June 13, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 28 and 29

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Chapter 28
Allen’s POV
I drove home and even though I was happy, I met my angry mom at the door.
‘Can you explain to me where you spent the night and why Kendra quited her job?’
‘Mom can’t you at least let me in first. Or do you want us to discuss family matters with the world?’
I walked in and relaxed on the couch.
‘I need an explanation Allen. The person who cooked, I can’t explain if the food was for human beings or dogs,’
I looked at mum and chuckled.
‘Mum I have very good news to tell you before you start disturbing peoples peace,’
‘Make it faster,’
‘I want to get married,’
‘Wow, I new one day you will get to love Ivy,’
‘You know what mum, if Ivy becomes the last woman to be loved then I bet I will shave and be a priest,’
‘You can’t be a priest, I need grandchildren,’
‘I will marry and not Ivy. I have my first and last love,’
‘What of Rynal’s?’
‘I will call him today, i book an appointment and we talk,’
‘Are you sure about this?’
‘Of course just trust me on this one,’
‘Where I Kendra am starving?’
‘I told her to quite her job,’
‘When the time comes you will understand,’
I said and walked upstairs.
After trying his phone for sometime he eventually picked.
????Can we meet and talk?
????Okay, am not home today but will arrive tonight, can we meet tomorrow,’
????Fine, I will send you the address.
I know he will listen to me.
Kendra’s POV
Am not yet used of staying alone in such a big house, I feel bored. I took the remote to such for something to watch when the headlines caught my attention.
‘One suspect arrested concerning the death of the family of Mr Rynal Leonard’
I called Flavian to tell her to watch the news.
‘Mrs Samantha is believed to have served the Doctor who was taking care of the two, his last food which was poisoned. The suspect is still being held at the police station for questioning,’ the news reporter said.
I just hope no one gets hurt in the process.
Rynal’s POV
Such good news after so much bad. I watched the news and am happy the police have done something useful.

Chapter 29
Ivy’s POV
I watched the news as I boiled in anger. How on earth did they find that woman. I don’t know how to silence her. I tried calling Jeremy but his line was busy. I threw the phone on the wall out of anger.
At the police station
‘Can’t you talk?’ The police yelled.
Samantha was screaming due to the torture she was going through.
‘I was paid to poison him,’ she said in tears.
‘Who paid you?’
‘Ivy Garrett,’
‘Take her back,’ he ordered the other police.
‘Their is something I don’t understand, why will Ivy want the doctor dead?’
The police were having a conversation.
The chief police called Rynal’s.
‘I have just landed at the airport, am on my way there,’ he said before making use of the steering. He arrived there in a twinkling of an eye.
‘Ivy Garrett ordered her to kill the doctor,’ the police said.
‘Why would she do that?’
‘We don’t know but you have to calm down and act like you don’t know. She mustn’t suspect anything,’
‘Thank you so much, I will try,’ he said and left.
Rynal’s POV
I wanted to go home but if I see Ivy now I may end up killing her. It was almost getting dark so I called Allen we meet. Maybe he wants to talk to me something that can help me find my family.
‘What is it?’ I asked after he took his seat in the hotel.
‘I don’t want to marry your daughter,’
‘Do you have someone in mind,’
‘Yeah, she sang at the party,’
‘Congratulations, I need to meet her. Her voice seems familiar,’
‘That means you have no problem?’
‘Nothing, you have my full support on that and I wish you all the best,’
‘Thank you so much. You want to meet her today?’
‘If possible,’
He got his phone and made a call.
‘Am coming for dinner,’ he said and hanged up.
I feel tired but I can’t go home. Allen drove for sometime and stopped in front of a big house. It seems he knows this place he opened the door and we got in.
‘Wait here I will be back,’ he said and headed to the kitchen. That was where the sweet aroma was coming from.
Kendra’s POV
I was busy in the kitchen when someone wrapped his hands around my waist.
‘I have good news for you,’ he whispered in my ears.
‘Wow, what is it?’
‘My mom has no problem with you and I also have someone else who is supporting us,’ he said smiling.
‘Who is it?’
‘Come and see him,’
I left with him to go and see and you can’t imagine who I saw.
I stared at him as tears started to flow.
‘Zirah,’ he called shocked.
‘She is not Zirah but Kendra,’ Allen protested.
I don’t even know what to do. I ran upstairs in tears and locked the door.
Allen’s POV
I stared at him for a while before following Kendra.
‘Open the door please,’ I pleaded with her before she opened.
‘Why did you ran away?’
‘He is my dad,’ she said in tears.
I ran back downstairs and he was seated looking worried.
‘Is it true, you are her dad?’
He just nodded.
‘She isn’t my daughter. Please I need to talk to her,’ he pleaded.
‘Let me see if I can convince her to come,’ I said and went back. Am confused about everything that is happening.

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