August 3, 2021

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He stays with me. Episode 2

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He stays with me. Episode 3
He stays with me. Episode 1

????He stays with me????

Episode 2

(What is it?)

Melissa’s POV

I can’t stop myself from wondering whom the guy really is? Speaking to him in school will be very difficult cause it won’t go well with Kevin.

I need to find the mystery behind the guy.

The next morning. My driver drove me to school and on stepping down, I saw crowds of student shouting on someone who was stuck in their middle.

I was so curious to know who it was, so I walked swiftly to the place only to find the boy amidst them.

He’s being bullied again?

“What did he do?” I asked a female student standing beside me.

“Kevin found drugs in his bag and exposed him”

“Kevin! Drug! ” I watched and saw Kevin with his friends maltreating the boy.

Oops! I looked away painfully and felt pathetic for the boy.

I walked inside the crowd for everyone notice my presence and as soon as they do ; they began to chant all sort of glorious pleasantries.

“Wao! I said it ,she’s now coming to our school.”

“I’m so glad I’ll b able to see her everyday now”

“See her beautiful shoes…”

“Jeez! Her skin are as fresh as that of a mermaid. ”

“See her bangles…”

I kept hearing all sorts.

Kevin approached me and hugged me. The stance of Kevin increased especially when everyone has got to know that he’s my boyfriend.

The respect he wills from students and teachers dramatically increased.

“She’s stunned!” He faced the crowd smiling. ” She will soon get use to how we roll in this school”

“What did he do?” I faced Kevin not smiling

“Well” He moved around proudly and squatted before the boy whose uniform had being stained as a result of being made to lay on the floor.

“Can you tell my baby what you did?” He looked into the face of the boy and the boy tried to stand but he shouted at the boy instead. “Lie down….keep telling her from that lying position that you are.”

The boy looked into my face and again something connected. His face looks so familiar this time but I can’t remember where we met.

His green eyes was what I like most about him.

“I got to school this morning and dropped my bag in class. I went to buy snacks outside and before I came back , I saw Kevin with my bag and other students saying I brought drugs to school”

“Do you bring drugs to school for real?” I asked.

“Of course he does, baby. You do not have to ask him such questions, we all know he’s a drug dealer. ”

I sighed and looked away.

“Leave everyone ” I commanded and everyone start to disperse leaving the boy , Kevin his friends and I there.

“Kevin , you really loathe this boy , why exactly?” I asked before his friends and his face changed into that of anger.

“He’s the poorest in this school and he shouldn’t be here. I’ve told him several times to leave this school but he would not listen ” He said

The boy was still lying.

“Can you let him stand up , please?”

“Oh yeah! Because of you” Kevin said and ordered the boy to stood.

“Leave now ” Kevin told the boy but the boy came to me instead and held my hand ” Thanks so much”

The boy ran away.

“You shouldn’t have allowed that boy use his poor hand to touch you” Kevin said and we both walked away.

He didn’t know that the boy smuggled something into my hand and I was smart not to let Kevin know. I can’t wait to find out what it is.

He stays with me. Episode 3
He stays with me. Episode 1

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