July 29, 2021

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K Pop maid. Season 2. Chapter 12

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????LICIA TIFE ????

????ON GOD ????
????Season 2 (chapter 12)????

????JINA POV ????
Just like the old days

I am melting in his touch

He slowly kissed me while I closed my eyes and woke tears just rolls down my eyes

If I kiss him like this

It was lost long ago.

But it all coming back to me

His hand tightened around my teen waist like he does not want to ever let it go

My hand went to his head and I buried my hand in his hair

He kissed me just like he use to kiss me all those years back when I get hurt

He slowly broke the kiss and we stared in each other eyes

I moved away from him and went back to chopping the onions

‘you wanted the old jina and you got her, now leave’ I said

‘jina I…..’

‘you got what you want right, and beside it not raining outside anymore so please go’ i said

He looks at me for awhile

‘if you really want me to go, then why are you crying ‘ I asked

‘it the onions okay please just go’ I said

????JINA POV ????
He slowly turns his back and walked out of the building

Immediately he walked away i sat down on the kitchen floor crying my eyes out

Why can’t this damn feelings just go away

Why do I always have to love him

Why I don’t want this

I want to hate him

It started raining again and I started walking to my house under the heavy rain not bothering to seek shelters

I walked into my mansion and the maids gathered me

‘sir you drenched…. Sir you need a towel….. Sir here’s hot tea…..’i just ignored them and walked to my room

Thank God that mina and her mum ain’t around to bother me this time around

I changed into a dry cloth and I remembered the past again

????FLASHBACK ????

‘ let go of me ‘i shouted on the servant as I walked into the mansion staggering cause I was drunk

‘ your wife had your first child and you did not even bother to go to the hospital, she was discharged and now she is home the least you could have done is not to come home drunk’ Mr hyun said

‘oh Mr hyun’ I said laughing ‘you forced me to do whatever you want and I always obey right, can’t you at least let me drink my alcohol in peace
.. I told you to burn my life down if you make me leave her .. Since you couldn’t burn my life down I will do that myself’ I said ‘I will drink till I eventually die or go crazy some day’ I laughed and he slapped me and I fell on the floor still laughing ignoring the fact that my mouth was bleeding

‘come with me’ my father said as he pulled me up and dragged him with me until we both got to the baby room

‘Look at her ‘he said pointing at the baby in the cradle

Seeing the little girl melt my heart that day as her eyes slowly opened and closed again

‘ do you really want her to have a father who is addicted to alcohol and drugs, do u want her to have a father who doesn’t give a Damn about her’he asked as he walked out of the room looking upset

I slowly carried the baby in the cradle and sat down on the bed looking at her

If not for Trisha I would definitely be in the asylum or maybe a rehab because of the addiction to drugs and alcohol I was developing

She melted my heart not because I am happy about the fact that mina had a child for me

But because I could see jina in Trisha for some reasons

I had to live a very unhappy life with mina all because of Trisha and jina. I had to quit my career, my former happy life and most of all I had to live jina

I just have to end this marriage

Am very tired

Am extremely tired of all this life with mina

I just want my jina back and I will do anything to have her back in my life

????JINA POV????
‘I do not trust mina and her mum one bit… I have a feeling they are up to something and I have to be one step ahead of them’ I said to my spy’i want you to spy on her and her mum and give me every bit of information about them ‘

‘ okay ma’m’ they said as they walked out of my house

I must know their every move

They must not be ahead of me

????????MINA POV????
‘Take a good look at this mum, Jin-Hyuk wanna divorce me, he wants to divorce me’ I said

‘well calm down my dear, you just have to calm down’ she said

‘well it jina fault if she hasn’t taken Trisha from me, this wouldn’t have happened’ I said

‘ well that just what is meant to be…. Trisha is jina daughter anyway, I wonder what she will do to us if she finds out we kidnapped her that day in America’ I said

????FLASHBACK ????

‘here is the baby’ the nurse said as she handed over the baby to me

‘thank you, here’s your pay, no one must hear of this’ I said

‘no one will hear of this, I have her baby replaced with a dead child’ she said

‘good’ I said as she walked away.. The baby started crying and I said

‘do not cry my dear… You are going to your dad.. Oh what a bad faith you have.. You will be separated from your mother’ I said as I smiled mischievously

‘oh I just hate them, they ruined my life… I wish I could kill jina and her daughter’ I said

‘just calm down mina, it all gonna be okay’ my mum said

‘if Jin-Hyuk thinks he can dump me and go after another person, then he is wrong cause I will personally destroy him’ I said

???? JINA POV ????
‘Ma’ m i have information ‘my spy ????️ said as he walked in

‘ and what is that ‘I asked

‘ you might want to see this ‘he said as he dropped a laptop on the table and walked away

What this

I opened the laptop and just then someone called me

‘ hey fatty,…
Sure will call you later ‘I said as I disconnected the call

I opened the laptop and played a video on it

Mina and her mother

What are they up to this time

I plugged an earphone ???? into the computer and picked up my cup of coffee

‘ take a good look at this mum, Jin-Hyuk wants to divorce me’ she said

Hyuk want to divorce her

But why

‘it jina fault if she hasn’t taken Trisha from me, this wouldn’t have happened’

‘well that just what is meant to be…. Trisha is jina daughter anyway, I wonder what she will do to us if she finds out we kidnapped her that day in America’

Immediately I heard this my coffee mug fell down and broke spilling coffee everywhere

And my eye widened as I muttered ‘Trisha is my daughter’


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