August 3, 2021

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He stays with me. Episode 4

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He stays with me

Episode 4

(Who is Jason)

Kevin’s POV

I placed my two legs on the table in my living room thinking about what Melissa’s dad told me.

“Andrew!” I mumbled the name.

Who could be Andrew? How does he look like? I need to be smart just like he had advised.

If I could get the diary , I should have an idea of how the boy looks like and what I needed to know about him.

I put a call through to Melissa’s father and asked him if he can give me the diary to which his answer was No. He further explained that Melissa has collected it.

That’s very disturbing and scary now. She will get to find out about who Andrew is. Hum? I’m really appalled. I hope she wouldn’t stop loving me.

Melissa’s POV

I couldn’t get the boy off my head. How come he knows me so deep to know what is on my belly and on my back. That’s my biggest secrete.

I opened the first page and began to read the diary I collected from dad

He said his name is Jason.

I began to read and found out that I had dated someone in the past. We were so close. He loved me so much. His father was the president then.

Oh! That’s obviously not Jason. Too far! His father can never be the president. The children of the President are not hidden to the public.

Or…an idea popped to my mind to just check out the children of the former presidents to see if any of their son bore Andrew or Jason.

I made research and found out that a particular son of the immediate formal president who died during the election had a son whose name is Andrew.

My diary is absolutely collect. Now , I know that Andrew use to be my boyfriend and according to this diary , he’s the only boyfriend that I had had in the past.

Where in the world did Jason come in.

But…Jason also said his parents are dead.

Parent…which means , his mother is dead also.

I read more about the former president and found out that he died with his wife on the same day in a cold blood.

I read further and the blogger carried it on that my father was the closest suspect.

No! That can’t be possible. My father might have contested against him but he has no reason to kill him cause he won flawlessly.

He pulled many votes and he’s loved by many.

Who in the world is this Jason and how did he get to know me so deep?

Should I just confront him and ask?

Maybe I would do that at school tomorrow , I just didn’t know if I will be able to do that considering the fact that Kevin is always how me almost every time.

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