July 26, 2021

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K pop maid. Season 2. Chapter 13

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????????K-POP MAID 2 ???? ????

????LICIA TIFE ????

???? ON GOD ????
✨Season 2(chapter 13)✨

???? JINA POV ????
T.. T.. Trisha is My daughter



How is this possible

She is my daughter


My daughter

I ran out of my room and went to Trisha

I saw her sitting on the bed playing with crayons

She is my daughter


She is my lost daughter


How is this possible

I slowly moved closer to her

‘doll aunt’ she said as she hugged me

I hugged her very tight

‘doll aunt I can breathe’ she said as I slowly let go of her crying and smiling

‘doll aunt what wrong’ she asked cleaning my tears

I stared at her and kissed her on the forehead

I should have known this

Why couldn’t I feel it

What kind of a mother am I

This shouldn’t have happened to me

I should have felt it

I should have seen the striking resemblance between us

No wonder I loved her so much

No wonder I could feel her pain

No wonder I was so attracted to her

There is really no wonder in that

‘doll aunt.. Please don’t cry or I will cry’ she said as she wipes my tears

I kissed her on the head, left cheek and right cheek as I pulled her very close and hugged her

U are my daughter

I kiss her on her hand and hugs her again

I have my daughter again I do not want to loose her

I will not loose her

‘what going on’ fatty said as she walked into the room

‘grumpy aunt, doll aunt has been crying can you ask her why’ Trisha said

‘come with me fatty’ I said as I made her follow me and we both walked out of Trisha room and went to my room

‘what wrong’ fatty asked

‘fatty take a look at this’ I said as I showed her the video as tears of joy rolls down my cheek

‘what this… Trisha… Trisha… She is our girl’ fatty said as she sat down on the sofa looking shocked

‘yes fatty.. She is the one.. She is the one fatty.. My Trisha is the one’ I said as I wiped my tears

‘you… How dare mina and her mum.. How could they have done this’ I asked

My eyes widened as I remember how mina maltreated my daughter right in front of me that day and this angry look appeared on my face instantly

‘fatty call the police and stay with Trisha.. I will be right back.. Am about to show this mina what happens when you separate a mother from her child’ i said as I walked out of my house

Mina! I shouted as I walked into the house

‘you what the hell are you Doin here…. Get out right now you bitch’ she said and I slapped her very hard across the face making her fall on the floor

She held her cheek and stared at me

‘you how dare you’ she asked as I dragged her by the hair making her stand on her feet and I slapped again making her fall down again

She tried to fight back but compared to me she was powerless.

I sat down on her tummy as I pulled her hair so hard like I was gonna pull it off her scalp

‘you almost drowned my daughter right’ I said as I grabbed her by the hair making her follow me to the kitchen as deeped her head in the kitchen sink and held her head in it preventing as the water filled up the sink and she was unable to breathe again

The maids watched and some called the police

They tried to stop me but I wouldn’t listen

Trisha once told me that mina tried to drown her before

Remembering every terrible thing that Trisha told me mina has done to her infuriates me to the extent that I feel like killing her

She tried to raise her head up from the kitchen sink but I pressed her down cas i want her to die in it

‘jina’ Jin-Hyuk shouted as he appeared out of nowhere and pulled me away from her and mina finally brought her head back up coughing and trying to catch her breathe

‘Jin-Hyuk let go of me now’ I said

‘no jina stop this’ I said

‘you do not even know what she did, so let go of me’ I said

‘jina stop this please’

‘do not tell me to stop this she took my daughter away from me’ I said

‘what?’ he asked

Mina ran to the living room coughing

‘let go of me Jin-Hyuk’ I said

‘not until you explain all this to me ‘ he said

‘Trisha is my daughter not mina daughter….. She is our daughter… I was pregnant and when I gave birth the doctor told me she is dead but I do not believe that back then I was sure she is alive only to find out that your wife and Mrs Eun were the one who kidnapped her ‘i said and serious shock was written all over his face as he slowly let go of me

