August 2, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 30 and 31

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Chapter 30
Kendra’s POV
After so much pleading I followed him to meet my dad.
‘Am sorry I wasn’t able to protect you and your mom,’ he said when I got there.
I nodded, I don’t know what to tell him. Am I supposed to be happy to see my Dad or sad because we may all die.
‘Where is your mom?’
‘In London,’ I had to tell him the truth because sooner or later he will find out.
I took my phone and texted Flavian my address she has to come. Almost immediately we heard a knock at the door. Allen opened the door and it was Ivy. She had seen me so I couldn’t hide. I hurriedly put a call to Flavian. When Ivy saw me she brought out a gun.
‘I knew dad was up to something,’ she said smiling.
I checked my phone and Flavian had picked the call. I sighed in relief.
‘Since you couldn’t die peacefully then you will die forcefully,’
Flavian’s POV
I watching a tele when Kendra called. She didn’t speak but I heard a familiar voice on the background. I got my other phone and called the police and drove to the address I had. If anything happens to her I can’t take it. She is all I have, my friend, sister and family. I lost my family because of Ivy’s mum and if it means killing Ivy alone I will.
Allen’s POV
I have always known that Ivy is wicked but why should she kill Kendra? I noticed her cocking the gun and pointed at Kendra. She was about to trigger when I got hold of her and pointed the gun to a different direction.
Kendra’s POV
I knew she wanted to shot me and I closed my eyes awaiting death. I heard the gunshot but didn’t feel any pain. I opened my eyes and Allen was struggling with her. She wasn’t letting go of the gun so I helped Allen and picked the gun. Dad just stood there shocked. I aimed at her and shot her leg. I don’t want to kill her but she has to go to jail. She cried in pains.
Ivy’s POV
I can’t loose. I was still in pain when I heard sirens outside. The door flang open and Flavian got in. I knew I was doomed. My mom killed her parents because of money. She gave me an devilish look and went over to kendra. Its all about her am here in pain and no one cares. She looked towards the door and policemen got in.
‘Take her out of here,’ she ordered.
‘This is also hers,’ kendra said and handed the gun to the police.
Rynal’s POV
I watched as they dragged her out. I never new she will do these. I accepted her as my daughter and she destroyed my family.
‘Where is your mum?’ I managed to ask. I know she answered but she wasn’t specific. I know am tired but won’t rest until I set my eyes on my Daniella.
‘In London,’ Flavian answered.
‘Where? Just be specific,’ I said irritated.
‘I will talk to her first before I tell you,’ she said and they went upstairs.
Am happy to see my daughter but will be happier if we become whole again. Am still in shock after what happened. I wanted to leave when Allen stopped me. Right now I need to think and let my brain digest everything.
‘You will use the guest room, its already late,’ he said.
I just nodded in agreement.

Chapter 31
Kendra’s POV
My mom is arriving tomorrow morning. Flavian planned everything. The house is big and all of us can fit. We talked with Flavian for a while before she went to bed. I woke up very early the next morning and prepared breakfast. We left with Flavian to get my mom.
I led the way into the house and mum was the last. My dad stood up on seeing me and he looked really nervous. My mom was also a little scared of coming in so we pulled her in. She stood beside me as a tear fell. Slowly he walked towards us, his hands spread wide. Flavian pushed mum in front. We always look like sisters the three of us.
It was such a happy re-union as we all hugged.
Rynal’s POV
Am the happiest man on earth to have my family back. We all sat on the table to have a meal and catch up.
‘Don’t heart my daughter,’ Daniella told Allen.
‘I won’t,’ he replied confidently.
‘I think Kendra should give me tutorials on how to make a guy fall for you,’ Flavian said smiling.
‘Like I know,’ she said laughing.
I guess having your whole family with you is the greatest gift.
Kendra’s POV
I had missed my family and am happy we are back together. Now we are dressing to attend the party my dad planned. Its a welcoming come introduction to his business partners. I looked at the mirror and was satisfied with my looks. I don’t use make-up, am naturally beautiful. I left my room and met Flavian. She looked good to.
‘The party has started, dad is almost giving his speech,’ she said.
‘Let’s go, am ready,’ I said and we walked downstairs.
My dad was already on stage.
‘Am privileged to welcome my precious daughters and my beautiful wife on stage,’ he said.
‘Thank you,’ Flavian whispered in his ears.
We were enjoying the wonderful momment when Taylor, Ivy’s mom entered the hall with a gun.
‘Rynal you can never anyone else. I will be your last love,’ she shouted.
We were still confused with what she was saying when we heard a gunshoot. I looked at the direction and my dad was lying there lifeless.


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