August 3, 2021

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Caught between crossroads. Episode 2 and 3

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Caught between crossroads
Chapter 2
Author’s POV
As he sat on the expensive couch he was suppose to be comfortable. But that wasn’t the case for David. He was mostly known as Dave, the most handsome guy and every lady would look back twice. Even though he was a perfect definition of handsomeness and smelled of money his life was a misery. His face was pale as Smiling was not in his dictionary, he never understood the meaning. Being happy was an impossible tense in his world. With a king sized bed and a palace decorated room that some will forget to wake up the next morning he couldn’t sleep.
Every day he cried himself to bed since he lost his pillar. He felt like his life had lost meaning. He would have taken his life but he had a mission to fulfill. His mind was seeking for answers, his heart filled with hate and desiring revenge and his soul yearning for justice. He lived in a nightmare and maybe it would end in the next life, that’s if it even exists. If only he could die and come back in a different form, but no, it only happens in telenovelas. Or maybe his life will be used as a tale by grandparents for their cut grandchildren. He tried watching a tele but even the voices of the actors, to him sounded like cries for justice. If his money could by happiness and peace then he could have bought lots of it. He tried to sleep and in the dream was taken to a deserted place. In the forest a voice was faintly calling for help. He followed the voice with the urge to help. In reality he was cold and heartless but the voice melted his anger. A voice of a girl, beaten and wounded. He stretched his hand to hold her and realised they were both surrounded by armed men.
‘It’s enough don’t harm her please,’ he tried to plead. He faced the men and recognised his dad.
‘Dad, don’t do this please,’
‘Don’t get attached to her. She knows who killed me,’ he said and as if he was communicating to the rest they disappeared one after another.
The girl continued crying. His father’s words still rand in his mind.
‘Am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,’ slowly she evaporated in thin air. He woke really panting like a goat that had been chased by a lion.

Caught between crossroads
Chapter 3
He went round the house sweating profusely and breathing faster like a pregnant in labour. Everything was confusing to him. His hate for women increased. His mother abandoned him and now a woman knows who is behind his father’s death. Though the girls face wasn’t clear due to the bruises all over he made a promise to look for her. But he had a problem the girls tears melted his heart. He took a full bottle of Alcohol, he believed it made him forget and gave him strength to keep on fighting.
Shanel’s POV
My ringtone woke me up. I picked the phone still sleepy, though I recognised the voice.
‘Shanel,’ he called over the phone.
????Please don’t go
????I have to go. I promised mum that one day I will be an FBI. Am almost graduating I can’t give up now.
????Your life is at stake. I can’t afford losing you baby.
????You won’t loose me.
????Okay but be careful.
????Thank you dad.
I hanged up and smiled. Am nor sure of what am doing but I want to give it a try. You will never know you can do it until you give it a try.
I woke up early, due to the long day that awaits me. I picked Kisha and we headed to the meeting place. We are to be introduced to the rest of the team. We were the last one to arrive. After we all said our names the leader stood to talk to us.
‘According to the information we have Mr Larry died in his own house and we believe that we can get some information from his house. Due to that we have decided to send one of you to his house and get as much as possible,’ he paused.

Caught between crossroads. Episode 4 and 5
Caught between Crossroads. Prologue and Episode 1

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