July 28, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 78

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Venessar High School

Episode 78

(Dangerous mission)

Autumn’s POV

I opened my eye narrowly and my eye balls darted around. Realization of where I am hit me and I saw that many medical gadgets were connected to different parts of my body.

How do I get here , though? I examined myself and found out that I’m perfectly fine. My memories darted back to the last incident that happened to me.

I opened a parcel and a powder blew to my face and that was all I could recollect.

Where is Kimberly? This doctors should take this things away from me ; I need to see Kimberly.

“Who’s there? Who’s there?” I shouted and a nurse entered. On seeing me, she turned and came back few minutes with a doctor.

“Wao! Autumn!”

“Sir, please get this stuffs away from me”

“It’s obvious you are fine now ” The doctor said smiling and quickly put a call through to someone.

I knew at once that it was Kimberly.

“She wants to speak with you” The doctor handed over the phone to me.

“Autumn , are you fine now? I’m so happy ” I heard her crying from the other side.

“Common Kim. I’m cool. Where are you?”

“At the address that Sean is. I have seen him but he did not recognize me because I was disguising as a male. ”

“Interesting! I like your courage. I’ll join you soon”

“Okay” I hung up and gave the phone to the doctor.


I had being discharged from the hospital and now at home , dressing up for the mission. We need to get Sean back but I think I need to deal with Stephen too?

He poisoned the powder and made me lay unconscious for days. But I actually like him ,though.

How can I punish someone that I love. I walked outside , entered my car and drove straight to the airport.


I alighted from the airport and lodged at an hotel.

I put a call through to Kimberly.

“I’m around now ”

“Good. But Sean is actually living his life with another lady already. I think we should retreat”

“Common! Don’t judge people by their actions but by their intentions. Let’s help Sean escape first then we will discuss ”


I walked out of the hotel to the empire. Before I get there , I find a secluded place and dressed like very poor girl.

I approached the receptionist ” How may I help you?”

“I’m here to see my friend ” I said like I was sick.

“Your friend. I’m sorry , we do not allow strangers to see our workers here ”

“Then I may die here ” I fell to the floor and she hurriedly came to my aid.

I looked around and saw that no one was present , there was no sound of someone coming or going.

I gave her a punch and she fell to the floor. I wore her uniform and wore my poor clothes on her. I dragged her to a secluded place in the same office.

I injected her gently with a three days sleeping pin after which I went to sit at the receptionist office.

I’m fat and the girl is slim. Our clothes could hardly fit.

I put a call through to Kim.

“I’m around. The receptionist ”


After few minutes , she came and saw me sit at the receptionist office. She wasn’t that surprised. She knows what I could do.

“What’s the plan?”

“I need to know what room Sean is and how many Guards are with him?”

“I’ve not known that yet, any other plan?”

“Lead me to your place ”

“Huh! They do not permit visitors. ”

“I’m not a visitor but a receptionist , just do as I’ve said”

“This is dangerous ” I followed Kim and we both walked to her lodge.

No one gave it much thought since they do not know yet that someone had infiltrated.

“When last do you see Sean?”

“About seven hours ago”

“Too far , do you have an idea of where he always come from?”

Kim stood and peeked outside to show me the face by pointing her hands towards that direction.

I left her and walked towards the direction she showed me. I kept walking not knowing exactly what room Sean is.

I suddenly heard sounds of laughter of two people in a room , I paused and listen well and I identify one of the voice to be that of Sean.

I stepped up the small stairs that leads to the passage of the house he is and I met a man in beards and in a blue suit met me.

“What are you doing here?” I was thinking of the best answer to give him when he spoke up again ” You are suppose to be at office”

“Yes , I came to deliver a message ”

The man glanced at me from head to toe and walked away

I exhaled and walked towards Sean’s room.

I knocked and I noticed an instant silence, then steps walking towards the door. It was opened by a very beautiful girl.

“Who are you?”

“Ask that again” I sent a kick to the girl’s neck and she fell. I ran towards her and injected her with a three days sleeping pin.

I looked up to Sean and he was so scared.

“Common! It’s Autumn. ”


“Yeah, we leaving this place right away , follow me “

Venessar High School. Episode 79
Venessar High School. Episode 77

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