June 11, 2021

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Never knew She’s beautiful. Episode 4

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Never knew she's beautiful. Episode 5
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 57

????Never knew she’s beautiful ????

Episode 4

(Never knew he’s caring)

Rachael’s POV

I could see the look of frustration on his face but I care less ,though. I stood by the door still and refused to leave.

“Okay, please ”

“Please! Why begging me?”

“Leave the door and let the securities come in”

“Really , so they can arrest me. You are begging me to be arrested. Who does that?”

“What exactly do you want? ”

I can’t believe he’s changing his voice now. So this boss can beg.

“Well, call the securities and reverse your order ” He did exactly like I had said.

“Good!” I left the door and went to sit at my desk.

My desk as a secretary was just by the left in the same office with him.

He stood and walked outside. He hurriedly went downstairs , I needed no one to tell me that he has gone to call the securities to arrest me.

I stood from my desk and stood at the entrance of his office. After few minutes , I could hear the sounds of the securities running from the downstairs to where his office is.

I hurriedly closed the door from the inside and went to sit by my desk.

He thinks he’s smart.

Few seconds later , I began to hear series of knocks on the door but I turned deaf ears.

He began to plead again but I just refused.

After four hours , I had stopped hearing any sounds. Still, I was scared to open the door.

I do not even know if they had closed the main door of the building cause it’s closing hour already.

Around 7PM in the evening , I realized that I can’t sleep here and even if I do , I should just expect the cops to forcefully get me out of here tomorrow.

I walked to the door and opened it gently. Everywhere was dark and I went back to the office to carry my luggage.

I guess I’ve lost this job already cause if I come back here tomorrow , I can’t imagine what he would do to me.

I began to stride down the stairs and while walking through the receptionist office , the light suddenly got turned on.

I was scared, turned ,searching around immediately and I saw Jack , sitting by chair of one of the receptionist.

Fear suddenly engulfed me and I looked around to see if anyone else was present but everyone had gone to their various homes already.

“Have you opened my office?”

I nodded and he stood.

“I couldn’t go home because my car key was in the office” He walked upstairs and stepped down the stairs with his car key.

He looked at me and bite his lips


I lowered my head in fear of what he is about to do.

He walked out and I followed.

He went straight to where his car is while I walk home sullenly and sad that I had lost the job I had just got.

My eyes were heavy and my heart is going through series of painful thought of where I would start looking for Job again.

I was walking by the street hoping to see a cab that would take me home ,I wasn’t aware that I had already being walking by the main road that cars passed.

A car made an horn before it could get to me , it was on speed when I raised my head to see that I had really being lost in thought and about to get hit by a car.

I flew away and crushed my head on street light pillar. It hurts so bad that I just lay there like someone that fainted without opening my eyes.

I could have fainted , though. If not because of my grandma’s weavon that I had placed on my head.

I heard the car came to a halt and the owner of the car coming towards me.

“What! This girl again!”

Oh my days! With his voice , I knew instantly that it’s Jack so I closed my eyes
and pretended the more to be totally lost.

He carried me in a bridal style and placed me at the back-sit of his car.

I was just smiling inside of me. The wicked boss carried me…So,he’s caring too. I thought he would have left me there , though.

So, where could he be driving me to now? To the hospital or to his home?

Never knew she's beautiful. Episode 5
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 57

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