July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 66

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????chapter ✏66✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


” oh y that ?

” well i mistakenly pushed the maid into the pool today from the backyard when I was fighting with Emma so she lost her lenses she can’t see well
” ok no problem she Wil go to the hospital tomorow .
” thanks mum

He immiediately stood up and walked into his room

Next day.
Celine was told that Mrs Hoffman called her so she went to the parlour

” I booked an appointmet with you and our family doctor about your eye sorry for what Danny did,
It will be by 5 Josh will come pick you

” ok thank you madam
” you are welcome


Miranda sat watching a movie when her phone rang

” hello

” double our pay and we will take this mission more serious i want to add my boys to the game

” I will triple it Just kill her

” cool i and my guys have a cool plan we will start monitoring the area as we are now based around there… we have eyes from the house to the, junction all my boys are moving any sign of her is her good bye

” good that’s what i love to hear

She dropped the call


angela sat in their house couch when she received a text from stanely

” hey
” stop texting me, am with my mum
” won’t you come out am in your street
” no I won’t come
” fine i will just come inside
” no!!! ok wait am coming

Arrrrgghh she said to herself

” who is texting you ?
“oh its KeilA my girlfriend you saw her right?
“oh ok .

I will go to the kitchen

” me I will go outside
“why ?
” uuhhm I will find Ryan
” ok dear

Angela ran outside Mrs Patricia walked into the kitchen

” Is gelai seeing a guy omg training a teenager, that stage has reached again oh God help me she can’t end up like her sister

Angela ran out till she saw Stanley’s car she walked towards him

” hey
” why won’t you leave me alone already
” I like you
” I like you too but it won’t work
” why, why don’t you want to date me, why don’t you have a boyfriend
” my parents are strict what about you why don’t you have a girlfriend
” well your parents are strict and you won’t have me

Angela smiled

” mmmm nice one
He brought out a beautiful flower bouquet from his car and gave her

” its as beautiful as you

Angela took the flower from him

” thank you it’s pretty
She smiled and faced downwards
Stanley smiled

He placed his hands under her jaw and lifted her face up Angela smiled

Stanley moved closer and tried kissing her she moved her lips and kissed him.

He smiled against her lips and deepened the kiss.

” good bye Stanley
she ran out
” gelai wait

She waved at him as she rushed down

angela looked around and sneaked into the house with the flower She didn’t know her mum was there

” gelai?
” oh mum
” the flower is pretty
Angela smiled
” thank you
” how did you get it
” well the thing is Ryan bought it for me I will be inside

She tried runing into the room but Patricia called her

” gelai
” mum
” come sit
” oh of course

She dropped the flower on the table and sat with her mother

” are you seeing a guy
” me?, no, no. y would you say that?
” its normal gelai for you to like a guy you shouldn’t kill your happiness because of your sisters mistake, just because she got pregnant and ran away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have male friends you are Angela choose your life path and just be carefull in all you do
Angela smiled

” but am not really seeing any man it’s just my class mate he’s name is stanely

” do you like him

” well yes kinda but I won’t date him mum that’s for sure you said no boyfriends untill 20 so am totally obeying that

“oh why must I always get like this
” mum
” ok fine Angela if you like him I won’t stop you from dating him

” serious
” yes but there’s a new rule
” no sex right
Her mum touched her hair.


Danny Lay on Celine on his bed that hot afternoon kissing her play fully.

He’s phone rang it was Mr king.

” danny did Sandra tell you that Salvador wanted to meet.

“Yes by 3 right.
“Yes don’t miss it.
“Ok I won’t.
” Nicky made am offer.
” you know i dont Sing anymore.
” no its more than that.
” Ok lets meet in my house later.
“Ok cool and don’t be late for salvador.
” Ok.

Danny dropped the call and kissed celine who held him tight.

” will you leave.
” Yes later.

He dropped the phone and rolled over he wrapped his arms around her on the bed. Celine smiled.

” are you okay.
” you seem weak.

Celine smiled she didn’t want to tell Danny about the fasting.

She didn’t know how to tell him to go and check out the studio Emma already told her that her pictures where every where.

She didn’t know if Danny will be Mad at her for moving Clara pictures.

She held his arm tight.

” danny go to the studio when you are free”,she said to herself


Emma had a lot of fun as she walked about their old house.She visited since morning.

she was already caught up In her room she forgot all her plans for the day just then she came across her old picture with Danny and the love letter that accompanied it, the first letter she wrote for danny

Emma suddenly started crying as she pushed down all those pictures

Why didn’t I get a chance with Danny I waited for long I even loved you while you dated Clara why must it be me why must I be the third wheel, why me, don’t I deserve love

She tore the letter crying just then her mother rushed in and sat beside her

” Emma what’s wrong darling
” am wrong, am I too ugly? why can’t I be loved by the person I have loved

” but you love Henry you guys are together right
” I still love Danny

She pushed down all her boxes from the bed as she cried harder

” I still love Danny mum and it hurts more and more being the third wheel, for the second time am watching Danny love someone else why me, why me ? why did I fall in love with Danny in the first place if I dont deserve love

” Emma calm down its better you cried out than to carry it in your pure mind

She hugged Emma

” why me mum
‘ its ok but who is Danny dating right now, who is the girl he chose
” does it matter he chose someone better than me

Light opens on danny as he picked his transparent black shirt which he wore on top of a sexy v neck singlet then he sat facing his mirror

” what’s the time”, Celine asked on the bed

” 430 you made me late
Celine smiled

He combed his hair and packed it then he removed his diamond ear ring and replaced it with a black pearl ear ring he wore a black necklace he looked casual but expensive and gorgeous

” am going Celine
” Ok be safe.
” sure.

He kissed her lips and rushed out leaving her on his bed.

Danny stepped out pressing his phone Sandra was in the living room
They walked out

They entered the car she left Danny alone at the back and sat with the driver she didn’t want him to sweat

They drove off

Josh walked down the junction leading to the Hoffman’s house he walked down carefully until some guy tapped him

” what’s up ?”, Josh asked
” hey you dropped your wallet at the store .
” thanks man

Josh opened the wallet even one of the car keys was in it

” thanks man am so grateful this would have cost me man

” no problem you work in Danny’s house right
” yes am the driver man
” lets be friends so one day with your help I will be able to see my boy Danny life
” cool man thats no issue thanks for finding my wallet

he exchanged numbers with victor
” cool are you busy now
” yes I want to drive one of the maids to the clinic
” cool who you droppin
” just a maid in the family you know
” ok cool
” thanks again man
” am still around we could chill later
” sure thing

Josh was so grateful he walked down just then a guy walked towards Victor

” scorpion whats up I don’t understand you steal his purse, you give it back?

” they double our pay, we up our game
” who is paying man
” the identity is only known to me to ensure safety man
” bad man I trust you
” I just played a game of coincidence right now with josh

” ok, I saw sanctity and his boys down the road what’s up

” I need their help all eye should be on this Celine girl the money is big man we nail this we share the money

” so what’s your plan with the driver
” now I have a friend in the house and a strong inside informant, he’s on his way to pick a maid if the good gods be on our side and the maid is Celine

” then she won’t see tomorow

” why would she see tomorow we aint here to count the bridges mehn

” scorpion my man I trust you
” trust you too man, trust you too.
” yea
” were are the rest of my boys?
” scattered around man
” ok lets wait for Josh the driver
They shaked hands and walked out

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