June 8, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 64

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????chapter ✏64✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


danny was sipping his wine little by little wondering why Celine called

when Jennifer walked down she wore a white g string pant with a white sexy bra then she wore a very long transparent white jacket exposing her sexy drop dead slim waist and full hips she was so curvy the difference between her skin colour and the white she wore was just a little, her skin was as spotless as the white she wore, she unbanded her thick black curly hair as it fell freely down her waist she wore a white waist chain and an ankelet on her leg Jennifer looked like a river goddess and most interestingly she knew white was danny’s best colour

She walked down gorgeously and when she came fully out she tied the thread of the long jacket covering her Bra and pant but her thigh still very much exposed

She walked to Danny and sat on a chair facing Danny she crossed her legs and let his eye wonder

Danny immediately drank his wine
Jennifer new exactly how to get her boyfriend helpless
Danny dropped the glass and picked up a magazine Jennifer was just too attracting

” Danny I still love you
He dropped the book
” no need to pretend you know I still love you
” well I love someone else maybe you should get dressed
” I feel hot and this was how you liked me looking whenever we visited the penthouse
” Jennifer

” you just lied to yourself and broke up with me I slept with Kelvin yes but it was you I loved, I was yours, you called me”mine”

” lets not talk about the past Jennifer we both moved on

” ok I don’t deserve your love but I still deserve your attention right

she stood up and sat beside danny

” Jennifer

” I don’t want you to date me i know you wont, I just want you to touch me , i want a physical relationship after all you are not married right so let’s just have fun
” Jennifer I can’t have fun with another woman, I have a girlfriend and I love her

She touched his chest Danny took out her hand then she ran her hands through his hair

” Jennifer am dating
” she would never know, Danny i don’t kiss and tell .

She gently presses her lips against his Danny opened up and deepened the kiss. for a while, then he suddenly withdrew

“this is wrong, stop it,

Jennifer stood up leaving Danny on the chair she sat on him and moved her hair which covered her chest.

” Jennifer stop please

” its obvious we both want this. Huh….

She bent and kissed Danny again. She kissed him down his neck and gently removed his jacket, …

She brushed her fingers into his top and and lifted it as she kissed him .

Danny removed his top totally then he kissed Jennifer’s lips again.

He hastily removed her jacket and feathered his lips down her neck to her chest.

Jennifer moaned deliciously as his fingers brushed through her body.

She carefully pulled Danny down on the couch and came up on him.kissing him desperately she ran her fingers down and unzipped his Jean.

Danny turned her over on the couch and ran his fingers from her kneels to her thighs…

Jennifer still tried pulling down his jeans.

Danny cuddled her into his arms and untied the bikini bra just then he remembered ceilne. He remembered the first day he almost made love to her and how she comfortably moved into the pavement before Christina called.

He zipped his trouser and stood up from Jennifer.he carefully tied the rope back.

He tried standing but she dragged him down again and kissed him.

Danny withdrew and stood up from her.

” danny
Danny picked her jacket and slipped both her hands into it. Then he tied it back.

” lets stop now
” but Danny please.

danny walked into the shower after bathing he wore the towel jacket and packed his hair up.

He ran Into the living room,
Jennifer dressed up after showering she was surprised Danny never resisted her before not even when he is sick this was the first time Danny or any man did this to her

Jennifer wore the towel jacket and walked out to Danny were he sat.
She sat on the table facing him and just looked in his face.
Danny dropped his wine on the table. And tried standing up but Jennifer gently pushed him down.
” I already lost you, who ever she is, you really love her ,am sorry pls
She slowly sat beside him

” danny am sorry, you
know i hate hurting you, am really sorry.

Danny stood up and walked to the balcony
Jennifer followed him she stood beside him
she already shed tears because he ignored, her she felt like the guiltiest person in the world

” won’t you forgive me
” am not angry with you Jennifer, just can I be Alone.

She left him and walked into the bed room

1 hour later
Danny walked to her in the bedroom
He squatted to look at her face

” hey, are you hungry ?
” oh, well I was waiting for you

She wiped her tears with the back of her hand
” let’s go. Am here

He took her hand she followed him
They walked to the dinner where they are.

After which they sat facing the tv. Danny took the remote

” Danny my favorite show is about to start.
” I took the remote first so
Just then someone knocked
” yes
” the night gathering just started you might not want to miss it
” we are sleeping
” me too
The person left
They faced the t. V


celine sat with her kneel high up to her chest shedding tears

” celine pls sleep
” i should have slept with Danny before right, maybe if I slept with him he won’t be seduced by Jennifer. am so stupid
“virgin my foot”
She angrily drew out her mothers chain and threw it away

” a cheat is a cheat Celine sex or no sex so don’t blame yourself

” but I don’t think Danny is doing anything wrong lets wait for him to come back first so he can say he’s mind “, mary said

” then why did he lie on phone if he told the truth I would have trusted him but lying was just too much “, mildred said
” I am done once Danny comes back I will break up with him.


Danny and jennifer sat watching a movie

” danny your show is done put my own
Danny gave her the remote as he picked up his phone

Celine was still in tears she tried lying down when her phone rang it was Danny

” pick it
” pick up omg
” no
” omg pick up first

Celine picked the call

” hello
” I want to tell you something
” what
” the female model is Jennifer, Jennifer my ex girlfriend
Jennifer dropped the remote and looked at him

” oh well, did you just find out now
” no I lied before, i didnt want you to worry but i am telling you the truth now.
the model is Jennifer and we are in the same suite, the director thought we were still together so it was his mistake

” but why did you lie before

” first I didn’t want you to worry or get jealous but then what’s a relationship without trust right

” well
” I love you so I can’t cheat on you dont worry and sleep, good night
” good night
” stop crying
CEline laughed
” how did you know
” I just know you too well
” I love you

She dropped the call

” wow that solves it “, Emily said
” he told you the truth that means he can’t cheat on you if he can’t lie to you how can he cheat

” I feel better now

” oh I need this kind of love”, mary said

they all fell to sleep.

Danny and Jennifer finished the movie Jennifer walked inside and Danny Lay on the couch.

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