June 17, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 63

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 64
Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 62

????chapter ✏63✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Next day
danny was rolling up and down his bed while he’s phone kept ringing and ringing

” Aarrrrrgh, hello
” sir pls don’t forget today is the camping for” teens attract”
” I know
” ah I thought you forgot
” I didn’t
” ok cool whenever you are ready you call me
” yes I will
” cool

He dropped the call and dozed off again

Celine was really weak cos today was the second day of her fast .

She knelt down for a while and did a short prayer .


Gretel called simeon on phone he finally picked up.

” simeon
” yes
” i thought about everything you said.
” oh.
” I love you and that’s enough.
” i love you too.
” i still want you if you will have me
” till I die gret.
Gretel smiled.
” so see you .
” Yea sure.

Gretel dropped the call.

the line rang in the maids room celine picked up

” yes
” come honey

She rushed into he’s room he arranged some stuffs into a small kit

” are you traveling
” no not really but I will come back tomorow we have a show so it’s being camped for
” camp
” yes in a suite
” only you in the suite right
” y not, i mean the female model will be in hers
” who is the female model
” I don’t know
” am jealous
” don’t worry it’s ok I won’t come out of my suite till the next day, are you better now

Celine kissed him

” have fun
” I will
” don’t miss me much
” I won’t,
” ok

Celine kisses his shirt and buttoned it well then she kissed his lips again.


Jennifer arrived the camp hotel She drove in .
she saw the big beautiful suite built inside then she saw the Normal small hotel there too which had only rooms

She stopped the car and walked out she wore a white canvass and packed her long black hair up she wore a boyfriend white shirt which was short it only covered her hip she wore her anklet on her leg she was natural no make up just her ear ring she held her water in her hands and locked her car door her assistant came out too jennifer walked to where Sandra sat her assistant took her things

Other workers were counting and arranging the creams and other products
While some of them brought products out of the van , Andre walked up to her

” thank you
” soon the tutorial will start just a little intro about the show
” ok thanks

She walked down to Sandra

” Jennifer good evenin
” how are you
” am fine missed you
Jennifer smiled as she sat beside her
” me too but how come you are here is Danny my partner
” yes but he’s late as always
Jennifer smiled
” that’s his way I can stay here right
” y not
She drank from her bottle

Sandra stared at her from hair to toe her amazing colour her drop dead figure her sparkling red lip her smile her pointed nose her straight face her long curly black hair her spotless skin

No wonder she won miss world .

” do you want to tell me something Sandra you’ve been staring
” you are beautiful are you really a half cast like the rumour Said
” yes my mum is India
” no wonder you are too pretty

She touched Sandras hair smiling

Just then Danny arrived his guards instantly left Sandra and rushed to him because the crown there was much and a lot of activities took place

Danny turned and saw Jennifer he stopped for a while he was speechless he didn’t expect her he wiped his face with his hands and walked towards her

” hey I didn’t know it was you
” if you did I know you wont come
Danny smiled as Sandra stood up and he sat down
Sandra walked to Jennifer’s assistant Tina and they chatted

Danny quietly faced forward
” I missed you
Danny smiled
” are you fine
” yes I am

Just then a woman walked out with Andre
Andre I know you guys are tired so listen to her for few seconds and you will retire to rest

” ok this show ” teens attract” is meant to attract teens rich teens from prestigious schools to buy p. Ws product at a promotion price the products will be taken to their school the models should convince the students that they use this product and its good then advice them to buy
” ok
” the models will now give beauty advice and health tips to the children
” good
” prestigious high school has been choosen this year Salvador holds this show only to empower and encourage teenagers so any questions
” no we are good, you are good right jenny

” ok you may retire to your room to rehearse and write whatever you will say

While I and my workers arrange and count the products that will be taken to prestigious high tomorow

” ok

Sandra took Danny’s bag and jenniffers assistant took Jennifer’s bag they both walked into the suite and dropped it there

Sandra came back to Danny

” have fun, am going to my room if you want anything call me

Sandra and Jennifer assistant walked into the hotel

Danny and Jennifer stood outside for a while looking at each other

” I don’t understand y one suite and its a couple suite at that
” maybe they think we are still a couple
Danny scratched his hair
This is what Celine was worried about this morning he said to himself

” don’t worry I can sleep in the couch in the living room Andre already has a lot on his mind lets not worry him please come on
She walked in front with the water in her hand
Danny walked behind her

What kind of temptation is this Danny said to himself

as he walked in wow the suite was wonderful and big the parlour was painted white everything in it was white it was just amazing he walked into the living room where he looked at the bed it was sparkling white with two red pillows there was a big mirror on the wall facing the bed it reflected the bed then there was the cupboard and the shower

He went to the balcony at the backside side Jennifer stood there looking into the pool Danny turned and returned to the living room he called Mr king on phone

” yes
” what kind of planing is this how can they keep me and my immediate ex in a single suite and why didnt you tell me it was Jennifer
” Danny whats there i thought you had more self control now, so just stay with her as a friend nothing intimate it’s all going to end tomorow its just one night you may sleep on the couch while she sleeps in the room
” aaarrrgh

Just then some one knocked

” your t shirts
” ok thank you

He collected it and headed to the balcony he gave one to Jennifer she smiled

” its pretty, thanks
” yes, it’s nice.
Jennifer smiled and looked up.

