July 28, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 74

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He and her V

Written by O.S Feathers

Episode 74

(She’s your daughter)

Camila’s POV

“I can never stop loving you” Tucker said and my heavy heart became light.

He faced Grace and said “Grace, It’s true that you love me and I took your flower out of innocence, we were just being kids. We are matured now, please let bygone be bygone ”

Grace smirked and looked away as tears streamed down her face.

“It’s beyond that , Tucker ” Grace said.

“Grace, I’m sorry for being the one to deflower you and I will still not end up with you at the end of the day” Tucker pleaded.

“It seems you did not get me , let me make you understand ” Grace said.


Grace’s POV

Two months after Mira sent me a text message about about Tucker’s loss of memory;

I slump to the floor at home all of a sudden. I have no idea why but here I am at the hospital laying and recovering.

My mom entered dragging her foot and shooting me a disgusting look. She sat beside me while I was wondering why she is not happy at me.

Not as if it was my fault absolutely for falling. I might have being sick and not know. I kept quiet and kept my face straightened.

“Grace, who impregnated you?” The words came as a shock and rendered me paralyzed for a second.

“Sorry? I mean…Pregnant!” I began to stammer.

“The doctor confined that you are two months pregnant , who is responsible?”

“Mom!” .. I tried to stand up nervously and anxiously but she gestured for me to remain lying.

“Be calm and answer my question. You do not have to stand up”

I closed my eye and recalled that the only man I ever had a thing with is Tucker.

“Tucker!” I said without much debate.

“I knew it, I shouldn’t have allowed the two of you to be so close to the extent of staying in the room alone for hours ” She lamented.

“I’m sorry , mom. I’ll abort it and be careful next time”

“Oh no! You can’t. You will give birth to this and I’ll take care of the child. You learn your lesson and move on with your life ”


“Don’t call me dear, you are not aborting this child and don’t make any attempt of aborting it , is that cleared?”

“Cleared ” I answered.

Back to present.

Tucker’s POV

“No…this is not happening. Do you mean…erm…do you later give birth to the baby?” Tucker asked and Grace put a call through to someone and a girl stepped down from the car and ran towards us.

“What is Joy doing here?” Camila asked.

“I do not know when you start calling her Joy ,though. But Joy is a cool name too. Joy here is Tucker’s daughter ”

“What the F!” Camila explained.

“She’s our daughter…watch her clearly and see if she doesn’t look like you”

“Jeez! I have a daughter already?” I asked while my heart kept beating fast.

I couldn’t look at Camilla’s face cause it seems like I had betrayed her.

I think she will stop loving me ,right? When she has known fully well that I have a daughter already?

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9 thoughts on “He and her V. Episode 74

  1. This is serious grace why are u doing dis na u are just punishing our dear camilla here…wel i dnt care whether you once loved tucker or nt all i care is that tucker will end up with camilla, pls author dnt gve us more heart attack…for the child issue u guys can settle it amicable

  2. Tucker what are you going to do??
    And plz don’t ask me for an advise…
    Cuz I’m speechless too..
    Oh! No tucker has a daughter???.
    This is sadden

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