July 25, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 73

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He and her V

Episode 73

(Tucker wants to say something)

Tucker’s POV

The doctor began to ask me series of question that aided me in remembering few of my memories. It went on for hours and I finally get to know that I once Loved Grace.

That feeling came crawling to my heart once again. How I treated her , how I took her flower. Now, I know why she wants me back.

It was late at night already. I was escorted to where Grace is and we both stood before each other not saying a word.

“Grace, I never knew I once loved you”

She lowered her head.

“But you do not have to force things to happen. For your sake , you bullied Camila and I into doing what is against our will and you even threatened us with death ,this is not fair”

“I’m sorry” She began to sob.

“I felt that I love you , Grace. Can I see Camila?”

“Sure. The cops kept her in a safe place for me ”

“The cops?”

“Yeah, we paid district of stations, incase any of you report, they are with us ”

“Corruption is just everywhere ” I mumbled to myself as we both stepped down.

It was around 1AM at midnight. She drove me to a warehouse.

“A warehouse?”

“Yeah, the cops told her to stay there overnight when she came to report. She really thinks she’s safe here ”

Grace called someone and after few minutes , the lights turned on and I saw Camila standing before us.

Camila’s POV

My eyes met with that of Tucker and I could hardly breathe.

I feel like smashing Grace cause I know and I’m sure that she has betrayed me.

“Camila, there is a mystery about Tucker and I that I have hidden for years. Tucker use to be my Love and he took my flower. ”

I just kept watching her cause her words sounds foolish to me. How in the world will she know Tucker?

“It’s true Camila. I was just made to remember and the feelings I had towards Grace then arose inside of me as soon as I remembered. ”

“Oh! Really? You love her already?” I asked to be sure of what is happening.

Tucker came towards me and stood beside me.

“Camila , look into my face ” He said and I obliged.

“I do not love you anymore , I love Grace” I imagined him say those words and my whole body shook in fear.

He better not say that cause I might faint. Did he stop loving me all of a sudden?

“Tucker , just tell Camila that you love me already and let her accept her fate ” Grace said and my face darted to her and back to Tucker.

Is Tucker about to tell me that he has stopped loving me for real?

My heart began to beat so fast. I do not think I can take this.

“Camila, I, …I, … ” Tucker’s mouth began to shake.

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