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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 69

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????chapter ✏69✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Celine had already gotten close to the car the handcuffs pained her hands, her heart bled

Danny I won’t hate you if you ignore me, I know exactly how you feel

Just as Celine stepped one leg into the van she felt someone hold her hands she turned in a haste thinking it was another officer but to her surprise it was Danny

Danny pushed the officers hands away from Celine and dragged her to his side

Everybody was surprised the press took pictures Mr king was going crazy
Omg how will i clear this scandal he thought to himself

Mr Jones rushed out and faced Danny
” Daniel What are you doing
” uncuff her
” Mr Daniels you can’t just drag a criminal out of a crime scene
” uncuff her!!!
He shouted

Mr Jones took the keys from his officer and sluggishly uncuffed celine
The press kept taking pictures and making videos







Celine lifted her uncuffed hands to look at them the were already red
Danny took the both hands
Then he held her face between his hands as he looked at her

“are you ok ?
He touched the blood on her cloth
” Danny the press
” shhhhhh, are you okay?!
Celine smiled
” yes its ethans blood

Danny hugged Celine and held her tight
Mr king scratched his head in total confusion

Mrs hoffman couldn’t believe her eyes

So Celine is the person Danny is seeing, I can’t beliveve this, I can’t believe Danny stooped so low to date poverty
Mrs jerkerns : this is unbelievable better fire the commoner my friend

Danny let go of Celine and dragged her by her hand out of the scene just then two new top officers stopped their car and stood in front of Danny a man and a woman sergeant Moses and detective Julia

” with all due respect Daniel this crime scene is serious and you are just a citizen you don’t have the right to take a person out of a crime scene before investigation .

” we understand you sir but this is a murder case she might be the murderer so it’s not proper to take her away before investigation if you may sir she can be kept in a hotel where she would be fully guarded

” the thing is I want to take her home and that’s what am doing
” but
” maybe I should just call the commissioner of police

He took his phone just then Emma touched him

” Danny no need
She brought out her I. D card
” lawyer Emmanuella jerkerns I am a law enforcement agent so I have full rights to take her out of this scene because She has not been confirmed a murderer yet if after proper investigation she is found guilty then I will be liable for all charges
Sergeant moses : Mrs jerkerns See you in the station the law will hold you responsible for any short comings since you used your position as a lawyer to short cut the law

” she is the victim we hope to prove that in court

She dragged Celine by the hand and she and Danny walked into the car

Mr king took Ethan to the hospital and registered him there then he drove home thinking off how to solve this scandal he almost thought himself to death

Danny and celine sat at the back seat Emma drove

Ceine looked at danny who didn’t talk or say a word he just held her right hand which he placed on his Lap

Miranda switched off her television

Well I wont have to kill celine anymore or take her to jell I will just watch the press break them up

Danny and celine arrived the house

They came down and walked into the house Emma rushed into her room Gretel rushed out and hugged celine in the living room Danny touched Gretel and walked into his room

Gretel touched celines face
” are you ok lina
” yes lets go
She dragged Gretel into the house Gretel ran into her room

Celine stood at the passage for a while then she rushed into the maids room

Danny sat on his bed he picked his red wine which he drank
Everything is about to change he said to himself as he walked into the shower


LMr hoffman walked into his car his assistant rushed him

” sir there is something important you must know
” am tired today so inform me Tommorow
” till Tommorow

He entered his car and the driver took him to his hotel suite where he lay on the bed and fell fast asleep because he had a long day and was really tired .

maids room

Celine sat quietly on the bed when Mary walked in.

” Celine Mrs hoffman is calling you she’s looking so angry you better hurry

Celine stood up with her hands on her chest she was so scared

” good day madam
Mrs hoffman slapped Celine
” how dare you, how dare you cause me such embarrassment now my friends are criticizing me

” am sorry madam
” i trusted you how dare you use your pretty face and body to seduce my son into sleeping with you
” no I didn’t
” how long have you been seeing Danny
” well
She carried the glass cup of water and poured on Celines face
” well what, will that help your memory.
I don’t like you for my son so stay away from Daniel before you push me to do my worst
She pushed Celine futher

Danny walked down with a bottle water in his hands Celine instantly removed her hands from her cheek and wiped her tears Mrs hoffman sat down and looked at Danny who walked down to her.

