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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 60

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 61
Celine and Hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 59

????chapter ✏60✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

The girl was indeed a goddess she wore a white gown exactly Danny’s best colour
The gown was condom gown and short too it was a show back the thread of the show back was long the totality of her back was open part of her breast showed from the side she was braless her figure was amazing like everyone expected her hair was straight and extended to her buttocks it was so long she wore a white high heel sandals and held her box hand bag in her hands she moved the whole of her hair to one part oh her shoulder exposing her sexy back She walked like a superstar everyone who saw her already named her a snub

She waved at Timothy as she walked towards him

” what a dress sense”, king said
“she’s too pretty”, celine added
She came to Tim

” priya am glad you made it
” I can’t fail Salvador
” that’s your partner for the shoot
” Danny Hoffman He is one of the guys I always wanted to meet
” nice meeting you, uuhhm
” priya, priya malotra
” miss India right
” yea you caught me
” am honoured
” I follow you up you know, you are an amazing person.
” thank you
” that’s your manager
” yes
” and your assistant
” well kinda
” she’s pretty nice meeting you guys
” thanks”, Mr king said
” me too”, celine said.

Just unexpectedly priya touched Danny’s hair Celine looked away
Danny touched the hair after her

” is… there something there
” no i just checked the texture its nicer do you use p. Ws hair set
” no I don’t its just the commercial
” all right

Just then a guy walked out he wore a white suit and his guards were all wearing thick black suites with glasses his step was attracting he was quite young and handsome just about Danny’s age or a little older priya hugged him and pecked him on both sides

” Salvador I thought you would ignore my presence
” two important stars are here I can’t ignore them
He walked towards Danny
” Mr Daniel my pleasure
” I always loved your products
” thank you we did our best to make you comfy hope we tried
” yes am impressed

Just then He saw celine he recalled the party

Isn’t she the girl from princess mirabels party I have a feeling its her, i know she wore a mask but i get a strong feeling it was her.

” hello guys
Celine and Mr king waved at him
” expecting a good Job

He turned and returned to his office

Mr king got a message in his phone

” Danny be right back my model just arrived
” better do a good work

Mr king left just then Timothy walked to them

” ok guys lets get set

Celine followed Danny into the dressing room she watched quietly as the women and men covered him and applied all stuffs on his hair
Like 4 hands were in his hair one is spraying some stuffs
Soon Danny’s hair looked prettier than before he just looked like a girl the did the last part on the hair and parted it to the side

They started on his make up Celine counted how many powder they applied on his face they highlighted his lip and applied very little more lipstick on his lip she combed his lashes and used the liner on him then she was done

Danny turned to the mirror

He walked into the dressing room and come out he looked amazing

Priya walked out too she looked nicer

They walked up to the stage and took pictures Celine enjoyed how amazingly they posed

Soon the it was time for the main film for the commercial it was amazing

The concept was great as priya walked out with an unkempt looking hair with bad colour she tried walking out but Danny Drew her back and placed her on a chair then he brought p. Ws hair set kit and placed in front of her she acted surprised
As Danny brought out everything inside the box and displayed then he applied the first one on her hair and combed it , light opened minutes later priyas hair was beautiful and sparkling again she hugged Danny and both of them laughed holding the product in their hands

” cut cut cut it was awesome

” thank you
” thanks

Just then priyas assistant ran to priya Celine ran to Danny she gave Danny the water to drink then she gave him his towel

Danny walked into the dressing room and freshened up he came out but the eye liner was still there and his hair was more more attracting

” how do I look ?
” amazing
” Lets go

They walked to the chair and sat down just then Mr king ran out sweating heavily with a fair beautiful model

” hey Louisa , danny said
” Mr king what happened ?”,celine asked

” am finished Louisa is the model whose fitness was used for the 5 dinner gowns since most of them are open and she has an amazing skin
” so
” so Vera Cruise is on her way, Martin’s Davis is on his way and Salvador will watch too because this shoot is like her interview to get the contract for new york tour

” wow Louisa that’s good luck for you, finally your dreams came true. new York tour is big

” but Danny I can’t

She started shedding tears as she turned to back Danny and unzipped her gown there was a huge scar that spoilt her pretty skin

” aaaah Louie what happened ?”, danny asked

” my clumsy maid dropped hot water on me
CEline felt pity she almost cried for her
” and all the gowns are open

” this Is huge .”,danny said
” we are still trying out other models

Just then Mr kings partner walked out

” any progress
” there hips are loose all those models are just straight that’s y Vera picked Louisa
” what about Maya
” she was perfect but the gown that opened on the lower back well she has stretch marks there and her colour is not good

Louisa cried more and more

” I can’t believe I will lose this contract like this ” mask night ” was my dream I need to travel for my surgery I wish she would extend the shoot

” am so sorry “, danny said

Timothy Stood at the dressing room door

” hey Celine Danny forgot his hair band
” ok

Celine stood up and walked over to tim
A model walked in

” Vera cruise is here with Mr Davis lets go
As Celine walked back allia looked at her
” oh my Godz!!!!”, alia said
Allia stoped Celine from sitting down
everybody watched
” can You stand for a while
Celine stood erect
she removed her tape from her neck and checked Celines waist then her hip and her hand it was a match to Louisa and even better because Celines waist was smaller and her butt was lifted naturally

” she fits she fits perfectly, honey which department are you modeling for undies section? I will talk to your manager right now so we can borrow you

” she’s not a model she’s Danny’s personal assistant “, king Said

” good its easier to borrow her
” she’s not a model how will she do it you guys will get caught”, danny said

” She can do it they want a professional model the get a professional model

” no I can’t do it I will embarrass myself
” you didn’t embarrass yourself when you acted as Danny’s girlfriend “, king Said
“is she the one ?”, alia asked
” yes
” you can do it celine
” pls help me Celine “,loisa said.

Celine looked at danny, Danny noded
“ok .

” its now your choice Celine will you sell yourself or act as Louisa Norman its a mask concept but you have to remove your mask and tell your name at the end. so if you want to sell yourself you will say your real name but if you want to help Louisa you will not remove the mask and you will register with her own name , it’s your choice celine personalities will watch this shoot you can become a star like this

” but Louisa will lose the contract and I will be the star? “,celine asked
” yes “, mr king said

“what’s your choice ?”, mr king asked

” choose wisely CELINe there is nothing like free lunch again in the world “, alia said .

Louisa stood up shedding tears and ran out

What do I do she said to herself
Do I become a star at the expense and tears of another person or should i pretend and act like louisa

Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 61
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