I ran to the living room to continue beating up mina

Formally I was determined to never resort to violence with mina but this time she messed with my daughter not me.

what the heck is going on

Jina had a child for me and that girl is Trisha

What the hell is this

This is all so confusing

I ran to the living room to stop jina because she looks so angry she might actually kill mina

I carried her away from mina who now has red bruises and black eye

‘Jin-Hyuk let go of me am not done yet’ she said

‘jina, jina please just let it go please’ I pleaded

‘no am not letting it it go’ she said while she struggles to free herself from my grip

‘Enough’!!!!!!!! Mrs Eun said as she walked down the stairs

She had been in the house all this while but she did not bother to come downstairs to seperate them

She is a strange woman

She walked towards mina holding some white papers in her hand

Immediately mina saw this papers in her hand she was scared

‘h.. H.. H… How did you’ mina stammered but could not finish whatever she was about to say when a very heavy slap landed on her face

Mrs Eun slapped mina

What could be the reason behind this

‘what is this’ Mrs Eun said as she showed her the papers looking very upset

‘d…d…Dna’ mina stammered

‘a DNA test, you DNA test between jina and i…. It was positive… You told me…. You made me believe jina was not my daughter…. Then what the heck was this DNA test doing in your room safe’ she asked

Mrs Eun is jina mum

Jina looks pretty shocked right now

She is lost and does not know what going on

‘you told me she isn’t my daughter… You made me hate my own daughter…. I hated my own daughter in the quest to make you happy… H.. How…. How could you.. you never open that safe up until today that for some reason you forgot to close it and now I saw a DNA test that was conducted four years ago… How did you even conduct a DNA test and I know nothing about it’ mrs Eun said ‘how could you do this mina tell me why did you do this, why did you make me hate my jina for four good years.. Why did you make me ruin my daughter life’ she said crying

‘oh please mother, if that who you really are anyway… You not my real mother you just my step mother what makes you think i care about your feelings.. It not my fault you gullible.. I mean take a look at jina she saw her daughter and she was attracted to her but you saw your daughter tell me didn’t you even have any motherly feelings…. I got rid of jina when I was just nine years old… Why because you and dad gave her more attention than you gave me…. We were both playing that day and I decided to push her in front of a running vehicle hoping she will finally die but she did not die back then… I saw her again 4 years ago… I did not want you to know because I am sure you will sign your entire property to her….. My dad was not the rich one.. He married you because you were rich… I was afraid if you have her back you will give everything to her including Jin-Hyuk and you will leave me with absolutely nothing ‘she said

Mina is my half sister

Mrs Eun is my real mother

What is going

‘ so you did all this because you were jealous of me ‘I said as tears rolls down my eyes

The police arrived with fatty

‘ yes I am and right now all I really want is for you to die…. I really want you to die ‘she said

‘ Jina my daughter…. ‘Mrs Eun said

‘ do not call me your daughter, you are not my mother….. My mother wouldn’t have ruined me… My mother wouldn’t have despise me so much.. Mina isn’t even your real daughter she is your husband child but you ruined my life for her…. I willl never forgive you never ‘I said looking very upset but still unable to control the tears

‘ jina you have been away from me for years now… Please I do not want to loose you again ‘she pleaded

‘ you kept me away from my daughter for four years now I will make you loose your own daughter forever… Am dead to you Mrs Eun… Your jina died long ago… You killed her she is dead I am not your daughter ‘I said as I turned my back against her’ take them away ‘I said to the police

‘ jina my dear please forgive me ‘she said

‘ just take them away, take them away now!!!! ‘I shouted as the police dragged them away while I went on my knee and cried my heart out

Jin-Hyuk walked towards me

Also knee on the floor and hugged me while I buried my head in his chest still crying

All my life was filled with dark secrets


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