” mum don’t ever bother her .if you want to shout, shout at me . I am the one that fell in love with her, am the one that asked her out, am the one who is still in love her

” what

” am warning you mum don’t bother her, if you do, if you bother her in any way I will leave and I will leave for good
He turned to Celine

” come on”, he took her hands

He dragged her by the hand and they walked inside

Mrs hoffman was so surprised
What I dread the most is happening in my family commoners, commoners, no never, my son will never end up with a nobody.

Danny dragged Celine into his room and locked the door
They sat on the bed

” uhm mom , did she hurt you .
” no she didnt she just spoke
” y is your face wet did she throw water on you
” well…. she

Danny stood up and tried rushing out Celine dragged him back.

Danny turned to look at her

” I just wish I never fell in love with you celine, if I didn’t, you won’t be suffering like this now.

He dropped the water on his fridge

I was just caught up in this fantasy, in this love that I didn’t deserve. I forgot who I was and who you are ,after I lost Clara i believed I don’t deserve true love but when I met you everything changed, these temptations came too late because I have reached that level that point in my life where I can’t live without you .

Just then tears ran down his sexy eyes to Celine this was the first time Danny ever shed a tear he was always hidding his pain and pretending

Celine smiled as she wiped his tears .
” right now ,I want to tell you something that I have not told someone for the last 7 years.
” what is it
” am in pain,I am actually hurting, I am hurting because I might lose you, am in pain because I don’t know if I can fight for this, am scared that reality will kill our love, the thought of us puts me in pain .

Celine hugged Danny

” am right here no matter what they do even if your father brings down this mansion on me I will still love you and be with you

Miranda looked through the pictures in the internet then she wrote a write up and posted it online with a secret account
Hahaha soon and very soon Danny will break up with Celine

Just then her father walked out of his room all dressed up the maids took his briefcase to the car

” daddy were to? you just came home
” my love I will be in the Hoffman’s group we have a meeting
” oh I forgot you are one of the share holders
” yes we want to invest in buying the national muesuem and making it better
” dad better withdraw your shares
” y
” Mr Hoffman’s son is dating a commoner I mean the press did a background check on her she is from a generation of poverty
” how does that affect my business
” dad if she becomes Danny’s wife even though mr hoffman is rich her and her family will be parasites to the Hoffman’s and in other to make them comfortable all his money will go into their upkeep even your investment too I already heard the family is full of gold diggers

” that’s true, why is Mr hoffman calm on this issue marriage is the strongest bond for contracts now I thought he should be getting Danny married to mirabel the presidents daughter or even Emma Mr jerkerns child this means more investment, more money, strong partnership.
” but imagine he is going for commoner be careful oh with your investment poor people are parasites
” I will be going honey I won’t contract anymore
” better don’t

He pecked Miranda and entered his car miranda smiled

Mr hoffman doesn’t play with his business this is the first step to breaking those two up even if I won’t have Danny Celine won’t too


There was a big round table and men and women sat comfortably with files in their hands Mr jerkerns was There too

Mr hoffman sat in the position of the head

” you are all welcome
They started whispering stuffs within themselves

” ok we have already discussed the important infos in the last meeting today is the day we sign the contract

He took his pen and signed all the parts of the file on the table

” am actually having a little problem with investing “, mr Milbert said
” why is that ?

Mrs Jane started laughing

” pardon me but I heard your son is dating a commoner from a generation of poverty so we are just being careful before our money goes into their feeding

” the news was quite upsetting”, mr jerkern said

” are we all joking here because am being serious ….

” it seems like you have not heard my friend “, mr Isaac said

Just then his assistant whispered to him that it was true he angrily hit his hands on his table

” come on we can’t let such little matter ruin this meeting

” actually I won’t invest until I know what I am investing into “, mr milbert said .

” they are not dating its just rumours “, mr Hoffman Said

” when we see physical prove of that then will be back “, Mrs Jane said

” thank you Mrs jane you spoke our mind “, other investors said

All of them stood up and left mr hoffman angrily pushed down his book on the table

” what kind of nonsense is this must my kids keep embarrassing me

” sir do you want to see her picture

” to hell with her picture I don’t care , just do a background check on the stupid commoner my son is seeing and get me convincing information idiot

” yes sir

” arrrrrgh

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