June 13, 2021

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Never knew she’s beautiful. Episode 5

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Never knew she’s beautiful.

Episode 5

(Snake is inside)

Rachael’s POV

His car finally came to an halt and I still closed my eye still. He carried me in a bridal style and after a while laid me gently on a bed.

I opened my eye slightly after realizing that he had walked away. I looked around and saw that where I was doesn’t look like an hospital.

“He brought me to his home? ” I mumbled to myself and began to dance happily. So I can have the privilege of laying in a rich man’s bed.

The door flings open all of a sudden. Jeez! He caught me already

I just let myself fell to the floor but he quickly picked me from falling.

“When…how do you stand up?” He asked but I closed my eye still.

He placed me down. “I think she’s dead. I need to bury her so no one will know”

Huh? Bury who? I better open my eyes before he even think I’ve being dead.

“Hello , come over right now. I have a dead body here , we need to bury her as soon as possible” I heard him call someone on phone.

I hurriedly sat upright with my eyes opened.

“Bury me?”

“I thought you were dead? ” He said

“I saw clearly that you hit your head on the street light pillar and I brought you home to administer first aif to you only for me to see you dancing ”

“I suddenly get better, Sir” I replied and held my forehead “Ouch”

I pretended like it still hurt.

He went to sit on his bed.

“Now , listen to me young girl, You have being so troublesome , I do not ever want to see you again. You are problem to my life. Don’t show up at my office again , you are fired already ” He said and I stood.

I knew I’m fired already with my act at his office today. I stood and walked to the door sullenly.

“We are poor , sir ” I turned and looked at him practically.

“Who are the we?”

“My father , my mother , my sister , my aunt , my niece , my cousin, my grandma , my….”

“It’s okay. Happy poor family. Leave my house already” He said and I lowered my heavy head and turned to the door ,opened it and walked away.

I felt so sad , this job is gone again.

As soon as I arrived home. I fell to the bed sad. We hardly eat complete meals per day and just when my sister was happy that I’ll be aiding her in managing the expenses of the house , I ruined everything already.

I guess I’ll just have to find another job. I began to find different job on the internet but I didn’t see the one that is closer and fits me perfectly.

I slept off during the process.
I woke up earlier the next morning even though I wasn’t going anywhere.

I guess I woke up earlier cause I was sad and thinking of how to explain to my sister what happened that made me fired at work.

I picked my phone up sluggishly to check what the time is but I noticed that I had an unread text message.

I unlocked the phone to read the text. It reads;

“You are fired if you come after 8AM. …The boss”

I smiled on reading it and jumped from the bed happily. He had simply told me idiomatically to resume work.

I hurriedly went to dress’s and this time wore my sister’s cloth that looked oversized on me.


I entered the office at exactly 7:30 AM. I arrived thirty minute earlier today.

I signed in and walked upstairs to his office to report that I had arrived.

“Welcome ” He said before I could greet him.

“Thanks sir ” I went to sit. I promised myself to behave gently today but it seems craziness is my nature.

I forgot to eat before I left home and I’m feeling hungry right now.

“Have you eaten , sir?”

“Is that what I’ve employed you for?”

“I’m sorry , sir. It seems I’m hungry ”

“It seems…you are not sure. So keep working. ”

“I’m hungry ”

“Who cares?”


“Keep quiet young girl ” He barked at me.

“The last time I didn’t eat early , I fainted and woke after seven days ”

“Faint, I’ll keep you somewhere. After seven days , I will send my security to check if you are awake already”

I stood and stand before his desk. I loosed my stamina and fell to the floor. My head hits the floor and it hurts so bad.

I noticed he didn’t stand nor came to watch me where I lay.

“I’m hungry sir ” I said after about an hour.

“Scary! How can someone that has faint and will wake after seven days be speaking. ”

“If I faint , I always speak , please, let me eat ”

He didn’t answer my question again.

I stood and dusted my cloth and went to sit. I accepted my fate already. Guess , I will remember to eat next time before I leave to work.

He went out and came back few minutes with a flask. He placed It before me and went to sit.

I looked to him in surprise wondering if it was food that was there or a prank.

“What’s inside Sir?”

“Snake” He replied and I jerked back in fear.

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