June 13, 2021

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He stays with me. Episode 3

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????He stays with me ????

Episode 3

(Be careful of Andrew)

Melissa’s POV

During break. Before Kevin would come to request of us to go to the school cafeteria together. I went to a secluded place in the school to check what the boy gave me.

It was a multi folded letter. I unfolded it and stretched it wide. It reads;

‘Hi miss, I think I know you.
Is it you? Are you the one that has a black dot on your stomach.
Is it you?
Am I perhaps mistaken?
Are you the one that loves to watch Tom and Jerry?
Is it you?
Are you the one that loves Jerry more than Tom.
You love to become a singer and you love Celine Dion so much.
Is it you that has a drawing of a book at your back because dad wanted you to become a professor when you were young?
If it were you. Do you know me?
If it were you , then we had a past together.
If it were you, then I’m sad that you are pretending not to know me.
As to how I became very poor, I lost my parents and I now stay with my aunt and her husband and it’s hell of a living here.
I still have many years to live here and Kevin will never stop being a thorn in my flesh.
Please , help me. Tell him to stop being my nightmare.
I hope you find out who I am soon.
If it were you.

I read the letter and sadness cloud me. My sadness is as a result of the fact that I do not even remember who he is to me.

I do not think I know anyone called Jason, actually.

It might be in my old diary ,though. But it’s with Dad. I hope he gives me.


Melissa’s dad POV

I had invited Kevin to my office, I needed to discus some important issue with him.

“Hi, Sir. It’s being quiet a while ”

“Yes Kevin. I called you for a very important talk. I stumbled across Melissa’s old diary yesterday. She had kept it with me when she was about to travel out for modelling. I read what was inside this morning and she seems to be in a relationship then with a boy called Andrew”


“Yeah. This world is small and if you are not careful, the so called Andrew may are up from nowhere and snatch Melissa from you. You know I can not force her to do anything. ”

“Thanks so much for this information , sir. But how do find Andrew?”

“I do not know. I just felt I needed to tell you cause I want you and Melisa to end up together ”

“Hum! I know what to do. Thanks Sir ” He stood and walked out.

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