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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 68

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 69
Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 67

????chapter ✏68✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Victor couldn’t get a clear shot because Celine was in motion

So he instantly texted santity
*Make her stop walking *

Santity rushed Celine and drew her back she withdrew her hands and stepped a bit back then she stopped and looked at him santitys boys walked past her

” good evening
Sanctity smiled
” hey
” May I help you
” well the thing is

Just then Ethan walked out from nowhere and wrapped his arms around Celines shoulders smiling

Celine hit him with her Elbow

” ethan were are you coming from
” somewhere, he turned to sanctity who was pressing his phone
” hey man
Ethan shaked santity
” hy
Sanctity just texted Victor

“Just do it ” shoot ”

He stylishly stepped away from both of them

” Celine are you with him
” no
” then let’s go
” what the fuck is Ethan doing here “, victor said
” kill them both then
Victor dropped the gun
” what should i do”, junior asked
” wait man

Victor rushed out sanctity was surprised to see victor
he signaled Victor
* what’s wrong *

Ethan saw Victor he was still holding Celines one hand

Sanctity raised his both hands up to Celine and Ethan as he said

” don’t worry bae I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful
CEline smiled

Sanctity stepped back while watching Victor who stepped forwArd sanctity scratched his head In confusion

” Vic my man what’s up
He shaked Victor “, Ethan said
” cool man what are you doing here
” I work around here

Victor wiped his face with his hands
” who is she to you
” oh she, she’s my new bae
Ethan smiled , Celine looked at him
Meanwhile sanctity walked about in confusion and total highness
What’s Victor doing he wondered

” what’s up Vic I have been trying to call you diana called me so I completed your mum’s hospital bills I was calling you to tell you not to worry

Victor walked back a bit and wiped his face with his palm
” get out man , take her away from here
” sure thing boss
Sanctity rushed to Victor like someone who was drunk

” what do you mean Vic how do I get my money man
” we can’t harm her she’s my mate’s woman, Ethan hurry up get out
Celine suddenly got scared Ethan whispered to her

” am here, you are safe

Just then junior walked out from hidding and turned to Ethan.

” take her out of here man , scorpion lets leave this area

As Ethan dragged Celine further sanctitys boys blocked him from moving
Victor turned to sanctity

” come on mate I called you in on this remember
” I don’t waste my time nowadays I came out because of my money so I will get my money, let’s kill this fuckin bitch and get me my money

Victor covered his face with his hand

Sanctity signaled his boys to get Ethan

Victors boys In a store noticed the quarrel and came out

” lets stop this we are in the streets man we gon draw attentions to ourselves

” you can’t back out from a deal in the middle. mates get me that bitch “he said to his boys.

Ethan tried dragging Celine out sanctitys boys rushed him he pushed Celine into the Bush and brought out the per knfe from his jeans he fought them. more of sanctitys boys rushed out so victors boys helped ethan the two groups fought mercilessly

Victor turned to sanctity

” you ain’t like this bro people in the streets are watching someone might call the cops
Sanctity didn’t talk

Just then Victor noticed someone trying to stab junior from the back so he instantly rushed in and stabbed the boy while kicking him out

Sanctity grabbed this opportunity of victors distraction and brought out his gun which he directed at Celine Ethan instantly rushed him and they both dragged the gun making sanctity shoot helter skelter everybody in the street ran helter skelter Victor new the noise will attract the cops so he shot sanctity from behind twice

Everybody in the street ran leaving their shops and everything


” what’s that noise all about ?”, danny asked
” maybe the soldiers are celebrating you know how it is”, mr king said

Danny checked his time

” omg what is wrong where is Celine

” they Will be back and as i was saying Nicky cordis….


celine rose from the Bush and held Ethan who was bleeding from his arm

” are you ok
Ethan pushed her back into the Bush his arm stained her gown

Ethan angrily stabbed the guy who cut him and pushed him into the gutter

just then
Victor shouted
” let’s end this mess and leave before the cops get here

Victor kicked sanctitys dead body into the dry gutter

Just then all sanctitys boys returned their knifes and some of them ran out quickly, some of victors boys ran out too

Ethan dragged Celine out of the Bush celine hugged him and tears rushed out of her eye

” are you ok “, she asked ethan
” am fine lets go
He tore his shirt and tied his arm

Victor walked to Ethan and shaked him

” respect
Victor smiled
” lets leave this place
Victor turned
And before Ethan and celine could step an inch the police van arrived all the cops rushed out and sorrounded the area with their guns set and ready all the criminals raised up their hands

The two head officers who were with them stepped out Mr Jones and Mr Ernest

The presence of the officers gave citizens privileged to come back and watch soon repoters filled the area
all of the criminals sat on the floor, celine sat beside Ethan

Mr Jones lifted victors face up

” Victor desai finally we meet again you wont escape this one
” let the girl and her boyfriend go

