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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 59

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 60
Celine And Hoffman . Season 2. Chapter 58

????chapter ✏59✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Danny was in his room dressing up for his shoot today at p.w. he hated the idea of shooting on vals day since he wanted to spend today with Celine.

He picked his phone and rushed into his bed room..
Sandra was calling so he picked.

” hello sir
” yes
” sir I cant come with you today but I can send someone
” well am sick
” just say you want to spend Valentine’s day with your boyfriend no need to lie
Sandra laughed
” have fun hon
” who will you go with
” I will chose later.
” get going sir you will meet something funny
” I hope it won’t be too surprising
Danny dropped the call
Wow I quess Sandra just solved the problem now my new assistant has to be Celine.

He walked into the living room and just then celine walked in with Emma

She looked at Danny smiling he looked cute.

He wore a red suite and packed his hair behind him.he wore two gold earrings and fringes of his hair fell on his face.

She looked into his shirt and admired his gold necklace which was obvious since he didnt button his white shirt well.he left the first few buttons open making him look attractive. He wore his gold ring and held his phone which was cased with pure gold.infact gold was written all over him.

He walked down and sat beside his mom she kissed him Celine smiled.Mrs Hoffman really loved Danny she touched his face and kissed him again.

Danny chuckled softly and lay on her lap .She ran her hands through his hair.

Celine and Emma walked in fully.
” Emma where did you take celine
” she assisted me with something.
” ok.
Emma hit Danny and he opened his eye.
” Danny grow up.
” shut up.

He wrapped his arms round his mum. If you weren’t a family friend you will think Danny was with his girlfriend.

Danny’s mum looked really young. Guessing her age would be 25. No wrinkles or marks.she was fitted and nicely statured.

Danny opened his eye and sa Celine he watched her follow Emma inside he tapped his mum.

” mummy today is gonna be so stressful Sandra cant make it

” a Maid or two should go with you , celine you can go with him right
Celine turned
” oh of course, why not
” cool I love you mum.

He raises himself up and kissed her
Celine smimed and rushed into the maids room.she was so happy.

Danny stood up and walked into the yard.he’s car and guards already arrived.

Celine bathed and wore that red gown Danny bought for her.She packed her hair up no make up.

The gown flattered her figure and slim waist.her spotless face sparkled she was really pretty.

Danny was lost looking at her when she walked down.

celine carried his bag and they rushed out the entered Danny’s car Josh was driving

” you look beautiful
” thank you
” happy Val
” same here
Danny smiled
” let’s seal it with a kiss.
Celine smiled and he kissed her.
this made Josh smile

Soon danny and celine as the arrived pW s complex

They drove into the estate then down to the shooting complex

Danny stepped down Celine stepped out beside him just then a woman came out in white uniform

” welcome sir
She turned to celine
” May I ?
She took Danny’s bag and jacket from Celine two of Danny’s guards followed her as she walked into the building she kept the stuffs on the couch which was particularly kept for Danny she Turned to the two maids there

” see to it that he’s comfortable and his oders are met he’s no ordinary person
” yes madam we will do our best

Danny’s guards stood behind the couch while Danny tried getting past the crowd of reporters that flooded him

Reporting live : our city’s sweet heart Danny Hoffman shows up at p. W today we wondered why he never did anything for Salvador but now we wonder no more

Danny whispered to celine

” i wonder who told them am coming here today
Celine smiled
” glasses
She gave him his glasses
” walk faster my love .

Danny walked faster and his guards covered him

Paparazzi took pictures of them the press threw questions

Danny are you doing a commercial for p. W

Danny this is your first commercial with p. W how do you feel

Danny how do you feel about being an ambassador to coca

Danny why did you drop your formal assistant what was her crime

Danny how do you feel about shooting on Valentine’s day won’t bae be annoyed

Danny pls say something it’s Valentine’s day

Danny stopped and took the Mic
” happpy Valentine to every one I love you all

He returned the Mic then he walked further people kept shouting

We love you Danny!!
Happy Val to you too!!