” just how we always loved it.
” mmm hidding out in a suite where no one will disturb us
” with our phones in the dust bins.
Both of them spoke together
” no sim card
” no sim card

” it was me I ruined it all, everything we shared.

” hey dont bring that up.
Jennifer smiled
” I won’t.

She both of them looked out the balcony.

Later She dropped it on the bed then she removed her shoes.

She lifted her white shirt and picked the customized T- shirt to try it on.

Danny turned to face the door.
” oh sorry, I forgot.
” I will be outside, in the living room sooo just come out when you are done.

He walked to the living room he
sat back in the couch and took a glass of red wine which he drank from.

Jennifer shouted from inside

” Danny i will just shower
” ok, have fun
” there is no fun in the shower
” shut up.
Jennifer laughed

I wish I could just ignore you but that’s childish he said himself

She ran into the bathroom

memories of him and Jennifer tired coming in but Danny blocked them awAy as he drank

Mrs hoffman called Miranda on phone Miranda was on her way driving home

” I can’t believe you Miranda you know I am back you still dindnt want to visit me after the whole incident
” am not crazy to do that ciara am on my way
” ok hon

She dropped the call

I am so stupid how could I forget I really need Mrs hoffman to like me so much

” driver turn around
” yes ma

Soon she arrived she walked into the hoffmans living room she wore a very short gown which only covered her butt with high hill shoes she pecked Mrs hoffman and sat down

” how are you
” am fine forgive me I have been busy my condolences for Abigail

” thank you
” I hope I can trust you to help me get something nice from new York’s tour
” of course am modelling in some show so dont worry
” that’s why I love you do you need anything cold

” yes juice will do
” you and Danny watch your sugar oh
Miranda smiled

Mrs hoffman dialed the line
” juice please

Celine came out and served Miranda almost in shock she still controlled her self and walked out

Omg what If Miranda tells Mrs hoffman about I and Danny she said to herself as She walked inside

Miranda sipped the juice

I would have loved to expose them both but what’s my gain, Danny might elope with this idiot she said to herself

Soon Miranda stood up to leave Mrs hoffmam ordered Celine to carry her bag for her to her car

She stood up and Celine walked behind her with the bag Celine dropped it in the car she tried walking out

” you are so dumb
CEline turned
” what?
” where is Danny ?
” he went for his show camping y
” do you know who the female model is?
” I don’t care to know

” its he’s ex, Jennifer, he’s immediate ex who Danny couldn’t breath without and who still loves Danny
” I don’t care its just a shoot
” ahhh dumb head they are both staying together in a “couple” suite him and his ex for one full, quiet, romantic, long night

Celine suddenly kept quiet

” and the Danny i know is not good at resisting charms he didn’t resist me when I was just a stranger to him how will he now resist the formal love of his life who knows exactly how to turn him on

” why should i believe you
” fine

She called Andre and he picked she put the phone on speaker

” Andre how are things
” fine, Danny and Jennifer already arrived and they are in the” couple” suite right now

” oh are they
” yeah they have been in there for hours they won’t even come out and help I wonder what they are doooooooooinng
” crazy dude I wonder too

She dropped the call and Celine shed tears she hastily dried her tears which didn’t want to stop coming

” your boyfriend is cheating on you right now honey Danny has poor self control afterall he’s a playboy and a rock star at that, he can’t really resist a woman

She enterred her car

CElINE walked inside the Maids rushed her

” what’s is it
” Danny is with his ex in the same room for the whole night I think he’s already cheating on me
” and guys like danny have poor self control “, Mary said
” celine I don’t think so he will never do anything to hurt you he loves you.
” the truth is Danny might really cheat on me with Jennifer its obvious i have not been giving him sex so it’s easier for any other girl to get him especially his ex

” call Danny on phone first and ask him who he is with if he tells you the truth that means he can’t cheat

Danny was still sitting with his wine in his hands while Jennifer had not come down from her beauty shower hes phone rang it was Celine

” hello
” hey I reached I kind of forgot to call you
” oh you did
” yes
” so who is your partner for the shoot?
” uhm since when did you care about these things
” well the girls are arguing with me soo
” ok well…

I don’t want you to worry unnecessarily celine he said to himself

” I don’t know yet, you know she’s in the other suite so ave not met her
CElINE wiped her tears and removed the phone for a while tears kept rushing out
She put the phone back

” ok that’s cool call me when you find out who it is
She dropped the call

And hugged Mildred

” lying is the first sign of cheating sorry celine “, Mildred said

CElINE cried like mad

” I can’t believe Danny lied about such a small thing “, mary said
” maybe he lied to protect your heart from hurting celine”, Emily said

” the first time my boyfriend cheated this was the way he lied”, mary said

” freshen up celine”, Mildred said

Celine rushed into the shower where she cried her heart out.

Danny it’s over between us, am done, you failed me.

Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 64
Celine and Hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 62

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