August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 77

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Venessar High School

Episode 77

(Began to k!ss)

Kimberly’s POV

I lay in my room thinking of how I can get familiar with Sean and how to make him realize that I’m Kimberly.

I know of a surety that with my perfect disguise as a male ,he would never know that I’m a female not to talk of knowing that I’m Kimberly.

I put a call through to the hospital that Autumn is and request from the doctor how she has being faring but the reply was as usual.

she’s not getting better and that made me develop more hatred for Stephen. Even though he denied clearly that he wasn’t the one responsible for what happened to Autumn, I knew and believed that he’s the one.

It’s time for me to start work for the day so I dressed like a male that I had disguised to be and went straight to where the C.E.O ‘s daughter is.

My job is to be training her for six hours daily. Training; exercising with her and making her fit.

I had being doing that for the little girl for couple of hours but she’s just so stubborn. She won’t listen to simple instructions. I couldn’t lay my hands on her cause I know the consequence already so I just sat by the side of the empty room.

Then I heard two people coming towards the training room , I immediately stood cause I know that I should be seeing working.

It was Sean and a girl , the girl is fleshy and exquisite. One would know that she’s extremely rich.

“Wao! This is the Thomas right?” The girl faced Sean.

“Yeah. I got to know him yesterday” Sean and the girl walked towards me.

“Thomas! How are you? Are you coping with Donna?” She asked referring to the CEO’s daughter as Donna.

“She can be frustrating”

She chuckled. “Just ensure you do not lay hands on her. Rich kids can be so spoilt including me ” She and Sean giggled while I just kept my face glue at Sean.

“Sean , do you notice something about Thomas?”

“What’s that?”

“He sounds like a female , I like guys that sounds like female ”

I blushed and smiled.

“Sincerely, Sean…If not that we are dating already , I would have given Thomas a chance ”

Sean looked away angrily.

“Aw…my baby is angry…common! Just joking ” She said and pulled Sean’s face to her.

“Are you angry already?”

“Just date Thomas already” Sean replied.

“Common!” She said and locked her lips with that of Sean.

Right there before me , they began to k!ss

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