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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 61

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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 62
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 60

????chapter ✏61✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

They all stood up and walked out

as Danny tried walking out priya walked to him

” hey are you ok you felt warm when I touched you
” am fine where are you going to
” just the dinner gown shoot for veras magazine
” cool i wanted to go there too but where is your assistant
” she’s busy doing what assistants do

They both laughed as danny and priya walked to the place only few sits were there for only important person’s

Salvador sat with Mr Davis and Vera cruise just walked in Danny and priya walked in and sat down too
Glasses of wine were shared to them

” I can’t wait to see my designs”, Vera said
” you will still see them in the runway I think your being here is useless”, Salvador said

” this is my little run way I found out what’s wrong with the cloth here and tackle it at once “, vera said.

” now I understand , looking forward to a clean shoot .
” I chose the best model the best of the best “, davis said
” we hope so”, Salvador added

Allia dragged celine into the room with Mr king
Danny excused priya and walked inside too
He stood bye and watched Louisa who walked to celine

” Celine please do the right thing
” no am not in support this is her stage so it’s her show .
‘ no mr king its ok for this shoot my name is louisa norman “, celine said

Louisa hugged her then she sat down watching CEline Danny dragged Celine to a corner

” CELINe are you sure you want to work for someone elses glory

” she’s hurting and I am a human being too, if her maid didn’t pour her water I won’t be here in the first place danny

” but this could be your ticket to the spotlight celine

” if it’s meant for me it will happen I don’t need to force it my mom always said anything that belongs to you will always find you

Danny hugged her

Just then some guys that dressed and acted like girls came and dragged Celine out

Danny smiled
How can a human being be so kind hearted he said to himself

The guys who acted as girls were the make up artists T. J and handsome

” ok we don’t have time take of your cloths curly”, handsome said

Celine looked at everybody there saw most models changing like no man was there she looked at mr king who was busy with his book and she looked at t. J who was cross checking his make up set she looked at danny who covered his face smiling
He knew exactly what was going through Celines mind

” whaaat!!
Danny whispered
” it’s its ok.

just then handsome started zipping down her gown like it was his own while he spoke to T. J

” i think she will fit perfectly to all the outfits
” I hope she has a nice skin

He zipped it down and removed it while Celine raised up her hand

Just then another cute guy walked in with a tape on his shoulders
CEline was already embarrass that she was standing naked with only pant and bra …. she looked at Danny innocently as he went through his phone.

The guy walked to her as though she was a tree standing there

He wrapped the tape around her waist

” allia the finale gown I will reduce the waist by 3 or 2 her waist is smaller than Louie
” check her hip
The guy wrapped the tape around her hip
” perfect its equal
He walked out

Tj came closer to her he looked at her back

” come over handsome not a blemish
Handsome came to her back.
” isn’t that a blemish I see?”, handsome asked
” naaaah its a birth Mark we have to paint it like a tattoo later .
” ok cool

“the skin is perfect”, mr king said
Celine covered her face with her hands she almost cried of shyness
” she is just what Salvador needs to model the new cream “right skin ” , alia said

Tony unlocked her bra and before he could part it Danny wrapped a towel round Celine.
She smiled

He walked out.She didn’t want him to walk out…he might talk to girls

” no time people !!!!”, alia shouted

Celine walked into the bath tup which was foamy she deeped herself in the soapy water handsome painted her legs and Tony painted her hand nails

” girl why dont you grab this chance you are amazing do it and remove your mask after the finale gown”, t.j said

” when the recorder asks your name you better not say louisa , you are amazing and salvador meeting you will change your life”, handsome said

” you might be just the next miranda millbert “, t.j said

” but louisa begged me “, celine said
” vvavavava thats how you sound girl “, that’s how you sound girl.

