August 3, 2021

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Caught between Crossroads. Prologue and Episode 1

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Caught between crossroads. Episode 2 and 3


She worked hard to fulfill her dream. To others fulfilled dream brings joy but ironically to her it brought pain and tears. She regretted but couldn’t turn back time. She is caught up in a dilemma to choose between two people she loved dearly.
Find out who she choose in caught between crossroads.
A story of friendship, betrayal, hate, revenge, love, irony, suspense and dilemma.

Caught between crossroads
Episode 1
Shanel’s POV
‘…and Shanel Gladens,’
I guess his words woke me up.
‘You have been assigned to investigate the death of Mr Larry Stevens,’ the deputy director of Federal Bureau of investigation said. I rubbed my eyes and ears, I think there is a problem somewhere this can’t be true. I looked at Kisha my best friend who was seated beside me and tears had formed in her eyes.
‘Also you?’ I asked in a whisper.
She just nodded.
‘Everything you need is set for you and you have three other people to help you out. I wish all of you the best of lack,’ he concluded. I dragged myself lazily towards my car with Kisha beside me. We weren’t talking as my mind wasn’t thinking.
‘What will be our fate? The last team that was doing the job, two died the rest resigned,’ Kisha broke the silence remorsefully. I couldn’t help but laugh.
‘What’s funny?’
‘How you look. Actually am also worried,’
The rest of the drive was silent and I dropped her at her house before heading to mine. I called my dad and informed him of what happened.
‘I want you to step down from the project,’ he commanded.
‘I can’t do that,’
‘You have to,’
‘Don’t say you weren’t told,’ with that he hanged up. I threw myself on the bed but couldn’t sleep. This has always been my dream and am almost graduating I can’t give up now after everything I have gone through to get here.
I just can’t.

Caught between crossroads. Episode 2 and 3

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