June 18, 2021

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K pop maid. Season 2. Chapter 14

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????????K-POP MAID 2 ???? ????

????LICIA TIFE ????

???? ON GOD ????
???? Season 2 (chapter 14)????

(not edited)
????JINA POV ????
‘Do not touch me’

‘Just let go of me ‘

I said as I pushed jin away and stood on my feet

‘You are also a liar’

‘You lied to me’

‘jina’ he said as he tried to touch me but I pushed him away

‘Do not touch me ‘

‘Do not touch me at all…. I want you to disappear like you did all those years ago.

I do not want to see you near me or my daughter ever again… Am warning you for the last time I do not want to See you near us cas If I do you will definitely force me to do something drastic and you will be blamed for it ‘ I said as I walked out of the house looking upset

He is not so different from mina and Mrs Eun

He also hurt me deeply
He did alot of unforgivable things to me

I can’t forgive him too

I went back home and saw Trisha watching a cartoon

I sat down close to her in the sofa and pulled her close to me huggin her

‘I love you very much’ I said to the little girl

‘doll aunt you know i love you too’ she said as she hugged me

‘what so Trisha is Jin-Hyuk and jina daughter?’ Mansoo asked as we both sat down on a bench in the community park ????

‘yes, i was pretty shocked myself’ I said

‘don’t you think they should both come back together for her’ Mansoo said

‘that exactly what i want I won’t lie but the ball is not in my court’ I said

We talked for awhile and for about 30nmins their was silent between us as we both stared at the moon

Mansoo and I share an eye lock with our face so close to each other and he said

‘fatty i……’

I cut him short when I placed my finger on his lips, he gently removed my finger from his lips and moved close to me as I closed my eyes and I felt a very soft lips on me

He kissed me passionately and I returned the kiss as my hand cupped his face and he pulled me closer using the waist

He broke the kiss and said ‘does that mean?’

I smiled and said ‘yes…. Everyone needs love in their life anyway’

We both smiled and went back to our kiss

That was our second kiss and it was a romantic one

???? JINA POV ????
I was in my room thinking about what I said to Jin-Hyuk

He also hurt me

I can’t just forgive him

I started hearing voices outside saying Madam you can’t go in there

Ma’m do not go in there

‘what going on’ I asked myself

Someone barged into my room and when I turned to my side to see who it was

I was pretty surprised

‘noona’ I said as I stood on my feet

It was Jin-Hyuk older sister yeon seo

‘isn’t this enough jina, he made a mistake and everyone deserves a second chance’ she said

‘if you are here to talk about Jin-Hyuk please forget it’ I said

‘did you even bother to ask him why he did what he did all those years ago’ she said

‘not too sound rude yeon seo but there is no reason that can justify his actions all those years back… He left me without a reason back then tell me why should he come back with an excuse… You telling me to give him a second chance where were you when he left me all those years ago ‘I said

‘ I know I couldn’t stop him back then but you wanna know why because I cared about you too much to do that… Jin and I were just kids when we witnessed our dad kill our mum because he believed she was cheating on him….imagine how scared he was when that same father threatened to kill the only girl he has ever loved ‘

‘ what ‘I asked

What going on

Is this another secret

‘ our Father want him to marry mina…. ‘she said as she narrated the whole story to me

I am a fool

This is what really happened

‘ if not for Jin-Hyuk you and Trisha will surely be dead by now.. You won’t be alive today hating him ‘she said angrily

I loosed balance as I sat on the floor

This was not his fault at all

I was at fault for blaming him

‘ mina drugged him that day… He thought she was pregnant….i.just found out from your mum Mrs Eun when I visited her in the prison about a hour ago that nothing happened between them that night.. Everything was a game… They played with us and jin left you to save you’she said

I was mad at him

For no reason at all

‘where is jin now’ I asked

‘you told him to disappear so now he is leaving’ she said

‘what.. He is leaving… Where is he going to’ i asked

‘he is going back to London.. He said he loves you and want to respect your wishes’ she said

‘that fool, tell me when is his flight taking off’ I asked

‘in 20 mins’ she said

’20 mins’ I said ‘you not going anywhere this time around jin, you are not’ i said as I ran out of the room and got into my car

‘Trisha stay with your aunt fatty I will be right back’ I said

‘where are you going to’ they both asked

‘am going to get someone important back in my life’ I said and immediately fatty understood what I meant and said ‘goodluck’

While I nodded and walked out of the house and got into my car

I started driving at full speed to the airport
‘you not going anywhere this time.. That fool want to leave me and Trisha again’ I said to myself

There was a traffic jam on the way and I honked hoping the cars can magically move out of my way

I hit my car steering as I ran my hand through my hair looking frustrated

‘I have just 9mins left’ I said as I checked my wrist watch

An idea immediately hit my mind

‘Screw it’ I said as I got down from the car and removed my stiletto ???? shoes and started running to the airport without any shoes

I couldn’t run in heels anyway

People started staring at me like I was crazy but I did not mind that

I finally got to the airport and wanted to get into it but the security stopped me

‘let me in please’ I said to them

‘no ma’ m first show us your passport and ticket ‘they said

‘ I don’t have one with me now but I really need to see someone ‘I said

“sorry ma’ m can’t allow you in ‘they said

‘ I will give any amount you want… I promise.. Ten thousand, twenty I wi give you an 100 I promise just let me in ‘I said

The man was interested in my offer

But he could not say yes because a lot of people were present there

‘ please let me in ‘I begged

‘ no ma’m am sorry ‘I said

‘ look it the bts ‘I shouted as I pointed to the left

‘ Where’ everyone said as they turned to their left

I managed to run into the airport ???? while the security realised it was a trick and they ran after me

‘when is the next flight to London taking off’ i asked the woman

‘it has already taken off ma’ m ‘she said

‘ what ‘I said’ he left me again, he left me again ‘tears rolls down my eyes as I sat down on the chair as tears rolls down my eyes

The security gaurd came and dragged me up

I did not even bother to argue with them as I just followed them

‘ she is with me’a voice said as we slowly turned our back

‘Jin-Hyuk’ I said as I slowly let go of him

‘okay sir’ they said as they let go of me

‘you jerk’ I said as I threw my shoes at him

‘jeez what did I do’ he asked

I walked over to him and started hitting him on the chest

‘You were gonna leave me again, you were gonna go leaving Trisha and I behind uhn…. You are the worst, I hate you… You gonna leave again ‘I said hitting him and crying

he held my hand and said’ I got you back after four years what makes you think i will leave you again ‘

I looked at him and said’ what ‘

‘ it was a test and you passed it ‘he said smiling

I smiled and said’ go, go to London now and don’t come back ‘

‘ okay ‘he said as he turned his back

‘ you fool come back here ‘I said as he turned to look at me.

‘ you told me to leave ‘he said

‘ but don’t go’i said

‘why’ he asked

‘because I… I..’ I stammered

‘you what’ he asked

‘I love you’ I muttered

‘you what’ he asked

‘I said that I love you’ I said

‘louder’ he said

I climbed on the chair and shouted ‘I love you Jin-Hyuk’ i shouted as everyone focused on her

He carried her down from the chair and said ‘I love you more jina’ he said with a big smile as I pulled me close and we stared at each other for awhile before his lips met mine and I slowly closed my eyes as he kissed me while everyone in the airport clapped


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