Tony styled her hair but first he straightened it and then curled the eges

Allia used some good products to massage celines skin and also massaged her body with good p. W soap soon she was done bathing she stood up with two hands wide open Alia tied the towel then Tony and handsome were done so the walked out
CEline tied the white towel the lay her on the massaging bed and massaged rich organic oil and creams into her skin this made Celines skin glitter like gold
Allia wore her a new pantie to avoid her spoiling her nails handsome helped her wear the strapless bra which only covered breast but her back was fully open just then Mr king walked in

” no time people!!

he gave Celine a thumbs up as he walked out

Tj applied powder on her face even her skin and her neck then they started making her up

Celine didn’t recognise herself anymore she looked so pretty her skin sparkleled she wasn’t Shy of being in her undies anymore

Just then Jay walked in with the first gown
Allia helped her wear it the gown fit perfectly it was a stonned silver gown which was straight down and fell, it cut open behind in the middle from the toe to the upper thigh it was very tight and it had one hand, from the chest to the lower waist was transparent but her hip waa covered as well as her butt but from the hip down was very transperant the gowns the design was amazing

She walked out Mr king pecked her

” no man is God, own your stage
look at danny don’t be shy act like you are displaying for Danny “, mr king said

With this celine walked out with her hand on her waist

She walked a bit and posed her smile was so real pictures were taking

” amazing Louisa is perfect “, vera said
” yes!!!
” I will take her as my model to the new york fashion tour she’s good “,vera said
” she sure is perfect “, salvador said
” oh She is now my muse when designing I will think of her image her perfection “, vera said

Celine turned around then she walked out

She changed into the second one as she walked out Salvador looked at danny his assistant wasnt there

“Could it be the same girl ” he said to himself
he instantly whispered to his assistant
” check on Louisa inside

His assistant walked in and came back out
” she’s there she’s inside so who then is this girl

” then it’s still the same girl the same angel I saw that night she was my muse when i started creating our new cream “right skin ” when i saw her that night all i said in my head was this girl has the” right skin

Vera cruise shouted she couldn’t hold her excitement anymore

Amazing work amazing work!!!!!

Just then ceiline gave her a flying kiss
She smiled
Celine took few pictures and walked back in
The shoot ended Celine went back into the changing room she was removing the gown when Danny walked in he watched her and smiled

” you did well
” thank you

Handsome successfully removed the gown and Tony wanted to open the strapless bra

“don’t worry “, danny said

He took Celine into the dressing room

With only the pant and bra. And then he locked the door.

After which he hugged her for a while.
” how do you feel
” am glad.

Danny smiled and placed his hands round her waist then he kissed her lips.
Celine deepened the kiss and laughed when she felt Danny’s hands coming down her pant.

Danny chuckled

” I can’t believe they were seeing my girlfriends panties

” I will tell my mom that my bosses son likes touching my pant.
Danny laughed.

” at least I don’t touch your bra
Celine smiled

” I need to go, Tony is waiting.

She tried rushing out but Danny dragged her back.

” lets waste their time a little
” really
” yes that’s what I want.

Celine smiled and kissed him with her hands on his jacket, She had to lift herself to tip.

Danny wrapped both hands round her bare waist he deepened the kiss and when he finaly unlocked his lip he pecked her lips and kissed her face down to her neck.

He ate her neck passionately and moved her her hair to her shoulders..

Then with both hands He unplasteted the bra from behind her and divided her hair into two using it to cover her breast for her.
CELInE kissed his lip smiling

” you touched it, your dead.
Danny chuckled
” I was just helping you remove the bra , will u prefer Tony.
” naughty.

Danny cuddled her into his arms and brushed his finger down her bare back kissing deliciously

Celine enjoyed his touch until he stopped

Danny picked the towel jacket and helped her wear it, then he moved her hair back.

” get dressed am outside waiting.
Celine smiled.

Danny walked to the door and came back again to kiss her.

Celine kissed him but he had plans no plans letting go till she pushed him.
” go already.
” fine i want to wait for you.
” another guy might come in here.
Celine chuckled.
” fine stay.