Celine was so happy knowing she was going to spend the day with Danny all though she was jealous how some girls touched Danny sometimes she moved back words to admire the way he walked and ran close to him again
Soon they where walking up the short wide stair leading to the front door Danny looked forward and without looking at Celine he said
” watch your step don’t fall
” I won’t
” ok

They walked but all Danny’s attention was on Celine even though he looked forward soon she mistook a step and tried falling but Danny caught her
He smiled
” I was waiting for that

The press took pictures
Danny then held her by the hand and the walked up till the got to the glass door he left her hands an electronic voice said

” welcom to p. W commercial complex have fun

The door opened on its own Danny walked in with Celine
Celine was amazed she looked at the projector which displayed short commercial films by models she saw all the models who’s pictures were on the wall some one got her attention she was totally naked but sat down with her hands covering her breast and her leg up no one saw anything

Celine tapped Danny

“who is that?
” Shes their best cream model Paula Jason ?
” omg pretty
“yes she is

They walked further Celine was looking around it was beautiful

” a good assistants attention should be on me
Celine turned
” sorry

She walked further with him just then a model who stood with her friends ran to him She hugged him and Danny pecked her cheek softly with his hands on her waist.

Celine was most annoyed at the fact that she wore a bikini bra and pant and tied a little scarf round her waist she had the curves tho

” jewel how long has it been
” well I traveled you know how are you .

Celine was more pissed at how close the girl came to Danny .She spoke into his lips as though she wanted to kiss him or something.

“Am good as new

” ok cool I and my friends will be heading to the beach later
” I will pass
” ok happy Val I love you
” I love you too Hon
She turned to celine
” hy
” mmm “,celine repiled Danny held his laughter

” your new assistant is cute what about Sandra
Danny walked forward and jewel walked with him holding his hand

” well she went out with her boyfriend so
” ok have fun
” what are you doing here
” undies magazine cover
” cool

She walked out

” danny how can she be showing her bra and pant like that.

” she is a model Celine.
” hmmmm sin.
Danny laughed .

They walked forward soon they got to where dannys bag was kept hes guards were there it was a pretty red couch danny sat down celine sat beside him

Celine looked around it was awesome photographers everywhere the hair set was already being arranged

The maid behind Danny touched him
” tell me
” do you need a little massage
” no my girlfriend is a jealous type
” sir do you need anything else
” juice would do
” sugar free juice pls
Danny laughed as he touched her hair
Just then the director of the shoot came to where Danny sat with his legs crossed

” hey am Tim
” am someone you know
Timothy turned to celine
” hy
” hy good day.
” am so glad you made it I mean I was scared you wont help
” well i love those who love me
” ok we won’t waste your time soon the shoot will start and end
” ok
He walked out
” is he the owner of the place?”, celine asked
” no the owner is realy a young guy he’s name is Salvador David

” wow where is he

” he is seeing everything that happens here but you can’t see him unless he comes down which he rarely does
” wow
” I am glad you are here celine I wanted to spend this day with you so badly
” me too
” come on I will show you around
Danny took the towel from her with the water and handed to his maids
” come on

Celine walked beside him soon they got to the cream shooting section they watched from the mirror

” wow so many photo graphers
” yes
” isn’t she naked
” Celine?
” sorry

Soon the main cream model came out
She was the girl celine saw her pics outside

” its the girl I saw her picture outside and her video on the tv

” yes you are right
CEline smiled

She was very fair with long full black hair she walked out with a strapless nude color bra her hair covered her chest you would think she was bra less because her back was bare then she wore a g -string nude colour pant which had the exact colour of her skin if you didn’t see well you will say she was stack naked

She saw Danny and waved at him
Danny smiled

” you know her
” yes…… well we did a commercial together,
” that’s all
” that’s all Celine.
Celine smiled

The girl sat down and the shoot started her eyes, she was so perfect her smile, everything was in place
” wow she’s perfect “, celine said
” come on.

He dragged her out

Just as walked past the dinner gown room he saw Mr king so they walked in there

” Jesus Christ ,king ?, arghh no wonder Sandra said I will see something surprising.

Mr king tried hidding but it was too late

” oh Danny what are you doing here
” what are you doing here?
” oh its Celine my favourite cutie
He hugged Celine
” what are you doing here Mr king
” directing what else
” since when
” just trying to make a little extra cash right celine
He gave Celine a high five
” aaargh i am so dissapointed “,Danny walked faster in front leaving them behind they both walked slowly behind him

Mr king realy liked celine he dragged her by the hand till they got to where Danny was he sat with celine

” so are you interested in cream modeling Celine
” no she is not
” Danny is a discourager
” stop talking to my girlfriend I don’t trust you

Just then Timothy walked down to Danny

” am so sorry for the delay I don’t know what’s holding the model
” there she comes “, king said
” finally

All of them turned
“Jesus Christ”, celine shouted
” holy shit!!!”, Mr king said
” gorgeous “, danny added

Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 60
Celine And Hoffman . Season 2. Chapter 58

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