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Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 62

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????chapter ✏62✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

CElINE walked out

Danny stood up and both of them walked in a haste

” what was that about
” oh nothing it was just, I will tell you later
” ok lets go home
“home ?, priya asked
“home on this day ?”, mr king asked
” I want to tour please let’s go somewhere fun she”,priya wrapped her hands around danny
” ok guys lets go
” yeah

They entered the car and headed to an eatery where the ate

” Danny what do you want
” whatever celine wants
” Celine what do you want
” whatever Danny wants
” fine i will order for you both, what about you priya
” whatever you get
They all laughed
” you’ve all gone Cray Cray
Mr king ordered and they all ate
“what’s next ?
” the movies
” lets go

He stood up and his guards followed him just then the entered the car and went to the movies people took pictures of them and fans waved at them they sat down a love movie was showing mr king got pop corns fpr everybody priya sat at the right hand side of danny celine sat on the left celine smiled as the love in the movie was so touching
Soon mr king started crying, prya started crying celine joined them

” you guys are crazy stop embarrassing me its just a movie
Ouch disgusting
The movie ended Danny rushed out first they followed him Danny checked his time it was late already

” hahaha were else ?”, mr king asked
” karaoke club “, priya said
” lets go but I won’t sing “, danny said
” come on “, king said

” I will use this car with Celine you guys use the other car the crowd is suffocating me

” really why ?”, Celine asked
Danny covered her mouth
“see you guys there “, priya said

Danny and Celine entered his main car and the driver drove

” because I want to kiss you. “, danny said
” oh that’s y .
Danny smiled.

Danny kissed her and lay back he placed his head on her Lap

” Valentine’s day made me love you more
Celine laughed
She bent down and kissed him.

Soon the got the club they all sat down Mr king ordered drinks everyone drank after the first cup Danny didn’t let Celine drink again

” hey
” shhh!!
” I won’t get drunk.
” there Mr king is singing.
CELIne left the wine for him.

celine and Mr king ran to the stage and sang Priya jonied them Danny watched them while they sang and danced like mad people this was the first time he actually had real fun
Celine came down and sat beside Danny

” how was my voice
” beautiful

Celine smiled

king and Priya started the jolly dance Celine ran up and joined them they danced danny laughed as hard as he could

I wish everyday of my life can be like this, he said

They came down

” wow king i didnt know you were a muscician “, danny said
They all laughed

Priya received a text

” its been fun guys but I need to be leaving now
” bye
” thank God I met you guys vals day would have been boring
She kissed Danny’s cheek

” bye Priya “, Celine said
” thank you “, priya said

She whispered to Celines ear

” wether you are able to hold him outside or not he is still yours
CElINE smiled and she ran out

“what’s next”, mr king asked
” road walking”,Celine said
“what!!”, danny asked
” come on
” my dad will kill you, i don’t walk. “, danny said
She dragged Danny out they walked down

Their car followed them
The street lights sparkled no one recognized Danny for the first Time he was just free like a normal citizen no fans rushing him, no body trying to touch him, no body trying to take pictures he was just him

” this is beautiful thank you Celine
” don’t mention

She turned around with her hands wide
Danny did the same so did Mr king they all laughed Soon the got to a roadside dry meat seller it was neatly arranged in long sticks

celine and Mr king took a stick each but danny didnt take any

” disgusting!!”, danny said
” no its not ” king said
“please try it”, Celine said

” not every thing enters my mouth do you know how she made it
Celine gave her own to him

” aarrgh love
He took it from her and tasted it then he smiled and took an extra one
Celine took another so did Mr king

They walked down the road laughing

They saw Danny’s commercial playing on the projector in the busy road people stood and watched Danny hid his face they passed

Soon Danny’s car stopped and his guard stepped out

” sir its ok you might hurt your leg
” ok lets go back in
” ok
” bye”, king said

He entered his own car
Celine waved at him

They took off

If only you knew how sorrowful your future with Danny will be celine you would have accepted Mr Salvadors offer in a haste Mr king said to himself

” today is the best day of my life
” y?
“I got to spend it with you Danny.

She hugged Danny

Soon they arrived home Celine walked in first

She kept his bag and tried walking out when he came in.

” hi thanks for today
CElINE smiled

He moved her to the bed and sat with her

He took his face wipe and wiped his face while looking at her.

He dropped it on the floor and placed both hands on the bed looking into her face.

He’s blue eye sparkling in the room light.

” Salvador, what did he want?

Celine was already nervous she had studied Danny’s possessive nature.

” well, the thing is, he wanted me to be his model, he said he wanted me to travel with him to new york.

” oh…..

He unbanded his hair and removed his shirt, then he fell on his white pillow, the speed he fell with made his hair to fall all over his face. He closed his eyes and didnt talk.

After a while of awkward silence he finally spoke up.
” so uhhm,… what did you say, I mean what was your reply.
Celine looked down for a while, She fought her both hands against each other for while, then she finally freed her hands and looked at danny.

” well actually, I rejected it. I didnt accept it

Danny didn’t talk.

She quietly lay by his side and moved his hair from his face . She ran her hands through is hair.

” I know you are scared of me leaving but am not going anywhere, am here, am here with you.

CELINE smiled at his cute face he still didn’t open his eye. She touched his lips.

She bent closer and kissed him.
She was surprised when Danny deepened the kiss.

She smiled he opened his eye and cunningly closed them again

Celine kissed him all over his face, his face was now red with lipstick.

she whispered to his ears.

” am here, i promise.
That was when Danny smiled
” promise ?
” I thought you were forming.
Danny smiled.
Danny pulled her jaw closer and kissed her.
Then he turned and wrapped his arms around her.

” I might be possessive but, I just want you by my side every second, minute, hour, week, everyday, I can’t live without seeing you celine
” I know
She kissed his ear. Danny smiled.

Celine pushed him out of the bed.

” shower.
Danny stood up
” fine lets do it together.
” sure.

Danny dragged her up and once he opened the shower door Celine ran away.

He walked into the shower celine ran out into the maids She sat on the bed

” girl you Rock
” your pictures are all over the net
” really
” headline
Danny’s cute assistant moves with him today
” I wish I can be his assistant everyday
They all laughed

” what is it you look worried
” Salvador wants me as his model he wants me to travel with him

” you can’t just leave Danny and travel with another man”, Emily said
” what did Danny say”, mary asked
” I didnt tell him I want to do it

” but maybe, if you tell Danny you want to do it i think he will support you, just tell him first, learn to tell your man what you want Celine, stop making his own decisions in your heart, if you told him you want to do it he might get jealous yes but he will still agree because he loves you. but you just told him you rejected it.

” I don’t want him angry so I have decided am not interested, I am not leaving Danny
” better

She took out the card and the envelope she picked her lighter and burnt down the envelop completely she threw the card under her bed

Mary helped her pack the ashes and threw it away

“that is over!!!

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