July 31, 2021

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Caught between crossroads. Episode 4 and 5

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Caught between crossroads
Chapter 4
Shanel’s POV
‘We have really gone through all your details and we are certain she will manage. We all know that Dave mistreats the females around him and that’s why we will put an eye on her and protect her,’ he paused.
I was praying they don’t choose me.
‘And the lady we have picked is Shanel Gladens. Don’t be afraid Miss Shanel, we’ve got your back,’
Tears started flowing freely.
‘Everything has been set for you and you will be moving in with Dave tomorrow. Thank you all of you for your time,’ with that he took his seat.
So things won’t get any better. That man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What if he kills me before am done with the investigation? I didn’t hear anything else they said as my mind was no longer there.
After the preparation I took a cab to the address I was given.
‘Good morning,’ I greeted the gateman who gave me a cold look before replying.
‘Morning, hope you will keep your work here professional,’ he said with a smirk.
I faked a smile even though I didn’t understand what he meant.
‘Can I go in? Or does your profession also tell you to keep visitors waiting outside?’ I asked irritated.
If only this idiot could know that I can give anything not to come here, he won’t frustrate my life. He gave me an angry stare and gave way for me. I met another man inside the compound. Actually I had lost my way, I don’t know which door will get me inside the house.
‘Excuse me,’
He stopped and looked at me.
‘Am Shanel and I have been sent for some investigations can you please show me the way inside?’
‘Am chef Daniel but my friends call me Dan. You can call me that as well. Follow me,’ he said and I followed behind silently. Dave was watching the TV when I got in.
‘Take her to the guest room,’ he said to Dan.
He helped me with my stuff and walked upstairs.
‘Thank you,’ I said when we got inside the room.
‘Welcome and I wish you all the best. Your stay wouldn’t be a peaceful one. Sometimes he is a thorn in the flesh,’ Dan said.
‘I pray I get what I want faster and leave this place,’ I said and sighed.
‘I will be in the kitchen. When you are done, the food is ready,’
I nodded and he left.

Caught between crossroads
Chapter 5
As she threw herself on the bed she felt comfortable. Even though her bed was comfy as Kisha always said this is more than comfortable. The room was beautifully decorated and everything neatly arranged. As she got a clear view of an almost palace in her eyes. She stood up and went to the bathroom. It made her wonder if someone could get out of the place still dirty or missed to shower. It was so tempting that you could bath even when you didn’t feel like. As she sat in the bathtub the form covered her body and the warm water helped to calm her body. The events that happened in the past few days ran through her mind. Hoping that she isn’t making a mistake of finishing what she started. As her mom’s last will she really had the urge to go for it. After what seemed like forever she left the bathroom. Even though she is used to wearing trousers she wanted change after all change is inevitable. She took a simple pink dress blue slippers. She tied her hair ponytail and added a blue band. Its always her nature to look good even when spending time at home.
She got downstairs and Dan was setting the table.
‘What can I do to help you out?’ She asked Daniel.
Helping is one of the things her sweet late mom taught her.
‘Nothing am through,’ he said.
‘Okay I will serve, have a seat,’ she pointed at the seat.
‘I don’t eat with workers on the same table,’ Dave interrupted.
‘Being a worker doesn’t mean he is less human. He needs to eat,’
‘Its fine I will eat in the kitchen,’ he said and left.
In her home workers were never discriminated. She wonders why some people are wicked.
She served and took her sit only to realise Dave was staring at her.
‘Apart from investigation were you also sent to control and seduce me?’ He said when he saw Shanel also looking at him.
‘What do you mean?’
In her face one could tell she was shocked.
‘Why did they have to send a beautiful girl here? Let me warn you, seducing me won’t work keep that in mind,’ he said with a smirk.
‘Who told you I will seduce you? Of all the handsome men in California, why would I pick you?’
One thing she hates is someone intimidating her.
‘Wait, do you mean am ugly?’
‘Thank goodness you know. Actually I was trying to look for a suitable word to use not to hurt you,’ she said and left.
Her mood and appetite was destroyed. She went to bed and fell asleep.

Cross between Crossroads. Chapter 6 and 7
Caught between crossroads. Episode 2 and 3

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