The officer slapped Victor
” you don’t tell me what to do

The other head officer Mr Ernest saw sanctitys dead body in the dry gutter he dragged him up
” its not just a mere street fight its a murder case

” looked at sanctitys body

“bring them in everything will be resolved in the station

They handcuffed them all

” reporting live in hoffman streets a group of criminals had a bloody battle which ended in murder thank God for the police, police are indeed the citizens protectors

Light opens on danny and Mr king

” about Nicky cordis I will think about it
” ok but….
Just then Emma rushed out

” Danny switch on the t. V

Danny turned on his tv the first person he saw in the whole scene was Celine who Sat on the floor

He instantly dropped the remote on the floor and picked a car key from the table he rushed out

” Danny wait “, mr king said
Emma grabbed her purse and joined Mr king the rushed after Danny they all entered the car


miranda sat facing her t. V with a cup of wine
Wow This is still in my favour i will make sure she is arrested and once she is arrested i will lay down my life to make sure she doesnt come out of prison hahahaha isn’t that Mr Jones omg this is all in my favour arrest the bitch
She drank her wine smilling


Mrs hoffman watched too

” omg isn’t that Celine
” who is she
” our maid my husband’s favourite maid at that

I need to call the commissioner of police

” wait isn’t that the girl I saw coming out of Danny’s room with a large smile on her face
Mrs hoffman dropped her phone

” I have seen her before but I don’t think Danny can have anything to do with her


danny arrived, he instantly rushed out from the car they got closer to the crime scene

All the cameras and all the reporters faced him




Danny ignored them his sight was on celine
Mrs hoffman tapped her friend “what is Danny doing there
” I don’t understand
” I hope he doesn’t get hurt
” lets watch and see


Miranda drank her wine

Danny you might be here but you won’t be able to touch Celine in public so my plan must still work

She laughed and drank her wine again


danny stood and Mr king stood behind him

Danny looked at Celine where she sat her eyes were full of tears and she looked so so so weak Celine instantly saw Danny she looked up at him and smiled the tears rushed out

Danny instantly rushed towards Celine but Mr king drew him back

” Danny what are you doing the press are here all eyes are on you don’t creat a scandal plsssss
Mr king slowly let go of Danny’s hand
Just then celine understood what happened she saw the pain in Danny’s eye and in her heart she said to him
*Danny am alright *

Danny instantly stepped back

” Danny I will handle this “, mr king said

He walked to Mr Ernest

Emma turned Danny to face her

” Danny calm down everything will be all right

Miranda drank her wine
As she watched
Yes Mr king stop him she said to herself as she made a transfer of 5 million into an account

Danny turned to look at Mr king who talked to Mr Ernest and that was when he saw the blood on Celines cloth which he hadn’t even seen

He instantly tried rushing torwards Celine again

Emma dragged him back
Danny turned
” shes bleeding, cant you see shes in pain and am just going to watch because am a star because am the citys sweetheart am just going to watch

” calm down Danny Mr king will bring her home stop looking at her so you feel less bad

Danny couldn’t stand the sight of Celine it was just too painful for him so Emma turned him to face her and she hugged him

Mr king looked at them and smiled

” ok I understand but my partner Mr jones is really bent on the law we have to talk to him
” I will talk to him

Just then Mr Jones smiled as he recieved an alert of 5 million in his phone accompained with a text message from Miranda

Arrest that bitch, take her to jail and persecute her for murder I will bring evidence to support her live imprisonment

Mr Jones texted her back

Framing the girl for murder is very easy but arresting her right now might be a problem I have a strong feeling she’s the reason Daniel came here am I right

Miranda replied him
Don’t worry arrest her the press are here Danny will just watch he can’t touch her she’s a commoner

Miranda smiled as she dropped her phone

Wow if she goes to jail I will make sure she never ever comes out i will also place Abigails death on her hahaha Danny is sooo mine she said to herself

Emma took dannys hands

” come on lets go to the car
They both walked out
Just then Mr jones ordered an officer to handcuff Celine and take her into the van

Danny and Emma turned the officer handcuffed Celine and dragged her up like a piece of cloth

Mr king and Mr Ernest rushed to Mr Jones

” she’s innocent you have to let her go
” sorry Mr king you don’t work with the law you are just a citizen so you don’t have the right to remove a criminal from a crime scene
” but she’s the victim here

Mr jone signaled his boy to take her to the car

as the boy dragged CEline, tears fell out of her eye

Mr king prayed in his mind
Pls Danny let them take her away please don’t create a scandal. If you touch her now your parents will know you are dating a commoner and the world will criticise you.

Emma held Danny’s hands tight.

miranda smiled happily.

Danny please don’t move, let them arrest her, they have to arrest her. So i Can make her rot in jail.

Danny looked at Celine his eyes got wet with tears he had never felt so much pain and helplessness all his life
What do I do? He asked himself

The press took pictures and live videos as Celine was dragged out with the rest of the criminals


Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 69
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