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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 65

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????chapter ✏65✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Celine drops the call just to notice Emily, Mary, Mildred in her face

” what’s wrong
Emily took out a pink cloth
” what is this colour
” Maybe red
” you cried away your lenses
” no its at the back of my hand

She turned her hand and it was only one

They started searching room

” were did you drop the later give me that one first
She turned her hand that one was lost too
” what “, mary said
” no don’t worry I can’t tell Mrs hoffman that I lost it so I will pretend like I am still with it after all I am seeing just fine .

Danny was still rolling on the couch when Jennifer tapped him

” arrrrggggh, what!!!
” we over slept
” omg

They heard Andres voice outside

” were are the models

” oh no

Both of the ran into the bed room and Jennifer sat on the bed arranging her stuffs while Danny ran into the shower

” good morning I forgot
” morning pls order coffee
” ok
Jennifer dailed the land line

Danny rushed out Jennifer instantly rushed in he wore the the” t shirt ” and his trouser he was combing his hair when the coffee arrived he took the cup and drank from it he kept Jennifer’s own on the table

He sat on the bed and packed his hair

” Jennifer I hope you have changed, Don’t sleep there

” yes, I will be out in a sec

Danny started arranging his stuffs in the kit.

Jennifer rushed out wearing the towel jacket which she instantly removed.

exposing her red pant and bra she took her bom short and dropped it on the bed then she picked her coffee

” you want to wear a short out
” kinda
” no thats not encouraging, ur meeting kids.
” ok

she dropped the short and picked her Jean, she wore her high waist Jean and held her top on her shoulders as rushed her her coffee

” I hope this show won’t take time
” you are still topless, you haven’t combed your hair, not even your make up, seriously?

Jennifer covered her breast with her top just then sandra and tina rushed in

” morning guys

Sandra carried Danny kit
Tina started arranging Jennifer’s stuffs

” good morning sandra”, danny said

Tina helped Jennifer comb her hair and jennifer packed it.

She bent down and tied Jennifer’s shoes.

” I will be in the living room”, danny said
” i will drop this kit in the car sir.
” k.

Sandra and Danny walked out
Jennifer applied powder and wore the t-shirt which she tucked into her high waist Jean and rushed outside

” wow looking decent
” wow, thank you

celine walked into the passage just to see Emma dressed like a lawyer that’s crazy she thought it was her sight, she wiped her eye again she was sure it was emma so she rushed to her

” wait you are a lawyer

” yes but i ave not completed my degree for prosecutorship, I have an exam today

” I thought you were a model

” used that to pass time during break periods, back in the state I worked as a lawyer but am trying to be a prosecutor that’s my dream position so Am writting exams and the modelling I did it only twice

” wow that’s good
” every woman should have a source of her own income even if your parents are rich. ok so wish me luck
” good luck
” I better pass because I won’t work in this country unless am a prosecutor that’s what i want
” prosecutor Emmanuella
” crazy girl

Angela was really late for school and she had a text.

She walked about her street junction when stanelys car pulled over.

” what are you doing here?
” a friend should help a friend right come on in .
He opened the door and gelai sat in
” thank you
” you are welcome

He’s driver took off

” but why are you doing all this for me all of a sudden
” because I like you
” whaaat
Stanley smiled
” and I want to date you
” what
” yes
Angela tried opening the car door but he held her hand

” if this is why you carried me I better get down before you waste you fuel in vain
Stanley smiled

” even If you won’t date me I Will still help you out always like a good friend should
Angela smiled


Hours later danny and jennifer completed the show.

It was lit and salvador sold all hiz products.

Danny and sandra left the building.

” home or penthouse
” uhhhm home
“;ok, so are you ok or should we visit the doctor you stood and spoke a lot today
“no need am ok

Celine stood up from the ground where she knelt she was done praying.

She was contemplating on which day to take Danny to the studio.
As she stood up and walked out she ran into danny

Danny drew her to his room with the cup in her hands

He took it from her and dropped on his table then he hugged her Celine held him tight

” I missed you
” missed you more, how was the show
” it was fun is gretel back
” she’s not
” oh ok

He kept her on his bed and started removing his jacket celine watched him

” my love
” yes
” what will you do you cried out your lenses
” what
” you are not seeing well, I noticed
” no I am seeing well in fact am with my lenses
” You keep forgetting that I know you too well
” am realy seeing well
Danny sat in front her

” fine, kiss me
” why won’t I kiss you
” yes go on
” fine

She moved closer to him then she first she used her hands to locate his lip Danny smiled as he bit her hand with his teeth then she came closer and kissed him

” you see
” you cheated don’t use your hands
” fine

She moved closer her sight was realy blurry she kissed him

” that was my eye
CEline smiled She kissed him again ” my fore head
” ahh
She kissed him again
” my cheek
” oh
She kissed him again
” my nose
” wait one last time,She kissed him again on the cheek Danny moved her face directing her lip to his then locking them both with passion
Celine smiled

” ok you win I lost my lenses
” fine just tell mum and get another
” do you want her to think am careless
” fine I will tell her myself later
” no you can’t
” I must
” you need to shower
” of course

He rushed into the shower
Celine just opened dannys door smiling only to see a woman who stood in front of her she was a little chubby and looking expensive
Celine closed Danny’s door

” good evening madam
” is Danny in
” well he’s kind of bathing now so
” oh is that so
She looked at Celine from hair to toe just then Mrs jerkerns looked around

” its been long I came here

She shouted

” ciara you have done a lot of work in this house

” I have

Just then Emma heard her mother’s voice she rushed out and celine excused herself

” mum, what a surprise.
” I was coming to your room how are you
” am fine
” how’s Danny
” he’s fine
” You are sparkling honey how was the examination
” fine i missed you

She hugged her mother and both of them walked into the parlour

” the arrangements for the house is complete my husband is already home I just wanted to visit you guys

” so jerkerns cannot just come see us

” you know how he is with he’s business and hes money changing hands mentality he’s too busy

” same with my husband ever since he started planning on buying the national museum and rebuilding it hmmm he rarely even comes home to me

” men and money Emma I hope you will be able to manage Danny when he starts acting like that

” no Emma Is in good hands Danny is not like that right Emma

“he sure isn’t

Gretel just rushed into the living room
” mummy j !!

She hugged Emma’s mum

” how are you hon
” am fine you
” am great

” hey mummy
” hy gret , your aunty in u. S called She told me about your planned vacation

” hahah mum its not anytime soon but incase you and your husband gets me angry I will just elope

Everybody laughed

Gretel ran inside just then danny ran out

He walked towards Emma mother
” mum
” my love
She hugged Danny
” were is uncle
” he’s just busy you all will soon see him
” ok so how was your trip
” fun
” that’s cool

He walked to his mum and lay on the chair with his head on her Lap

She touched his neck
” Danny you feel hot
” no am fine mom
” ok
She ran her hands through his hair

Soon the parlour cleared

” mum
” yes honey
” I want celine to meet the family doctor tommorow for new lenses

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