhere else when others came to see my physical appearance.

“You again!” I heard Kevin say pointing to the boy while he shook in fear

“You even have the got to come and take a look at my girlfriend?” He yelled while his friends who were sitting not to far from us approached us.

“Now , come here!” He ordered the boy who is obviously of the same mate as him but poor.

“Lay to the floor there ” He commanded the boy and the boy obliged.

Quiet embarrassing! As much as I like Kevin , I do not like him bullying but I guess he’s used to it.

“You can stand up after we have left ” He said to the boy while we both walked towards his friend.

Something seems connecting about the boy but I can’t really place it. I turned to look at the guy in such a way that Kevin will not know and I saw him ,although lying but staring into my face.

His green eyes were calling and inviting. Seems attracting but I still can’t place who he is.

Our face met and I hurriedly look away. I find myself turning back again and our faces met again , this time!; he cried gently looking intently into my face.

His cries looks so familiar but I can’t place it. My heart start to beat wondering if I had met the guy before.

But where could I have met this ugly poor boy but with the color of the eyes I had always admire.

He stays with me. Episode 2

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