She tried unitying the jacket she opened it and closed it again.

She started laughing
” am shy
Danny smiled
” I was the one that dressed you in that
“ah there was romance in the air then.

Danny smiled.

” well i can still help you.
” no
CELIne tried runing away Danny chased her

Tony waited outside

” what’s keeping Danny and his assistant
” important business…. issues “, mr king said
“am waiting. “, tony said

Danny finally caught Celine she stood still laughing.

” shy queen
CELInE smiled with both hands on her face when Danny unitied the jacket.

Celine opened her face and wanted to talk.. but danny kissed her shutting her up.

Danny carefully moved her hair to one shoulder.

CELIne instantly covered her Brest with her hands

” hey stop seeing my Breast.
She turned to the other side of the wall.

Danny wrapped his hands round her from behind.

” wont you wear your bra you are tempting me
” you removed the first bra
” its company property ,mm”,He kissed her neck.
she smiled and collected her black bra.

She tried hooking it when Danny took the handle from her and Locked it himself.

” am not good at closing bras am better at opening them. “, danny said

CELIne chuckled And knocked him
” ur too naughty.

Danny turned her to her front and kissed her again.

When Celine got carried away in the kiss he playfully unhooked the bra again.

CELIne laughed.

Danny checked his time.

” we need to go

He hooked he bra and helped her wear her gown.

He zipped it for her and both them rushed out.

She came out and Tony carefully wiped her make up till it was clean.

she and Danny were about leaving.

Mr Davis walked in he walked to Louisa who stood up in a haste and faced him

” amazing amazing its all over the news

He brought out his phone and read out loud

Louisa norman brings out new photo shoot style for cleavage showing gowns
its the “covering chest challenge amazing

Vera walked in
” Louisa I pick you for my finale gown in fashion week new york tour and you will be my model for the remaining shows in Paris
Louisa : thank you

She whispered thank you to celine
Celine smiled at her

Vera and Davis walked out then Louisa came to Celine She pecked CELINe and walked out

” come on lets go “, danny said

As Danny and celine walked out salvador walked towards

” Danny can I talk to your assistant for a while

” well she Is not borrowa…..
” of course why not we will wait for you outside celine”,mr king Said
” what !!

Mr king dragged Danny out.

Danny walked out with Mr king he just ran into priya

” when did you leave the gown show
” I had some emergencies so
” ok
” going home
“: not yet am waiting for my girl….. Assistant
” ok

Salvador turned to celine

” come.
Celine nodded.

Salvador walked in front Celine followed his guards soon they got to his office his guards went out and locked the door Celine was amazed at the big tv just like Danny’s own which was divided into sections and everything that happened was playing there
She even saw Danny smiling and chatting priya up

” welcome

” good day sir
” you did a good Job out there
” what

He played a video in the next screen it was mirabels party when celine walked in as dannys girlfriend.

then he played the video of the shoot she just did now

” I know it was you
” well the thing is
” will you continue wearing masks all your life letting others use you rise, why dont you rise on your own and be a star
” the thing is….
” be my model celine
” whaaaaaat
” I will take you far if you accept my offer, I will take you as high as I took Miranda even higher, I want you to be my muse
he gave her his card and an envelop
” thank you but I don’t think..

” I will like you to go with me to the new York tour I will like you to model “right skin” for me, I want to take you around the world all you have to do is say yes dear let me make you a star

” am sorry but
” I know you are dating Danny hoffman, but how long will you hide behind him, how long will he hide you in public, how long will you be below him Celine, accept my offer raise yourself up to the standard of someone Danny can be proud of the only hindrance to your relationship with danny is class, celine if I were you I will break that hindrance now so nothing else can stop us

” but
” act now before its too late remember opportunity knocks but once and I know you are a smart girl don’t give me an anwser now am a patient man, go and think about it

CElINE took the later and card she put it in her bag and walked out

What do I do I can’t leave Danny

Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 62
Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 60

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