July 27, 2021

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He stays with me. Episode 5

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He stays with me. Episode 4

He stays with me

Written by O.S Feathers.

Episode 5

Melissa’s POV

On getting to school the following day, I find a way of inviting the boy to a secluded place.

“Hi!” I greeted but he just kept starting at me without replying.

“How do you know so much about me?”

“Are you saying you do not know me?”

“Of course I did not. If I do ,I’ll surely tell you. I was informed I had a loss of memory so please , tell me who you are?”

“Well,I use to be your boyfriend many years ago. My father was the president then but he was killed by your father in a bit to win the election ”

“My father didn’t kill anyone , though. Do you have a prove?”

“Yes, I do. The killer apologized to me after the news carried it everywhere that I’m now an orphan. The killer sent me the video footage of your dad assigning him to kill my dad. I kept it secrete till today because of the love I had for you”

“My days! Why should I believe you?”

He brought out his phone and pressed some stuffs there. Then he showed me.

I watched the life footage of my dad ordering a man to kill the then president.

“But the name of the president son then is Andrew and not Jason”

“My uncle insist that I change my name. They maltreats me so much and always tell me that my father was cruel to them when he was alive”

“I’m so sorry. How can I help?”

“I think it’s not possible again. You are in love with Kevin already” He looked away.

“I do not love him, actually. I forced myself into liking him because he fits my status ”

“Do you even remember loving me?”

“No. But your green eyes had always made my heart melt. I love you”

He furrowed his brow on hearing what I said.

“Thanks , I love you too” He said and hugged me.

“What of Kevin , how are you going to do it?”

“I’ll simply tell him I’m no more interested and that my lost love is back”

“That may be dangerous , he will come for me ”

“If he knows you are my first love. I won’t tell him. We will make it secrete. I have a plan ” I said and hugged him once more , then walked away.

I messaged Kevin about my decision when I got home and he asked for whom the ‘lost love’ is but I refused to tell him.

My dad became angry when he was informed and promised to find and deal with whoever my lost love is.

But Andrew and I were so smart for them not to discover. We made our relationship so secretive.

We pretend like enemy during the day but talk all night on phone.

Our relationship grew stronger over the months till I return back for modelling.

I paid for Jason’s ticket fee to come over to the state with me and he did.

We lived a peaceful life devoid of Kevin and dad.

I hope dad gets to like Jason when we are about to get married in the future.

He stays with me. Episode 4

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