July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 67

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 68
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????chapter ✏67✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????



Celline checked her time and her appointment with the doctor had reached

she dressed up and packed her hair up

She took her bag and walked down just to see Mrs hoffman who was dressed up too

” are you ready
” yes madam
” ok so I am tired of sitting around I will go to the mall after which I will visit my friend Mrs jerkerns who called me so tell that to Danny if he looks for me I might be a little delayed and my husband will sleep out today
” ok madam
” ok I believe Josh is on his way, its getting late work with your time

She entered the next car and the driver took off following a totally different route from the one josh took into the house

He waved at celine and sat down in the car
Celine rushed into the car.

danny sat with his legs crossed in salvadors office and Jennifer sat by his side

” will he take all day
” am already feeling sleepy

Just then Salvador came out and sat down

” am really sorry guys am sorry for the delay
” no problem
” we are good

” am most grateful I don’t know how to appreciate your work

” no need we had fun too
” I know so accept my little offering

The secretaries dropped big boxes in front of them both and opened it up, all p. W products each was inside the boxes with a car key

” the cars are packed outside
” thanks
” you didn’t have to stress
But thank you
” thank you too I know this is pretty nothing but accept it with good heart
Danny smiled
Sandra shifted the box
“thanks again “, salvador said

He walked out

angela just placed a call to stanely
Stanely was surprised she called him
” hey
” hi, i thought about everything and I decided to accept you

” about what
” I will be your girlfriend stanely
” what
” yes
” omg thank you finally I almost died
Angela smiled

She dropped the call

celine and Josh drove down the junction while they moved Victor waved at Josh so Josh stopped the car

” my friend are you going now
” yes I am, meet Celine, Celine he’s my new friend victor

Victor looked at celine and smiled
CEline waved at him
Victor slowly lifted his shirt from behind and felt his gun

Just then junior walked to him and touched him so he left the gun

” ok man “,Josh drove away

” its still too early and this place is open moreover a soildier just passed by, I will call sanctity to corner them at the other junction

” no don’t worry I have a better plan I don’t want Josh getting hurt and this plan will guarantee that

” ok what’s the plan
” watch


Few hours later Celine arrived st the hospital.
She forgot her phone at home.

she sat on a chair in the doctors office she saw Josh from the window sitting on the car

The doctor was with a teenage girl

” Miss Celine right
” yes
” have a little patience
” ok sir

Soon The nurse scanned her eye and did everything she needed for celines new lenses

CEline steped out and sat beside the doctor

” who are you to Danny
” Maid
” ok i was asking because this was the first time Danny asked me to handle a patient with care
Celine smiled
” will it take time, the lenses
” no 30 to 50 minutes before 7 you should be going
” ok sir
” so as I said when you receive permission and come again I will treat your eye you dont have much of a serious eye issue
” ok sir


Mrs hoffman rushed into Emma’s house Emma already left.

” you came my friend
” you sounded unhappy
” am sad Emma cried today, Emma still loves Danny
” that’s good , it’s what I want to hear
” Danny loves someone else

” I don’t care who he loves Emma and Danny must end up together our families must become one

Mr jerkerns walked out and placed his water on the table

” they better do because nothing makes my princess cry
” don’t worry it’s under control I wonder who Danny’s is datting although I don’t care who it is. Emma must have Danny. its been planned since they were kids

” yes it must happen


celine looked out the hodpital window and saw Josh on phone

” hello who is this ?
” Mrs hoffman asked you to come and pick her right away
” what about celine
” a common maid do you want to lose this job
” am coming

He drove off celine wonderred where he went
Victor removed the phone from his ear

” Scorpion so that was your plan
” yes and that saves Josh, now the maid will take a public transport which will make her trek down the road this dark evening and we will clear her

” I trust you you never make mistakes but what about the soldiers
” they went out since day time they are not coming back today, seems like they have a mission
” soft
Danny drove home

” Who knows should i join celine at the hospital he said to himself as
He checked his time
No no she must be home by now her appointment time is over .


the nurse carefully placed the new lenses for Celine she stood up and walked down

what to do maybe I should use public transport Josh is not yet back
She checked her purse then she halted a car while she spoke to the driver danny drove past her he didnt even see her
The car she halted wasn’t going so she let him pass
She waited for another car which she entered

” you know we don’t enter the street”, driver said
” I know the junction is ok
” ok

Danny arrived home it was already darker
He looked around then He walked into building he went to the maids room

” is she back
” no but don’t worry she is with Josh he would bring her back.
” ok now my mind is at peace


Sandra called Mr king

” Danny is home, he just texted me
” am going there now, I am already in the street
” ok cool

Josh parked on the road and spoke on phone

I have not recieved the address yet should i keep going down

” cool down wait for it its very important so you don’t get fired
” am waiting
Josh recieved an address and went to it


Mrs hoffman drank juice with her friend she was already carried away in the conversation they drank their wine as they watched the news

” i cant believe he wants to Come out
” the people will surely vote for him


danny checked his time

” aarrgh its getting late where Is she, i better find her.

Danny dressed up and tried stepping out Mr king stepped in so they sat in the living room

” what’s up man
” you going out
” was just less busy decided to go after celine but she’s with Josh so no need whats up
” can’t I just Come to visit you if nothing is up
Danny smiled
” no you can’t


celine arrived the street junction
she dropped down

Well am used to trekking already she said to herself as she walked down

Sanctity saw her first from the outer part of the junction
He called Victor

” she’s coming to you man
” ok cool
” it has to be a clean shot this place is to bright and crowded I can’t do anything but I and my guys will just walk behind her to ensure everything goes as planned
” ok we are waiting for her we will shoot her from hidding and before anybody trace the gun shot we will be long gone
” ok man

CElINE walked down every where was already dark she thanked God the street lights where out and bright, she was glad she had new lenses too

Sanctity and his crew slowly walked behind her Celine saw the media house
Oh this is the first time am seeing it
She smiled as she walked down

Soon she got to the place where Victor hid with his gun

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